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Visibility Control

How to Use Visibility Control

In the documentation below, I’m going to tell you about Visibility Control. The visibility control in Elementor can hide and reveal content to your customers. At the same time, you can determine the candidates who are going to see the content or not.

Let’s dig in.

To explain the doc, here I’ve inserted two widgets: Tutor LMS Course Grid and WC-Products.

Resume that, you provide course online and are giving offer on your courses. On the other hand, you want someone to show your course offer. But you will allow them who are subscribers of your course.

Likewise, you will get more options to determine the candidates. The options are Administrator, Editor, Author, Logged in users, and so on.

Let’s how to use the Visibility Control step by step. Before going for the steps, read the note below.

Note: You can use, Visibility Control effect on whatever widget you want. For that, you have to define the role of Visitors/Users. Just, go to Advanced Tab > Visibility Control > then, Visible For or Hidden For.

The process of Visibility Control:

Step-1: First of all, insert a widget that you want to give the Visibility control effect. I’m using the Tutor LMS Course Grid widget.

After inserting and selecting the widget, go to the Advanced Tab > Visibility Control > then enable the On/Off switcher button.

Step-2: After that, from the Visible For field you can select to whom you want to show the widget content(for example, Guest).

enable Visibility Control

Note: Keep in mind that, if you set Guest from the Visible For filed, then Guest will be able to see the content. Another way, if you set Subscriber, then Subscriber will be able to see the content. Though you can set the rest of the role/category.

Step-3: On the other hand, you from the Hidden For the field can determine who will not be able to see the widget content(for example, Subscriber).

Screenshot 1 - BdThemes

Note: You should know that if you set Guest from the Hidden For filed, then Guest will not be able to see the content. Another way, if you set Subscriber, then Subscriber will not be able to see the content.

Video Assist

That was the doc on Visibility Control, by Element Pack & Bdthemes. Hopefully, you’ve found the doc very helpful. Thanks for reading it.

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