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News Ticker widget

How to use News Ticker widget

The News Ticker widget is a post type widget developed by Ultimate Post Kit plugin. It is a very handy tool for news-type websites that needs to feature a long strand of posts.

Let’s see how it works!

Inserting widget

inserting News Ticker widget

Find the News Ticker widget from the widget menu in Elementor page editor and drag it inside your webpage.

Content tab

The Content tab holds the base settings for the widget and lays the foundation of the layout of the final content. It’s divided into four parts for the News Ticker widget.


1 2 - BdThemes

Go to Content> Layout

The layout of the News Ticker widget gives you a number of switchers. You can turn on/off the label, date, & time. You can choose the news content between title & except. Also, adjust the height of the whole content using the Height scrollbar.


2 1 - BdThemes

Go to Content> Navigation

This widget supports a navigation system fixed at arrows. You can keep it activated or hide it using a switcher. There is another switcher right below that shows a play/pause button between the arrows.


3 1 - BdThemes

Go to Content> Query

From the query, the news source can be selected from posts, pages, and landing pages. You can show categories, tags, as well as set the order of the posts.


4 1 - BdThemes

Go to Content> Animation

This widget has a carousel-type animation effect for displaying posts simultaneously. You can customize the animation settings by animation style, delay, autoplay, etc.

Style tab

The style tab allows you to change or customize the appearance of the News Ticker. The options include color settings & typography.

News Ticker

5 1 - BdThemes

Go to Style> News Ticker

Change the text color & background color as well as the typography of the label in the first sub-section. The settings are the same for the content area.


6 1 - BdThemes

Go to Style> Navigation

The navigation arrows are customizable through the background color and arrow color options.


Had fun?

Watch this quick video for better visual and see the demo page for more examples, provided by Bdthemes.

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