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How to use Background Parallax by Element Pack

Background Parallax in Elementor is a feature, provided by Element Pack, that enables the parallax animation in the backgrounds of sections or widgets.

Let’s see how it works.

Apply Background Parallax with Section

The Parallax Background effect can be applied to any kind of section or widgets despite how they were arranged. Hence, we created a simple demonstration that perfectly reflects the features’ operation.


Starting Background Parallax in Elementor

On the Elementor Page editor, create a double column section first.


2 11 - BdThemes

Design one column using only low graphic elements. We used Advanced Heading, Advanced Button, Advanced Divider, Text editor, and Social Share widgets.


3 12 - BdThemes

Now, click on the Section Settings icon and go to Style> Background. After that, insert any background image that suits your taste. You can see the Parallax switcher at the bottom.


4 9 - BdThemes

Click on the Parallax switcher to activate the parallax background css effect. Insert values for the X & Y parameters to apply the effect.


You can see the Background Parallax image effect in motion on the preview mode. Simple!


Still stuck? Watch this quick video or visit the demo page for more examples, provided by Bdthemes.

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