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Elementor Twitter Access Token

How to Get Elementor Twitter Access Token

For getting an Elementor Twitter access token, you have to create an app. When you’re going to create an app, you will get a message for making a developer account. Here, in this documentation, you’ll be able to know how to get Twitter Access Token. I’ll break this documentation into two parts – “How to Create Developer Account” and “How to Create APP”.

Let’s dig in the doc.

How to Create Developer Account on Twitter

It will want you to follow the steps following and finally, you’ll be to have the account. Just, follow, and go ahead.

Step-1: Firstly, you have to log in on Twitter. Then, search in the browser with developer.twitter.com/en/apps. After that, hit the Create an app. See the image example below.

Create app for getting an Elementor Twitter Access Token

Step-2: Secondly, after clicking on the Create an app button, you’ll have Apply button. Just click.

Step-3: Thirdly, you’ll find some options that will help you to let Twitter know whatever account you’re going to make under the developer account for getting the Twitter Access Token. You can see the screenshot below.

Here, I’ve chosen Doing Something else.

Step-4: In this fourth step, you’ll be asked to name your Country and Account. As you can see through the image below.

Step-5: Why will you create a Twitter developer account? You have to tell about it to get Twitter under the Intend Use tab. If you want to go to the next step, you need to give the necessary information. Follow the image example.

Step-6: In this step, you will be able to check the information you’ve given. Then, click on the looks good and go to the next step.

Step-7: This is the final step where you’ll be able to submit your application for your Twitter developer account for the Elementor Twitter Access Token. Don’t forget to check the policy button. Otherwise, you will have zero chance to submit an application.

Note: Remember, your application will be verified. After that, you will get your developer account.

How to Create App on Twitter

Now, let’s see how to create an app on Twitter. After getting a developer account, you can only create the app. Go for the following steps.

Step-1: Now, simply, click on the Create an app button. But, doing it, make sure you have a Twitter developer account. You can make the app as many as you want for generating the Twitter Access Token. As you can see on the screenshot below.

Step-2: Look at the screenshot below. What you should include while creating an app. Give the necessary info and hit the create button.

Step-3: In this step, you can review the developer terms before creating the app.

Step-4: Here, you’ll find a confirmation message like that your application has been created.

Step-5: You want to generate an Access token and access token secret. Just, click on the Generate button, you’ll be able to generate for the twitterfeed. Look at the image example in step-6.

Step-6: From this section, just hit copy and copy the Access token and Access token secret.

Step-7: See, under your app (namely, Element Pack Twitter Feed) and next to Permission, from the Access permission, check the Read-only and hit save button.

In conclusion, hopefully, everything is clear to you. If you read the whole doc carefully, you will be able to generate the Twitter access token easily. That’s it. Thanks for staying with Element Pack & Bdthemes family.

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