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BdThemes 2023 Recap

BDTHEMES 2023 Recap(A year of Success and Achievement)

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BdThemes thrived on a dynamic journey in 2023 fueled with innovation and achievements. 

As this year unfolds its final chapter, join us in revisiting the milestones, achievements, and triumphs that defined our pursuit of excellence. 

This blog- BdThemes 2023 Recap is not just a wrap-up, it is a celebration of our growth, and the company´s continued efforts throughout the year 2023. 

📈We Brought Massive Changes in Our Products

From the beginning of this innovative year, we brought major changes and updates to our products. As a result, we also got more than 50K+ users throughout this thrilling year than 2022.

So, let´s have a glance at what changes our amazing team thrived this year– 

Prime Slider

Active User: 1,30,000

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5

Throughout this year, our team released various Prime Slider updates from Prime Slider Version 3.3.0 to Prime Slider 3.11.10. On every update, we fixed various issues and even added other handy features to the tool to enhance its usability.

From improving various widget designs to optimizing the quality of widgets like Mercury, Rubix, and Pacific, this year Prime Slider users found it updated as new every time they used it. Being prominent with the goal to deliver various widgets to the users, our team was able to offer different widgets with every new version released. 

Ultimate Post Kit 

Active User: 25,000

Ratings: 5 out of 5

Ultimate Post Kit is an all-in-one solution for bloggers with 75+ widgets with unlimited customization. Anyone can instantly create a blogging website using this everyone´s favourite Elementor Add-on.

On 5th January 2023, Ultimate Post Kit got its this year´s first release version 3.1.1 with more than 16 newly added features. Back then, this cutting-edge tool went through 22 more updates with the spirit of bringing astonishing widgets to its huge library. 

Additionally, further amplifying Ultimate Post Kit´s visibility and accessibility, we launched this Add-on on AppSumo. The immense response from users was overwhelming, showcasing their strong interest and enthusiasm for this product.

Element Pack 

Active User: 1,50,000 with 0.4M Active users.

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5

From the beginning of Element Pack´s first and foremost version release, it has been the pick of WordPress users´ choice. With that motive and passion to bring more user-friendly products, Element Pack comes to the market with its first version release of the year on 28th March.

This Element Pack Version 3.15.0 release introduced more new features that fix issues. However, with massive updates of its various versions, Element Pack released its last update of the year Element Pack 7.7.2. Users now can edit and customize their website elements more efficiently without any interruption. 

🚀 New Product Launches in 2023

We Released AI Image Generator Plugin

Every year, we come up with powerful tools that make WordPress users’ website experience more efficient. As AI is revolutionizing the world of building websites, we Launched our first AI product, an AI Image generator plugin. 

This plugin uses OpenAI´s API that you can integrate with your WordPress website, and generate every type of image you need for your website. 

You can create diverse amounts of images on every block of your website using various prompts. All you need to do is share what type of image you want and mention the number of images you need and their size. 

Eventually, providing multiple results for a single prompt can save you tons of time. You can choose the best result you want without even writing multiple prompts for one single result! It´s easy to use, powerful, and a state-of-the-art tool! 

Learn more about AI Image Now

We Released ZoloBlocks Beta

ZoloBlocks is a powerful pre-built block plugin that you can use within the Gutenberg Site Builder to build websites of every type. Created from the core essences of Gutenberg, it offers 20+ fully customizable blocks.

So, you want to add a slider to your WordPress site? Or just want to add a testimonial section? Head over to the Zolo Blocks´s pre-built blocks library that comes with every type of section a website needs. 

You don´t need to think about the design quality, our expert designers ensure every block has performing features. Even, you don´t need to worry about what type of theme you are using. This amazing plugin works efficiently with every type of WordPress theme. 

Learn more about Zolo Blocks Beta Now

🔥 Achievement as Best Products on the WordPress Community – Prime Slider

BdThemes wavering a happy ending to this year with achievements and success.

Among its other cutting-edge products, Prime Slider has won the Monster Awards 2023. It has taken the 2nd place in the Best Elementor Plugins category. 

BdThemes 2023 Recap

Learn more about Prime Slider. Try it for free!

🎖️Events/ Competitions We have Organized

WordPress Meetup Bogura

From the very beginning of this year to its end, BdThemes has participated in more than 4 WordPress meetups in its local region– Bogura. 

The first meetup took place at the BdThemes office. It was a very successful one as the first event with 60+ attendees. We also arranged a drone launch event on the rooftop to make this event a great memory!

However, the Second meetup took place in MIT Park with an attendance of around 110 WordPress enthusiasts. This amazing meetup went through an amazing 3-hour showdown that helped the attendees sharpen their skills and knowledge. As we always prioritize our skilled personas’ happiness, we distributed lots of gifts to the attendees as well.

Also, we participated in Rangpur Meetups and Rajshahi meetups to meet many influential figures such as Hasin Hyder, Rasel Ahmed, Nazmul Hosen, and many others. We enjoyed the showdown on these heavily arranged meetups and loved each event.

In accordance with the early meetups of this year, leading figures in BdThemes have continued arranging new meetups to keep the WordPress community in this region more harmonized. 

WordCamp Sylhet Silver Sponsor

From 19th May to 20th May 2023, the most charming WordCamp in Bangladesh took place in Sylhet.  As we join WordCamp arranged in the world every year, this year we have been one of the Silver Sponsors of this great event.

9 members of our team attended the event. We gave away various types of souvenirs to the attendees like key rings, pens, stickers, etc. We also gave away our swag to Hasin Hayder, Ehsan Riyad, Abu Huraira Bin Aman, M Asif Rahman, and other prominent figures in the Bangladesh WordCamp community. 

Our enthusiastic team members made sure to relish the natural beauty spots of Sylhet, including the enchanting Jaflong and Shada Pathor. This journey from Bogura to Sylhet served as a rejuvenating escape for the team, providing a refreshing break in the midst of the year.

⭐ We Strengthened Our Company Culture 

2023 was the most cultivating year for our company. This year we grew the team with more potential members, HRs, and managers. More than 12 skilled personas have been added to the team both in-house and remotely to effort their nurtured wealth of experience.

We also extended the office to new rooms, including a full indoor studio for visual teams. We also did not compromise to keep the employees entertained with a new office arsenal including new projectors, karaoke, and even a PR system.

What makes this year a successful move to our goal is adding a new OAuth system to the products. We improved our HR policies to make sure our employees don´t face any trouble working efficiently within the office environment. To break the workload potentiality of tech companies, we assured more working flexibility to the employees. 

This year marks a significant stride towards our goals, highlighted by the seamless integration of a new OAuth system into our products. To focus on our most valuable asset—our employees—we revamped our HR policies. We ensured a conducive and trouble-free work environment within our office spaces and even for the remote members. Even, we provided our team members with greater flexibility to reduce workload stress. 

FAQs on BdThemes 2023 Recap

What is BdThemes?

BdThemes is a resonate WordPress plugins and themes builder company. It is known as one of the best WordPress company in Bangladesh. 
From building amazing WordPress-based solutions to being a one-of-a-kind great employer-of-choice company, BdThemes´s team brought award-winning products like Prime Slider, Element Pack, and so on. 

Does BdThemes Products offer Free Versions? 

Buying new plugins, and widgets and getting familiar with them is one of the most hectic tasks in building websites in WordPress. However, most of the themes, plugins, and add-ons of this powerful WordPress development company offer you free versions. 
You can download, implement, and upgrade any plan you want without any suffering as it offers a 14-day money-back guarantee for pro plans as well. 

2023 Was a Huge Year for BdThemes 

The strides BdThemes has taken this year resonate with a commitment to achievements, employee well-being, and adapting to the changes in technical landscapes.

This year, we hit two of our massive goals including reaching the 9K+ traffic milestones and 14K+  organic traffic activity. So, as we wrap up this boosting year, we look forward to building immense success fueled by this year´s achievements. 

Cheers to the continued growth, development, and collaboration of the most passionate team to greater heights together!! 

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Sumaiya Begum
Sumaiya Begum
Sumaiya is a tech storyteller and furry friend fanatic. Obsessed with writing tales about the ever-evolving tech universe, she's on a mission to demystify WordPress and no-code tools. Armed with a tech-savvy background, Sumaiya crafts content that grabs the spotlight on search engines and adds a dash of unique flair to readers' burning questions.

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