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Elementor Lightbox Widget

How to Use Elementor Lightbox Widget

The specialty of the Elementor Lightbox Widget is that it works to display any image or video by filling the screen or dimming out the rest of the web page. Here, I’ll guide you on how to use the widget by Element Pack mentioned in the title.

To Insert Widget

insering Elementor Lightbox Widget

Inserting widget, it is just a matter of drag and dropping. As you see in the screenshot above, just drag the image lightbox widget into your page.

Content Tab

Using the content tab, you’ll be able to make a layout of a particular part of a website[option be added]. And in this regard, some handy sections in the tab will assist you to design with the Elementor Lightbox Widget.


In this section, you’ll be able to select Lightbox Toggler (Poster, Button, Icon) and also to set a poster image, button, and icon to the Poster, Button, and Icon Toggler together.

Poster Toggler:

making a lightbox website using lightbox widget

Users can activate the lightbox by clicking the poster at the screen. You can select any kind of poster to toggle the image lightbox widget.

Button Toggler

lightbox 3 - BdThemes

Lightbox toggle button is even easier to use the Elementor Lightbox Widget and the user can take it easily.

Icon Toggler

lightbox 4 - BdThemes

Also, you can place an icon as a lightbox toggle if you don’t want image or buttons for it.

Lightbox Content

lightbox 5 - BdThemes

Simply, go to the Content tab > Lightbox Content.

This section will let you select what content you want to display by the Lightbox. As a lightbox content you can set Image, Video, Youtube, Vimeo, Google Map and along with you can set Content Caption.

Style Tab

Now, let’s work with Style Tab. The tab will confidently have you style the web content (text, image, video, etc.) of the page you require to design the Elementor Lightbox Widget. 

Styling with the Style tab in Elementor will always give you a fantastic experience.

Let’s have a look.

Toggle Button

In this section in terms of both Normal and Hover mode, you style Button and Icon. When you’re going to style the icon in Hover mode, you can special effect on the icon and that is Fancy Animation.


lightbox 6 - BdThemes

Design the Elementor Lightbox Widget toggle button for normal appearance.


lightbox 7 - BdThemes

Design a hover effect for the users to react to hover animations.

Fancy Animation

lightbox 8 - BdThemes

You can also place a fancy animation style to the lightbox widget that looks more attractive to the viewers.


lightbox 9 - BdThemes

Here, you can manipulate the Lightbox Animation such as Slide, Fade, and Scale. Another option is Video Autoplay, you can enable/ disable.

Video Assist

At the end of this article, you have seen the usage of the widget is not a something like rocket science. It is quite easy. Actually, just a matter of manipulate the sections and controls.

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