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Elementor Video Gallery Widget

How to Use Elementor Video Gallery Widget

A WordPress video gallery is a way of displaying multiple video players on a WordPress website. Elementor Video Gallery widget I think is enough to do that. In this documentation, I will show you how to use the widget by Element Pack.

Let’s get started.

To insert Widget

inserting Elementor Video Gallery Widget

Inserting widget, it is just a matter of drag and dropping. As you see in the screenshot above.

Content Tab

Using the content tab, you’ll be able to make a layout of a particular part (option be added) of a website. And in this regard, some handy sections in the tab will assist you a lot.

Video Gallery

At the top of this section, you will get Thumb Layout control that will allow you to set the video gallery vertically and horizontally.

Video gallery

After dragging and dropping the widget in a new section, you will get a list group. The list not limited, you can add a new list in the group by just clicking on the ADD ITEM button for the Elementor Video Gallery Widget.

You can edit every single list item. Simply, hit on the List Item and edit the field provided by the List Item, and set Video Type, Video Source included in the list item.

Most importantly, here, you’ll find three modes (Source, Description, and Poster).

Source Mode:

Description Mode:

Poster Mode:

Simply, go to the Content tab > Video Gallery.

In terms of getting the content with the same design, you can duplicate the item by clicking on the duplicate icon and to delete clicking on the delete icon.


From this section, you can manipulate the Title and Description using the Yes/No Switcher button for the Elementor Video Gallery Widget.


Our widget includes a thumbnail option. If you are interested, you can enable them, or not interested you can make them disable.


This section will let you set Play Button while hovering. On the other hand, play when you navigate.

Style Tab

Now, let’s work with Style Tab. The tab will confidently have you style the web content (text, image, video, etc.) of the page you require to design. 

Styling with the Style tab in Elementor will always give you a fantastic experience.

Let’s have a look.

Video Title

In this section, you will be able to add color, background, shadow, and typography to the Text.

Just go to the Style > Video Title.

Thumb Item

This section will let you style the Thumb in the three modes (Normal, Hover, and Active).





From here, you will be able to set width, margin, padding, opacity, etc. to the Thumbnail.

Simply, go to the Style tab > Thumbnail.

Thumbnail Title & Description

In this two sections, you can only set text color, hover color, typography, and spacing.

Play/ Pause Button

Go to the Play/ Pause Button and check all the controls.

Video Assist

In conclusion, it seems you’ve noticed how to use our Video Gallery by Element Pack and found this documentation easy and useful. Watch Video Assist and to get more ideas about the usage of this widget, take a tour to the demo page.

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