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Elementor Widget Transform

How to Use Elementor Widget Transform

Today, I’ll here write about the Elementor Widget Transform extension by Element Pack. It is actually an extended feature of our widget. You know we can’t manipulate the widget. But, using the Use Transform? switcher button you can easily do so. Let me explain how it works.

To insert Widget

Showing Elementor Widget Transform

First of all, insert a widget. You know you’ll be able to transform any widget. Transform means you can translate (horizontally and vertically) and Rotate.

Widget Transform

Look at the above image. I’ve inserted the Flip box widget to explain the concept of widget transform. You can use this function in terms of any widget.

Go to the Advanced tab > Motion Effects > then, enable Use Transform? switcher button.

Use Transform?

From this button, you’ll be able to add effect to the widget in both Normal and Hover mode. Let’s see.


Simply, go to the Advanced tab > Motion Effects > User Transform? > Normal. From here, you can set translate (Horizontally and Vertically) and Rotate (In the axis of Rotate X, Y, and Z)


Just, go o to the Advanced tab > Motion Effects > User Transform? > Hover. Here, you will be able to do the same thing as Normal mode.

Video Assist

Lastly, hopefully, you got the idea of how to use Widget Transform, developed by Bdthemes. Mainly, over the doc, I’ve tried to demonstrate Motion Effects, Use Transform? and mostly the usages.

In case, you feel it is not enough, you can watch the video up. Thanks for reading.

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