How to make shortcode module 0 0

Last updated on 27-Mar-2019 08:05:44 AM in Joomla » Plugins » Shortcode Ultimate
Posted ByTauhidul Alam

You can make shortcode module easily just follow those step by step procedure, here the step 1 for adding new custom module.

Step 1-4:

1. Click on Extensions 2. Module Manager 3. Click On New 4. Then click on Custom HTML Module.

Step 5-8:

5. Set the title of your custom module 6. Assign menus where the module will be show 7. Select a position 8.Click Insert Shortcode

Step 9:

9. just click to “Yes” of Prepare content to compile shortcode. You must select it otherwise shortcode will not work perfectly.

Finally save the module and go to your front page and reload the page your shortcode will appear properly there. you are done 🙂

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone