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DO’s and DON’Ts in Landing Page Design in WordPress 2023

Do's-and-don'ts in landing page design for WordPress

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Your landing page may not be as impressive as it was before.

Web designs are rapidly evolving and changing trends every minute.

If you don’t know the current trends for landing page design in 2022 and 2023, it’s the best time you learn about them.

This article will present you with the finest details about the DOs and DON’Ts in your landing page design.

And whatever you need to do to capture more audience in 2023.

Why it's called Landing Page

A landing page literary means where your online visitors will land.

It is a standalone page that is mostly used for marketing purposes and may contain valuable information, CTA, FAQs, etc.

A website may have more than one landing page. 

Even your homepage could be a landing page if it is intended to pique your visitors’ interests.

Other than the homepage, any promotional page or campaign page can be considered a landing page if it’s linked within the search engine results and users can land on it.

Technically, we call it a ‘landing page’ because- When possible customers surf online and click on a promotional link i.e.: an email, ad, or other digital location on a website, they ‘land’ on this specific page of your website.

The main purpose of a landing page

We use landing page for a single most important purpose. 

That is- ‘to encourage visitors to take action that converts them into customers’.

The aim here is to collect leads by securing user contact information in exchange of valuable belongings.

Could be a piece of information, free guide book, software, hardware, product, etc.

With a landing page, you are attracting visitors through CTA and information that they want.

You can use a landing page to-

  • Encourage people to sign up for a webinar.
  • Make them download an ebook.
  • Drive them to grab a free trial. or,
  • Entice visitors to buy your product.

Point to be noted: A landing page may or may not be added to the site navigations in case of seasonal offer page or special promotion offers.

Common elements of a landing page

Depending on the context or niche, a landing page may vary in the number of key elements in it.

But, to design a landing page, you need to make sure to fill a minimum requirement needed for your site.

According to the common landing page design practices today, we can point out the core elements of a landing page:

  • Enticing Headline
  • Connecting Subheadings
  • Engaging Copy
  • Relevant Images
  • Call-to-Action
  • Social Proof
  • Unique Selling Point
  • Closing copy

Apart from the elements on the top, there could be more elements on a landing page based on its scale.

You can find both short pages and full-length web pages as landing pages.

But, it is best to maintain your landing page preferences on the necessity and context of your business.

Types of landing pages

There are no direct list that will tell you the types of landing pages that you can create.

It depends on the niche, business goal, and the web designer.

But, we can compile a list on the Types of landing pages based on the current variants we see in the market.

Take a look at them if you want to learn more about landing pages.

Why do you definitely need a landing page

In today’s online marketing field, running a business is tough because there is so much competition going on.

The best way to catch your audience is to give them a page where they can land and get hooked instantly.

In fact, you can not land your visitors randomly on your site.

It will mess up the chain of info they want and rather annoy the visitor.

So, a landing page is what you need here.

Once the page is done correctly, it will help you get those visitors engaged in your business once they land on it through a sequential info delivery.

Not only that, but also for fantastic interface that make them unable to leave such an eye-pleasing page.

That’s the core reason to have a landing page.

With it, you can:

  • Stir up an offer on a particular product or service.
  • Attract visitors to the offer to make them interested.
  • Promote your product or service.
  • Use a lead magnet to collect necessary contact information.
  • Get registration for a webinar.
  • And more.

Needless to say, there are benefits of having a suitable landing page compared to having none at all.

Importance of designing a landing page that converts

So, we’ve got a clear concept of the landing page and its benefits. 

But, you will not reach your target if you fail to design it nicely and coherently.

You have to keep a deep relationship between the design and the context of the landing page whether you’re a website owner, blogger, social media marketer, or paid marketer. 

No matter how many quality words you put in a page, if the design is lacking, no ones gonna bother reading them.

And vice versa!

There are actual reasons backing up this argument:

  • You need to make a strong position in the online market with your landing page.
  • You have to make visitors covet your product or service.
  • You must keep your visitors focused and engaged long enough.
  • You have to make them satisfied without making them bored.
  • You have to influence them to make a decision by CTAs.
As you can tell, designing a landing page that converts takes the top priority in your website.

Want to know How many Types of Landing Page you can create with Elementor? check out our 9 types of landing page You want to design with Elementor and Element Pack.

Actions you should take (DOs)

Now, let’s focus on what actions you should take or ‘the DOs’ to create a successful landing page that converts.

Use simple forms

Make it simple and win your audience!

Meaning, you need to keep it simple in order to get your visitors hooked.

Nobody wants tons of info on many things upon landing on a page.

You should keep the content focused on a single goal, explain in detail if necessary but keep it short, and use familiar word choices to provide a clear and crisp message.

It’s also true when making your visitors fill in a form.

To collect personal information, you have to persuade potential customers in a polite manner.

Don’t make the process boring for the visitor by including too many steps and requiring unnecessary data i.e.: when did you celebrate your last birthday or what are your dog breed preferences?

Forget it and just make it simple!

Only ask questions that are necessary.

Design your landing page with a content strategy

You need to be simple yet strategic in your landing page design.

It’s a good practice to design a landing page with an intro on the top and gradually disclose deep details as it gets to the bottom.

You need to keep it neat and only present useful info on the page.

The goal is to keep the visitors focused on the content.

So, to make sure what you are doing is right, do A/B testing on your copy for the landing page and sort it according to the recommended info delivery method.

Which is, to start with a simple intro and gradually go into the core features.

Begin with a remarkable headline

That damn headline killing it!

Did you notice that you read the first line here a couple of times already?

You did that because the starting was something unexpected but bold and clear.

The landing page headline should also follow this example if you want it to hit the visitors where it hurts.

A strong headline will create a deep impression on your visitors and make them engaged instantly.

As the headline is the vital point of a landing page, if it makes visitors disappointed or bored at the beginning, they will switch for sure.

So, make a remarkable headline and begin with it to catch the eyes of the visitors.

Keep in mind, the headline:

  • Must be compelling.
  • Must be simple and to the point.
  • Must tell the benefits of a product or service to the visitor.
  • Must not use too complex metaphors.
  • Must not play on the words that don’t make sense.

Give your visitor a brief but clear idea

When a visitor comes to your page, his first query is to know what the page is all about.

Because, the visitor wants to know if the page is capable of providing what exactly he is searching for. 

If he doesn’t get it, he will make an instant U-turn and leave.

So, you have to give your visitor a brief but a clear idea about his query to assure him that he has landed in the right place.


  • Always use a short and impactful tagline describing the benefits that the visitor can get.
  • Try to personalize the content so your visitors can feel like you are talking to them.

Again, stick to a single target

Never ever think of your landing page as a TV ad station.

You can’t run multiple promotions at the same time inside a landing page and hope that it will work.

Because it won’t work.

Most people don’t like to mix things.

If their focus gets hampered inside your landing page, chances are very high that your page will have a pit bottom conversion rate.

In order to avoid that from happening, give your audience a single offer and help them stay focused on a unique product/service.

Do not confuse them with too much offer.

This is bad for both your business and standard SEO practices.

If you have multiple products and need all of them to offer, you better use a separate landing page for each of them.

Apply easy-to-read and clear-cut language

Keep your text easy to read, that’s all. 

That’s the same thing we discussed a little bit above.

Fact is, the typography of your text and the language you are using can attract or repel your valuable visitors.

If you think you may attract your visitors with a highly decorative text design, you’re wrong. 

It actually may not give you the positive or desired result. 

Because, when your visitors have to try hard to read the text, they will get bored and lose interest in your page. 

So, it will be wise to keep your text easy to read.

Follow the steps that will surely convert your visitors:

  • Hit the visitor’s pain point first: First, you need to make your visitors realize that you understand their problem. As a result, they will automatically start to read the page with a curious mind to learn more about it for a solution.
  • Assure them that your product will solve their problem: Then, assure them that your product brings the solution they desire. It is more convincing than describing the benefits that your visitors will gain. You could add examples or make a comparison at this point.
  • Make your visitors realize the loss of not using the product: Finally, describe the effectiveness of your particular product on the solution and describe what they are losing if not going in for the product.

Choose an impressive color

Color has a powerful impact on people’s minds.

Every one responds to particular colors. You have to understand color psychology if you want to nail it correctly.

Here are some examples to help you understand:

  • The red color represents excitement, passion, danger, energy, and action.
  • The orange color represents creativity, adventure, enthusiasm, success, and balance.
  • The yellow color represents happiness, positivity, optimism, and summer but also deceit and warning.
  • The green color represents nature and money, growth, fertility, health, and generosity.

Discuss it with your landing page designer and apply a suitable color ratio on the page.

It will work like magic.

Keep an irresistible CTA on the top

Your intention is to push your visitors to take action through the landing page.

So, you have to make your landing page high converting by keeping an effective CTA that your visitors can’t resist taking action on.

Always keep it at the beginning, on the top, and close to the feature and pricing sections.

You can add multiple CTAs, there’s no harm in it.

But also, the placing of the CTA depends on need, you can place the CTA in a preferable position where it will work best.

Don’t forget to highlight the CTA to help visitors identify it quickly. 

Make it responsive

Not all people visit your landing page from desktop browsers, besides them, a large number use smartphones and tablets.

According to statistics published by Exploding Topics, a big 92.1% of users of the internet are accessing the web from mobiles.

We are talking about Billions of people here!

So, you have to make sure that your landing page is responsive to let mobile users access the page smoothly.

This is important stuff so remember to customize and check your landing page on mobile devices after creating it.

Show your offer value on the top

According to the statistics, you got only 5 seconds to capture your audience.

That means, you’ll get very little time to impress your visitors to take action because they will stay on the page for a very little time.

To win it, show your most important item i.e.: offer value, at the top of the landing page where it can be easily viewed by your visitors when they land.

Don’t make your visitors wait longer to reach the offers.

Either place them close to the top or add CTAs on top with the offer or valuable product link.

Attach a video to boost information

Videos are more effective in educating your visitors when dealing with both simple and complicated products.

Statistics show us that-

  • 84% of visitors have been converted by watching the attached video on a landing page. And
  • 66% of visitors prefer to watch a product’s promotional video over its written content.

So, you can say that visitors are more convinced by seeing an actual video related to the product instead of just written words.

It will definitely increase the conversion rate.

Make it trustworthy by displaying social proof

Your visitors won’t convert to a lead if you can’t gain their trust.

Social proof can be a great way of building user trust in the online community.

You can call it a user-based promotion because social proofs are reviews from already satisfied users.

People have this tendency to support a service/product when lots of others are talking positively about it.

Most new visitors find it unsafe to trade with your website unless there are more people involved in it.

So, to boost user trust as well as the conversion of your landing page, you can greatly use social proofs.

You can include-

  • Star ratings
  • Customer reviews
  • Testimonial grids or carousels
  • User-generated content
  • Well-known client logos
  • And more

Social proof helps not only generate trust but also to create FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

You really can’t miss out on such a great opportunity here.

Keep fewer options

One of the common mistakes for a landing page is to put too many options in plain sight.

We already mentioned keeping things simple.

In the same sense, you should be limiting options on your page based on the amount of content provided.

Options could be in form of CTA, product navigations, queries, or forms.

We looked into it and found that if we inflate the page with too many options (like CTAs or forms), visitors get annoyed quickly and leave the page.

Not only it breaks the user experience, but also the page design gets messy.

So, the best practice is to keep a low but consistent density of options within the landing page.

A/B test your landing page

A/B testing always help even if you are a beginner or an expert.

Fact is, it’s not possible to 100% determine exactly which landing page layout and content style should pull out more traffic.

As trend changes, everything changes.

So, it’s common for successful web masters to keep a couple of versions of the landing page to test out the results they give.

We suggest the same to you.

A/B testing will also help you track user behavior, how much they are engaged, what they liked most about the page, etc.

Any data from the user end is helpful.

Additionally, you can pick the best content format, color combination, and typography when you A/B test your page.

Consider Using a Landing Page Template

You don’t have to start from the scratch every time to design a good quality landing page.

There are lots of templates available in the marketplace for various categories.

You can go for a template and then do a couple of customizations to make the product landing page well-designed and ensure better conversion.

There is a difference between professionally built templates and templates made by common designers.

So, better pick the one with the most promising user experience and user interface.

Some available landing page templates you will find:

  • Squeeze pages
  • Sales pages
  • Coming soon pages
  • Thank you pages
  • Video landing pages
  • Webinar pages
  • And more

Element Pack has over 2000+ Templates which can be helpful to to design any landing page 

Avoid these in your landing page (DON'Ts)

Scaling up a business might seem difficult if your landing page has a mediocre style.

As there are things you should apply to your landing page for better conversion, there are certain things you should avoid for the same results.

So, let’s talk about the DON’Ts for a landing page:

Don't distract visitors

We see a lot of people making this mistake on the internet which is to jump between goals inside their landing pages.

To explain this, if you put multiple goals in front of the visitors, they get distracted and annoyed if worse.

You can’t expect to make your visitors into subscribers, customers, and affiliates at the same time.

Additionally, if your landing page design is focused on decorating the blank space and it highlights other things except the main goals, it’s also an example of user distraction.

As for your goals, if you want to get more subscribers, stick to it. Don’t go for other options.

For designs, always decorate the content that holds your goals.

Avoid promoting multiple offers at a time

It’s a common mistake for beginner webmasters to shove everything on the landing page without a thought.

For example, if your landing page is about androids and you put tablets, PCs, headphones, and other electronics together, it becomes a mess.

How? Because it will mess up the info delivery.

Promoting multiple offers at the same time also distracts users.

The point is, when you mix things together, visitors will lose focus on a single product/service and eventually lose interest in whatever you’re offering.

That means the conversion rate will keep falling down.

The same problem occurs when you put too many animations, different colorful portraits, different CTAs, or ads on the page.

If your landing page is messy like this, CHANGE IT RIGHT NOW!

Avoid requesting unnecessary information

Don’t annoy your visitors by asking to provide needless data.

People don’t like to fill in a large form on their first visit to your website.

If they see such a long form asking about their dogs names or school locations, chances are very high that the visitors will leave your site at instant.

To avoid this, keep a simple form and let them fill just about the contact email and names.

Later, you can ask more info once they are inside your customer list.

Don't make your visitors wait long to reach the CTA

Whenever a visitor is hooked by your landing page, they will urge for an action.

If your CTAs are hidden in places or hard to find, the visitor might change his mind while searching for them.

It’s a fact that if a visitor lands on your page and goes a long way searching for the Call To Action button for its odd position, that’s not good for your business.

So, better keep your CTAs in easy to find places and highlight them.

Avoid filling up the whole area

It’s a well known fact that you should leave enough white spaces on your landing page as breathing room.

Keeping your visitors engaged with good content is necessary for a landing page.

But, if you fill up every nook and cranny of the page with content, it will rather demotivate your visitors and they will leave the site.

Leaving white spaces not only adds to the user experience by rebuilding their focus on the content, but also it’s a good practice for quality UI.

So, be sure to put large gaps between chunk of information as well as leave spaces on both side of the content part for better UX.

Don't slow down your page

If you want to present amazing animations to your visitors, that’s fine!

Animations, fancy backgrounds, various parallax effects adds to the user experience.

But too much of them can slow down your site significantly.

According to the statistics, a slow landing page with more than 3 second loading speed has a high chance of having a striking 70%+ bounce rate.

Of course, you won’t want that for your landing page.

So, it’s better to sacrifice some graphics for maintaining a decent page speed.

Food for your thoughts

So, what do think about the above discussion? Do you think the article helped you tidying up your landing page?

The pleasure is all ours if you could implement the tactics to boost your landing page conversion rate today.

Feel free to speak your mind in the comment section.

Thanks for having patience.

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Md Abdullah Sakib Talukdar
Md Abdullah Sakib Talukdar
Abdullah Sakib is a Senior SEO Content Writer and Content Manager with 3+ years of experience in the WordPress industry. He is skilled in creating high-quality content that converts and he excels at NLP copywriting.

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