How to overrride shortcode.php and config.php in Shortcode Ultimate? 0 0

Last updated on 27-Mar-2019 01:39:00 PM in Joomla » Plugins » Shortcode Ultimate
Posted ByAshikur Rahman

Override Procedure:

This overriding is same to css override.

  • Just copy config.php and shortcode.php file from “\plugins\system\bdthemes_shortcodes\shortcodes\heading” location.
  • And paste it in “\templates\your_template(Your default Template)\html\plg_bdthemes_shortcodes\shortcodes\heading”.
  • Then edit these file as you need.

  • NOTE: you also may need to select your current template(ex: Extra Shortcode => shortcode - Default ) from shortcode ultimate plugin setting( Extensions > Plugins > search by "Shortcodes Ultimate" > Shortcodes Ultimate ) where from override grab those override.

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