How to use Elementor templates

If you happened to know how to use Elementor templates to design websites, you are the BOSS!

The reason why people love to stick with WordPress is, it has so many free resources to support its users.

As there are thousands of templates available, it’s relatively easy to create websites for beginners.

But, what about Elementor?

Well, this page builder plugin also has a good amount of templates available.

Using the Elementor template library, you can access all those cool pages & blocks right away.


Elementor doesn’t provide that many templates for free users.

Most of the templates need a pro version of the plugin and the designs are too old to be unique.

Although many of the templates pose great designing possibilities, there’s a lack of variety.

Still, the amount is not satisfactory.


There’s good news for you.

Element Pack is the most versatile Elementor addon that packs more features than anything else on the market.

And it comes with a huge template library consisting of more than 2000 Elementor templates.

You can access their template library from their official website.

Also, you can find it inside the Elementor page editor, just beside the Elementor’s template library button.

Awesome, right?

That’s not all! Element Pack costs less than Elementor while having more widgets & templates.

Elementor costs $49/year for 1 website where Element Pack comes at $29/year for 1 site.

So, it’s super fun using the Elementor template library made by Element Pack.

Let’s see how to use these Elementor templates.

Use Elementor templates from Element Pack

Element Pack has its template library inside its official website.

It is broken into categories so that users can easily pick their stuff.

To use these Elementor templates, you must have Element Pack installed on your WordPress site.

The template library comes with a Live Copy-Paste option that allows you to insert templates with a simple click.

Just choose any template or block and click the Live-Copy button on the side.

Then paste it inside your Elementor page editor.

The templates are customizable.

Each block or the ready page may contain several pieces of widgets altogether.

Other than that, there are a wide variety of templates present in Element Packs’ template library.

Each category contains at least tens of templates, all are unique and have a good-looking build.

The ready pages offer stunning graphics and artworks, comparable to what Elementor Pro has to offer.

With these templates on hand, you can build blog sites, news portals, online shops, beauty salons, multivendor stores, and almost every kind of website you can dream of.

Template Library Inside Page Editor

As Element Pack is expanding day by day, its features are improving as well.

To help the users experience a smooth web-design sensation, the template library has been drilled into the editor page of Elementor.

Now, you won’t have to go back and forth between your page and the template page.

Users can easily browse through the templates by scrolling the pop up window.

To use the template, just hover over it and click the insert button located at the right-bottom corner of the template.

The template page would be retracted and the template will be on your page.

Again, there’s a search button at the top-left corner that you could use to dig up templates easily.

The header & footer templates work in the same way.

That’s how to insert Elementor templates with Element Pack.


After inserting the template, you can customize the whole thing piece by piece.

Not only that but also you could use any template in the original form without any copy-right issues.

Amazing, right?

That’s the kind of Elementor templates we are offering you to use.


Elementor templates do a lot by reducing the time needed to design a webpage.

With all the stunning pages & blocks, no wonder people love this page builder so much.

To get the most out of it, have Element Pack Pro on your website and enjoy the overflowing templates with more than 190 widgets at your disposal.

Don’t forget to check it out here.

Thanks for staying up!

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