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Instagram Feed widget

How to Use Instagram Feed Widget

Here, the Instagram Feed widget will help you showcase Instagram feed on your site. Read the doc below and go ahead.

Instagram Feed

Step-1: Since Instagram Feed is a third-party plugin, you first have to install and activate the plugin.

So, go to Dashboard > Element Pack > 3rd Party Widgets > Instagram Feed.

Step-2: Next, go to the Instagram Feed> Settings. From here, you’ll be able to Configure and Customize the feed.

  • Configure: it will let you add Instagram Accounts. In addition, if you want, you can add more multiple accounts.

Here, you can also define where your feed will show from. Most importantly, you might manage your new post. Finally, hit the Save Changes button. Take a look at the images above.

  • Customize: it will allow you to set the layout of the feed. Just, keep your eyeballs on the image example below.

Here, you can manage more things. Simply, go to the WordPress Dashboard > Instagram Feed > Settings > Customize.

Step-3: Go to Element Pack > 3rd Party Widgets> Instagram Feed> hit the activate button > click on the Save Settings button.

Instagram Feed Widget: A way of presenting Instagram Feed

The step by step instructions and detailed pictures are here to help you get started.

To Insert Widget

Inserting widget, it is just a matter of dragging and dropping. As you see in the screenshot above, drag the Instagram feed html widget inside your page.

Content Tab

The Content Tab having some handy sections will successfully get you to have a structure of the Instagram Feed widget.

Now, I’m going to show the sections of the Content Tab and how they work behind the widget.


Simply, go to the Content tab > Layout.

From this section, you can determine the number of feeds and columns.

You’ll be able to show/hide Header, Button, and Follow buttton if you want. Just switch on/off the button.

The most important thing is Image Size control that will allow you to set the image size.

Style Tab

Now, let’s work with Style Tab. The tab will easily have you style the web content (text, image, video, etc.) of the page you require to design the Instagram Feed widget. 

Styling with the tab in Elementor will always give you a fantastic experience.

Let’s have a look.


Simply, go to the Style tab > Style.

Generally, this section will allow you to adjust the padding of the feeds and add global color. In addition, you can add a global text color.

Video Assist

In conclusion, though our Instagram Feed widget contains some tricky parts, hopefully, in the end, you have known how to use the Instagram Feed widget, by Bdthemes. In case, you feel the doc is not enough, you can stream the video clip above. And to get more ideas about this, visit the demo page.

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