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Read Before Upgrading to Element Pack Pro Version 6.0

Read Before Upgrading to Element Pack Pro Version 6.0

Element Pack Pro 6 is a major leap in the plugin version that contains a huge load of works in the base code, resulting in unexpected issues that should not happen. If you are using Element Pack Pro version 6.0 for the first time without using any previous versions, then this notice is not valid for you. In case you have an older version of Element Pack Pro (before version 6.0) installed, then please carefully read this document before proceeding to upgrade.

For safety, we advise you to backup your live website first before upgrading Element Pack Pro 6.0 or use a staging site to onboard the new version update.

We have a new improved plugin dashboard now which might lead to some complications after upgrading for the first time. Just before proceeding to upgrade, make sure to take screenshots of your current settings. After the update, go to the new Element Pack Pro dashboard and check all the settings properly.
In case you notice missing widgets or color issues on your page, check the Element Pack Pro dashboard if the widget is active or not. If you notice the widget you had previously used is turned off from the dashboard, please turn it back on and save settings. This is the same for the 3rd party widgets and Extensions.

For specific color issues, go to the Elementor dashboard and click on the tools section. Then click on the regenerate CSS & data button and the color issue will be solved. In case the issue still persists, we apologize for your inconvenience. As a major leap in version, some previous style settings may reset and you need to configure the colors again. Please be assured that it will not affect your site in any shape or form.

Even if everything is okay after upgrading to Element Pack Pro version 6, we urge you to check each page on your website to see if anything is missing. We thank you from our heart for cooperating with us.

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