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BdThemes is committed to providing quality customer support for a better user experience and nourishment. To help users reach us no matter the situation, you can contact us through multiple contact mediums in case you need support. Our integrity and readiness have made our customer support stand out from the competition while ensuring maximum availability.

Enjoy Our Support Facilities

BdThemes provides fast, committed, and accurate customer support in solving common, urgent, and critical issues that our loyal customers have faced while taking the benefits of using one of our premium or non-premium products. We hope that our support will satisfy any and all of your needs while making your web experience more enjoyable. We appreciate the time and patience you give us in order to reap the full advantage of our support system.

Everything That Our Support Covers

According to the standard of safe code practices, we provide a generous amount of customer support in the case of-

  • Plugin bug fixing
  • 3rd-party plugin issue
  • Server blocking issue
  • Error Elementor panel loading 
  • Package upgrading
  • Package Renewing
  • Demo import/template library/live copy issue
  • Account management (FastSpring and BdThemes on the two websites)
  • Refund Policy
  • Translator Cases
  • White Label Branding
  • Payment Gateway Errors
  • Theme Compatible Issue
  • Common website issues (Elementor panel loading error, 404 not found, Memory limit issue, etc.)
  • and Various types of issues.

In case we found no issues materialized due to our plugins, we would still be willing to solve the issue if the problem emerges from-

  • Any infected 3rd-party plugin
  • Any infected theme file or unsupported themes
  • Common server-blocking issues
  • Accidental modifications of default WordPress theme, etc.

Eligibility For Receiving Support

All Users owning a product from BdThemes through legal purchase protected by federal law or using free plugins downloaded from valid sources (WordPress.org) become eligible for receiving customer support from BdThemes.

For premium product owners, our support will only be eligible if you have purchased the product through-

Please note, that we do not provide support for the purchased plugins from other websites except for those mentioned in this document. We do not hold the liability and we are absolutely not to blame for any damages to your website including but not limited to privacy in case you have purchased the product from any unauthorized site, source, broker, or link.

Medium of Support

We prioritize customer support for maximum efficiency to establish the fastest end-to-end contact with our loyal customers and users over the available quality contact medium. For any inquiries, issues, bugs, installation problems, WordPress errors, site data errors, or troubles regarding the proper use of our products, please use the support channels to let us help you solve the issue.

You can reach us through-

Our Live Chat support agent is available 24/7. You can reach our Live Chat agent to disclose your issues. Please take your time to voice your concerns. If our agent deems your issue critical and requires a more technical approach, he may forward your case to the technical team through a support ticket [you may or may not create a ticket at that moment].

Our support is open for free [for vulnerability and compatibility issues only] and premium products [full support]. We also provide pre-sale customer support to answer any and all your questions regarding detailed information about our products, pricing, compatibility, support, and privacy policies. In case you want to suggest any feature, please join the Suggest page to leave your remark and we will get to you as soon as possible.

You can also directly call us at this number- +8801700559595 (international call tariff applicable) or email us at [email protected] and [email protected] to ask us anything at any time.

Note that, the maximum call duration is limited to no more than 20 minutes due to the call rate overcharge and other limitations. In case your issues take longer than 20 minutes, you can move to Live Chat or send us a support ticket so we can carry the matter forward. We highly encourage you to prepare all your questions before approaching voice call support for maximum efficiency on our part.

*Additional contact mediums such as WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. can be arranged for support if it helps the consumer reach us faster and resolve any issues. 

Invalid Support Requests

According to the policy of licensing and business conduct, not all support requests are answered accordingly and some are denied without further notice. Please read the texts below to see if you are requesting support for any invalid reasons stated below.

  • You did not provide a valid purchase email
  • Your license is already expired or canceled/refunded by us
  • You are trying to use our product on a website that does not support the environment meant for our products
  • You used custom CSS/JS to add modifications to our products
  • Issues directly unrelated to our products

If you are contacting us through a different mail address rather than your purchase mail, please provide the purchase mail to become eligible for support.

Response Frequency

We provide 24/7 customer support for all users of our products and website. Due to the lack of manpower in the current world crisis, your support may or may not get delayed. Our support maintains a “first come, first served” service so no need to worry about anything. Please have patience, we will get back to you within 24 hours timeframe.

Special Note:- We always provide a freshly updated version of our products within a short time. Updating the plugin most times troubleshoots any issue you are having now and resolves it on its own. Please update to the latest version before getting support.

We Do Not Provide Support For Customized Plugin

BdThemes do not respond to support tickets outside the scope of companies’ authentic products. Any modification or manipulation makes the plugin invalid for support and we highly encourage our customers to avoid tampering with the plugin structure code that leads to plugin nullification and invalidation for support. Any additional CSS or JS script injection also fails the plugin to be eligible for support.

This includes-

  • All Null plugins
  • Plugin integrations and customizations by third-party
  • Features added to the plugin that we did not perform
  • Forcefully bypassing plugin security
  • Modified old versions of the plugin

Please use our plugins properly while abiding by federal law and public safety protocols. We are not to be held responsible for the misuse of our plugins.

Note:- We bear the authorization to customize our plugins as per the needs of our consumers. Any modifications will be addressed properly in the plugin changelog and the updated version will be released at short notice.

Please refrain from modifying our plugins yourself or through third-party organizations. Rather, you can contact us anytime for any added feature to our plugin and we will try to add the feature to the required plugin as soon as possible.

Other Information

BdThemes is a licensed authority to handle and distribute valid plugin licensing to users across the world. We welcome any questions and queries regarding our products and product-supported platforms.

Please do not use the Support medium to seek for-

  • Learning web development from us
  • SEO Consultancy
  • Site migration support
  • Fixing compatibility issues with any null/unavailable/wp-unsupported themes or plugins

Please understand, that we may ask for your private information such as the website username and password to let us investigate the issues you are facing so we can provide a suitable solution. We advise you to prepare backups before sharing your credentials. We may debug your site with intense coding practices that might force some data to be lost or heavily modified to make changes in the front end. We always advise you to provide a staging/testing site so you can save your precious data.

Please do not share your site’s credentials with anyone to avoid serious privacy discretion. The information you provide will be handled with extreme caution by us. Only you and our in-house support team will be acknowledged for it.

Other necessary links-

WordPress.org support forums for products-

Documentation-  https://bdthemes.com/knowledge-base

Refund Policy-  https://bdthemes.com/refund-policy/

Privacy Policy-  https://bdthemes.com/privacy-policy/ 

Terms of use-  https://bdthemes.com/terms-of-use/ 

BdThemes preserves the authority for any change or modification to the support policy with or without prior notice. All rights reserved by BdThemes.

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