How to copy Elementor page to another website

Often you have to move your own design to another website. But if you don’t know hot to copy Elementor page to another website, this article is for you. Let’s go!

Unlike Before

Copying Your Web Designs Should Be Easy

It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to create a web design for your website. But replicating the design on another webpage is a mammoth task.

The most common parts of a website always have a common layout design and that’s why we often reuse the same design without starting from the scratch.

So, you will need to copy the previous design to your target website.

The earlier method was to save the page or section as a template and import it on the target page.

But the easiest way is to simply copy-paste the design.

The cross-domain copy-paste feature is how to copy Elementor page to another website.

It’s very easy to copy the target design to the other website without requiring you to go an extra mile for the task.

Nothing Complicated, Just..

Copy-Paste Design & Content in 3 Steps

Elementor itself lets you copy-paste content from one page to another.

But it only works on the current site, you can’t take the copied content over to another website with just Elementor.

That’s where Element Pack Pro comes in play.

The Live Copy-Paste feature by Element Pack allows you to copy your page layout to the next cross-domain website in three clicks-

  • Click on the Live-Copy button that appears on the right side of the target content
  • Go to the target site and right-click on the editor
  • And Live Paste the content

That’s how you do it!

Fun fact is, Element Pack’s Live Copy-Paste feature can copy content from both frontend and backend.

That means as long as the feature is on, you can bring content from a site without accessing the backend.

All Styles Intact

Copy Content Along With All Settings

If you are worried about the style part of your copied content, then stop worrying about it.

The best thing about the Live Copy-Paste feature by Element Pack is, it lets you keep all the style settings of the content when your paste it on the target page.

That means the custom background colors, pictures, border, typography, box/text shadow, margin, and all kinds of changes will stay intact with the content.

Greatly saves your time and effort and enhances your site building experience to the next level.

Less Time, Less Worries

Copy Everything on Elementor

With the Live Copy-Paste feature by Element Pack, you can copy everything from your Elementor web page.

This includes widgets, images, Elementor widgets, other 3rd-party widgets, sections, styles, and even the whole page, EP’s Live Copy Paste can copy everything.

It’s a powerful feature that can copy-paste everything with ease.

Just install Element Pack on your website and enjoy cross-domain copy feature on WordPress.

Wrap it Up!

This article lets you know how to copy Elementor page to another website with easy steps.

Hope it will benefit your cause.

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