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How to copy Elementor page to another website

In this era of Page builder, doing a design from scratch is kind of tiring, don’t you think?

Just imagine you just see a design on a page, thinking that will be a good addition to your page and would make it more amazing!!

But wait!! How can you copy a design!!? Is it possible?

It is possible now in Elementor, with a simple addon called “Live Copy paste”

By this amazing Elementor addon , you can copy Elementor section to another website with just a few clicks.

Today we will show you how to copy Elementor page to another website easily. 

More precisely any section you want!!

So, what is actually live copy paste and how does it work?

The Live Copy Paste feature is a revolutionary tool developed to work with Elementor Page Builder. 

This feature can also be called a cross domain feature for Elementor.

It provides users with unprecedented control over the UI, allowing them to effortlessly import and export live pages, sections, widgets, and any kind of designs – including all modifications – with a single click.

But that’s not all. Live Copy Paste is not limited to live pages; it also works for static and dynamic websites, including demo pages, section blocks, ready templates, and much more. 

With this powerful addon, you can copy the layout from both the frontend and backend, giving you maximum flexibility and convenience.

What’s more, Live Copy Paste is a cross-domain feature that is exclusively available for free from us. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to revolutionize your workflow!

To work with cross domain copy paste in Elementor you need:-

 Warning:- Both sites need to have installed Elementor and element pack otherwise this feature wont work at all!!!

Lets see how to copy an Elementor page to another website

i)For the test purpose I am trying with two different domains. One is our own domain Element Pack Pro and I will copy the section into my testing site As you see these are two different domains.

My test site - BdThemes

There you can see our add- on in the first place. Press the install button, it will be downloaded within a short time. 

search and install Live copy paste - BdThemes
Activate Live Copy for website in WordPress

ii) now we will copy a section from our template library.

copy design from Elementor Template library

iii) then let’s paste it into our taste page 

 But before that i need to enable live copy paste addon for my test site also.

Activate Live copy paste in test website - BdThemes

Now it’s time for paste the design into my test page

For that:-

First i will drag a inner section to my test page 

how to copy elementor page to another website - BdThemes

Then in the widget press right click there you will see some options. Click on live paste.

select Live copy from drop menu - BdThemes

There you go, the design is successfully copied.

Design pasted in Test design page

Another feature of Live copy paste Addon

As a cross domain copy paste elementor addon, Live copy paste addon has a next level feature. 

We call it Magic copy

So what does it do?

It gives you full control of your website’s content. Which can be copied and what would not, you can decide fully. 

By the option “ only for logged in users” only users that are logged in your website with their user account can copy any section of your elementor webpage. 

 “Only for specific sections’ ‘ is the option where you can make it specific which section you want to let copy users and which section you don’t want to.
Wrap Up
 So this is how you can easily copy website layout that is made by Elementor builder in WordPress. 
By using this totally free elementor add-on, you can easily save your time. So your hours of work will be done in under 2 minutes!! 

So we explained how to copy elementor page to another website in simple step by step.

Let us know what you think of this add-on!! Suggest us what should be improved to make it more usable for you.


Some quick answers for you regarding this topic

Do I need Elementor Pro for this feature?

Live copy paste can work with both Elementor pro and free. 

Are there any bindings for this addon?

There is one limitation. Both websites need to have installed Element pack lite or Pro in their website and it will work with only Elementor Addon.

Are Duplicator and Live Copy paste the same addon?

No, they are not the same. Duplicator can copy a whole page like a template or any type of page with its full details but its work only between one domain. You can’t duplicate it between cross domains. 

So basically Duplicator just duplicates a whole page in WordPress Elementor.

So live copy paste and Duplicator are not the same at all.

Will Live Copy paste Be free always?

Yes, it will be Free forever. You won’t be charged at all for this Elementor addon.

What do you mean by cross domain copy paste in Elementor?

Cross domain paste means copy anything from one domain and paste it into another domain in a minute. This can be done only in Elementor Page builder.

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2 thoughts on “How to copy Elementor page to another website”

  • It does not Copy the new Containers though. How long will it take for an update? I used the feature all the time, but switched to containers, and can’t use it anymore. 🙁

    • Hi Geo,
      which version are you using now?
      In our development environment, we haven’t found any issues. so please mention the exact version that you are using now or just update it to the latest version.
      if you still face any issues, fill free to open a support ticket.

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