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Elementor Twitter Grid widget

How to Use Elementor Twitter Grid Widget

This document is about the Elementor Twitter Grid Widget. To many website owners, Twitter feed is very much important. Because the feeds work for increasing social engagement, keeping users on your own site, mostly improving SEO. However, here, I am going to show you how you can do all these things using our Twitter Grid Widget.

So, lets get started.

Content Tab

Using the Content Tab, you’ll be able to make a layout of a particular part of a website. And in this regard, some handy sections in the tab will assist you a lot.

Now, I’m going to show the sections of the tab and how they work behind the widget.


Finally, since you will generate the Twitter API key, it can be better able to set the layout of web content in the grid.

Configuring the Elementor Twitter Grid widget

Go to the Content tab > Layout section > and check all controls as instructed below.

Here, this section will allow you to set Column numbers Column Gap, Row GapLimit, and Cache Time as well for the Twitter widgets.

Mostly, using the switcher button (Show AvatarAvatar Link, etc), you might easily manage the grid item. Switching on the Show Avatar on/ off option, you can display the twitter profile picture.

Come on, Avatar Link on/off option will let you make the profile picture linkable. See the image example.

Style Tab

Now, let’s work with Style Tab. The tab will easily have you style the web content (text, image, video, etc.) of the page you require to design the Twitter Grid widget. 

Styling with the tab in Elementor will always give you a fantastic experience.

Let’s have a look.


In this section, under the modes (Normal and Hover), you will be able to style (Such as BackgroundBox-shadow, etc.) of the product description. See the images below.


twittergridwidget style 1 - BdThemes

Go to the Style tab > Items > Normal.


twittergridwidget style 2 - BdThemes

Go to the Style tab > Items > Hover.


twittergridwidget style 3 - BdThemes

Just, go to the Style tab > Avatar.

This section will let you style profile picture on Twitter. You might set WidthAlignmentBackgroundPaddingMarginBorder Radius, and Opacity for the profile picture. Mostly, you can give CSS filtering effects to the embed Twitter feed.

Execute Buttons

twittergridwidget style 4 - BdThemes

Only, go to the Style tab > Execute Buttons.

In section, you might add color and hover color. Just, take a look at the image example above.


twittergridwidget style 5 - BdThemes

Video Assist

At the end of this documentation, I hope you’ve noticed what is Twitter Grid widget, by Bdthemes, and how it works for you. Watch the video inserted above. If you want to discover what more is possible to do using this one, you can visit the demo page.

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