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Changelog Widget in Elementor

How to Use Changelog Widget in Elementor

Log refers to a record of events. A changelog widget in Elementor will allow you to keep your site’s record. Every time a developer should change the log/ record of their works. See, if you as a developer need to show what works you’ve done newly, what features you’ve added to your previous work or what change you’ve brought in your works, then Changelog is here to help you to keep the log or record.

The guideline below about the widget I’m talking about will get you to walk in the right way to have the changelog. 

If you want to show your log in a stylish way, you can do that using our Changelog widget in Elementor.


After dragging and dropping the widget, you’ll find nothing at first. Don’t worry. Just you have to follow a simple trick. You need to make a WordPress changelog file with a .txt / .md extension following the Markdown editor format. Only the markdown coding format can permit you to get the design you find in our Element Pack Pro demo.

## 1.0.0 [1st January 2020]

### Added
- Type some Markdown on the left
- See HTML in the right
- Magic

### Removed
- Type some Markdown on the left
- See HTML in the right
- Magic

### Updated
- Type some Markdown on the left
- See HTML in the right
- Magic

### Changed
- Type some Markdown on the left
- See HTML in the right
- Magic

### Fixed
- Type some Markdown on the left
- See HTML in the right
- Magic

### Language
- Type some Markdown on the left
- See HTML in the right
- Magic

### Note
- Event calendar related widget you need to re-active because event calendar settings changed and added separated on/off options

See the coding format above and you’ve to follow that.

Settings for the Changelog Widget in Elementor

Most importantly, you have to create a link with a changelog file (such as changelog.txt/ combining with your IP address.

Then, you simply need to paste the URL in the Changelog File under the Content tab as you see the screenshot.

One more thing, using this widget you’ll only get the design in terms of Added, Removed, Updated, Changed, Fixed, Language, and Note. In the time to come, we’ll bring more features, then you’ll be able to add more like that.

website changelog cache

If you want to do cache your file for a certain period, you can do that just by the control Cache the File.

Style Tab

Using the sections under the style tab, you’ll be able to design a website changelog easily.


changelog widget styles

In this section, you’ll be able to style the title and text with typography and spacing to list spacing.

color settings

Just go to Changelog > Title and Text

Added, Fixed, Updated, Note, Removed, Language, Changed

In every section written in the title, you will be able to add text and background color, then border type and border-radius and typography also for the Changelog Widget in Elementor.

added values in Changelog Widget in Elementor

Simply go to Added > color > Background > Border Type > Border Radius > Typography.

As the Added section, you can style the other sections mentioned in the title.

You can also test with this txt file so you can easily get the right format.

Video Tutorial

In the end, watch this quick video to learn every details about the Changelog Widget in Elementor.

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