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35 Best WordPress Companies in Bangladesh 2024

best wordpress companies in Bangladesh

Table ofContents

Bangladesh´s remarkable growth in the IT sector is evolving and the number of WordPress-based companies in this country is increasing every year.

Many talents from Bangladesh have contributed to building and improving the core of WordPress on every major update. Along with creating many leading WordPress plugins, they offer everything you need to start your business with a professional website.

You can create a new website for your startup, business, or personal portfolio. Building websites can be easy as pie with the assistance of these WordPress companies. 

However, with hundreds of solutions available, it may be difficult for you to find the best WordPress companies in Bangladesh

So in this article, I will share the 35 Bangladeshi WordPress company details that can assist you in creating a highly compelling online presence to stand out from the crowd.

Discover the Dynamic Aspect of the Best WordPress Companies in Bangladesh

With a team of 10 to 100+ members, I have covered all the WordPress-related companies which are putting their trailblazing efforts into the WordPress community. So, let´s begin the journey from here-

1. BDThemes

BDThemes started its journey back in 2012 and introduced a pack of WordPress plugins and themes to the users. With a team of skilled employees, the company creates WordPress Themes, Plugins, Elementor Addons, and Widgets for WordPress users. 

BDThemes emerges in the market with the guidance, vision, and innovation of its pioneering architect Selim Rana.

Since its beginning in the WordPress marketplace, the team has developed 13 helpful WordPress products that help businesses manage their daily work more efficiently. BDThemes even offers a wide range of products, which contains a wide library of 2300+ free templates and 285+ widgets.

All of their plugins, and themes have an incredibly user-friendly feature. They are easy to install, lightweight, low in price, loved by thousands of people, and even offer assistive user guidelines to all.

Anyone can read their documentation, or watch tutorial videos based on individual topics to understand the process of utilizing these innovative tools at its best.  


  • AI Image Generator 
  • Element Pack
  • Prime Slider
  • Pixel Gallery
  • Rooten
  • Ultimate Post Kit
  • Admin UX
  • Portfolio
  • Ultimate Store Kit
  • Live Copy Paste
  • FAQ, and others. 


Most of the product´s prices of BDThemes start at $29.99 on a yearly plan. 

2. WeDevs

WeDevs is a WordPress-based open-source development company that has served more than 5,200,000 businesses through its revolutionary solutions. However, this company was founded in 2008 to publish blogs and forums for WordPress developers. 

After a few years of working on blogs and forums, the founders Tareq Hasan and Nizam Uddin gradually started building various WordPress tools in 2011. Located in the heart of Bangladesh’s Capital Dhaka´s Mirpur DOHS, this pioneering company have managed to develop about Ten WordPress tools.

WeDevs also has 20+ WordPress plugins along with their easy-to-use various WordPress Products, with a team of 98+ members. 


  • Happy Addons
  • Dokan Multivendor
  • WP Project Manager
  • WP User Frontend
  • WP ERP
  • WeMail
  • Wepos
  • Conversion Tracking


Each of their products offers an individual pricing plan. Most of them are available for free as well. However, the lowest pricing tier´s product, WeMail´s pricing plan, starts at only $3/month. The most costly pricing tier´s product WP Project Manager´s pricing plan starts at $395/month. 

3. WPDeveloper

WP Developer started its journey as a software company in 2012. It is a WordPress and SaaS product development company that makes website building easier for users. 

This company was founded by two Bangladeshi founders M Asif Rahman and Nazmul H Rupok. The team says, if a product is good for a business, it is good for a user as well. With that motivation, they were able to build more than 30+ WordPress products with a team of 110 members. 


  • Templately 
  • Essential Addons for Elementor
  • Essential Blocks for Gutenberg
  • Better Docs
  • Better Payment 
  • NotificationX
  • EmbedPress
  • SchedulePress
  • Disable Comments
  • Easy.jobs


WPDeveloper offers two pricing tiers. ´The Agency Bundle 1 year´ costs $349 and ´The Lifetime Bundle´ costs $799 for a lifetime accessibility of all of their products. However, if you need to buy any of their specific products, you can also have a different pricing plan for this. 

4. AuthLab/ WP Manage Ninja

Though most of the WordPress companies in Bangladesh are located in the country´s capital city Dhaka, AuthLab is out of the box here. This huge company with 100+ employees is located in the green Sylhet city. 

This cutting-edge company was founded by Shahjahan Jewel back in 2016 with an aim to create solutions that can solve real business issues. Over time the Ninja team( that´s what they call themselves) continues to build various solutions that businesses need the most.

From the founding year to now, AuthLab has developed 6 helpful tools for small businesses which have been used by more than 160 countries around the globe. 


  • Fluent form
  • Fluent CRM
  • Fluent SMTP
  • Fluent Support
  • Ninja Table 
  • Social Ninja
  • Azon Press


Not available on their official website. 

5. XpeedStudio

XpeedStudio is another leading Bangladeshi WordPress company around the world. Founded by the young entrepreneur Ataur R, XSpeedStudio started its journey with a motto to create user-friendly, easy-to-use solutions. Since then, they have been able to serve their services to 8,15,000 customers with 23 WordPress plugins and 58 WP themes. 

Located in the centre of Dhaka, the team utilizes various programming languages, frameworks, and libraries to bring solutions for eCommerce, enterprise, business, and personal website users. 


  • ElementsKits
  • MetForm
  • ShopEngine
  • GetGenie
  • WP Social 
  • WP Ultimate Review 
  • WP fundraising 


WP Ultimate Review offers the lowest pricing with a starting price of $29 per year. However, ShopEngine contains the highest pricing tiers with a starting price of $59 per year.

6. Themeum

Themeum is Ollyo’s branch company that designs high-quality WordPress themes and develops WordPress plugins. As one of Ollyo´s sister’s concerns, Themeum is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

With a strong focus on meeting users’ needs, this platform started its journey as a theme creator in 2014. As time passed, they spread their wings on developing plugins as well. One of their most popular product is the Tutor LMS. 


  • Tutor LMS
  • Crowdfunding
  • Quebly
  • WP Mega menu. 

7. ThemeDev

Founded in the year of 2019, ThemeDev works on making WordPress products which are for personal blogs, eCommerce, and Corporate websites. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, ThemeDev has developed a bundle of plugins and themes. 

Within this short period of time in this marketplace, ThemeDev has 10K+ happy customers with 1.5M downloads. This company´s talented members work together to create comprehensive solutions to fulfil all the needs of a user. 


  • Nextland
  • Next3 Offload
  • Salonly
  • Washer
  • NextCode
  • gooMaps
  • NextWoo
  • Cleanly
  • NextLi
  • Evental


The lowest pricing among all of their product offers Nextli, which pricing starts from $39 per year. However, ThemeDev´s product with the highest pricing is the Next3 Offload plugin. Its pricing plan starts from $159 per year. 

8. Happy Monster

The two young entrepreneurs Mossaddak Hossen and Hasin Hayder founded this WordPress base plug-in company 10 years ago back in 2013.  

Though it has been totally a plugin-focused builder for over a decade, the company has spread its reach to very few products over time. Besides, with a team of talented developers and designers Happy Monster created beautiful themes, strong plugins, and versatile widgets that increase the efficiency of work for various businesses.


  • Happy Addons
  • EazyPlugins
  • ThemeBucket


Happy Monster has individual pricing packages for each of its three WordPress products. The Happy Addons Starter plan costs $39/ month and the highest tier business plan costs $189/month. However, the EazyPlugin Professional plan costs $69/ month and the Agency plan costs $149 /month. 

9. WpMania.net

Out of the capital city of Bangladesh, WpMania is located in Khulna. It is one of the leading WordPress development agencies in Bangladesh. This WordPress marketplace and strategic design studio was founded in 2011 by its visioner Dr. Sabbir H. 

With a team of 8+ members, WpMania has created 6+ plugins and 170+ WordPress. With a motif to make WordPress even better for its users through its plugins, WpMania has served 6000+ happy clients all over the world. 


  • WPM Shortcodes
  • WPM Gallery
  • WPM Pricing Table 
  • WPM Slider
  • WPM Testimonial
  • WPM VC Addon


All of the plugins of WpMania cost only $29 with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

10. SovWare

SovWare is the parent company of two famous WordPress plugin marketplaces and directories WpWax and Directorist. The founders Masud Rana and Rabiul Islam Sumon founded this amazing company in 2015 with an innovation to create diverse web experiences for users. 

With a team of 25+ people, SovWare is at the top of WordPress’s choice with its more than 22 WordPress products. 


  • WpWax
  • Directorist
  • jsNorm
  • Dashboard Market

11. Codexpert

Founded in 2017, this Dhaka-based company was founded by the talented programmer Nazmul Ahsan.  

With a combined experience of 30+ years this amazing team proved expertise in creating products that stand out. Codexpert has created 9 WordPress products among them plugins like Codesigner and Share logins helped businesses revamp their business growth. 


  • CoDesigner
  • Share logins
  • CoSchool
  • WC Affiliate
  • Handy Addons for WooCommerce
  • Restrict Elementor Widgets


Codexpert has different pricing packages for each of its products. But the product that has the lowest pricing tires is the CoDesigner. Its pricing starts from $49.99/ year. their product with the highest pricing package is the CoSchool which starts at $75.99/ year.

12. Codeboxr

Located in Poribagh, Dhaka, Codeboxr took its first step in the WordPress industry in 2011. It is a revolving web service company that has the mission to create advanced solutions for users. 

The company was founded by Sabuj Kumar Kundu, who is also the CEO of this company. With a team of 11+ employees, this small WordPress-based company has created 25 products so far. 


  • CBX Bookmark & Favorite for WordPress
  • CBX Accounting for WordPress
  • CBX Changelog for WordPress
  • CBX Tour – User-Guided Tours for WordPress
  • CBX Petition for WordPress
  • CBX Currency Converter for WordPress
  • CBX User Online for WordPress
  • CBX Poll for WordPress
  • CBX Multi-Criteria Rating & Review for WordPress
  • CBX 5 Star Rating & Review for WordPress
  • CBX Email SMTP & Logger for WordPress
  • Woocommerce Related Plugins
  • WordPress Plugin Directory

13. CodeRex

Coderex is a WordPress-focused service company founded in 2017. The founder of this software company is Lincoln Islam, who is also the founder of Coderex’s sister concern, WPFunnels. 

As they are a WordPress-based service-providing team, they don´t owe any products. But with a team of 20+ employees, they are helping businesses and agencies to complete their projects on time and scale up their businesses. 


  • WordPress Development
  • Branding & UI/US Enhancement
  • Website security and maintenance
  • Website optimization
  • CMS and server migration. 


They offer services from both junior and senior developers. Thus, they have different packages for them as well. The starting plan of junior developers’ pricing packages costs $40/hour for the highest 40-hour work period. Additionally, The starting plan of Senior Developers’ pricing packages costs $60/hour for the highest 40-hour work period. 

All of the pricing tiers in both of their pricing packages offer at least a 5-hour free trial work period. 

14. WPPool

As a promising High-quality and high-performing WordPress themes and plugins company, wppool has started its journey in 2020. Well, you can call it a kid at the age of this company but they have proven themselves one of the most evolving and best WordPress companies in Bangladesh. 

WPPool built 9+ products with a productive team of more than 25 employees. One must say, the CEO & the founder, Azizul Hoque, who is also the founder of KeenDevs, utilized his experience with the talented team members to grow WPPool faster. 


  • Wpdark mode
  • Jitsi meet
  • Omg Chat Widget
  • Easy Email Integration
  • Sheets to WP Table Live Sync
  • Stock Sync with Google Sheet
  • Easy Video Sheets
  • FormyChat
  • Stock Notifier for WooCommerce


With different pricing plans for 9 of their products, WPPool´s FormyChat costs the lowest at $39/ month. And the product, WooCommerce bundle with the highest pricing plan costs $199/ year. 


WPXPO is known for its clean and crafty WordPress solutions like themes, and plugins. All of their products are Gutenberg-ready and SEO-optimized. So, it’s all set up for you to utilize their products at their best. 

Founded at the year of 2019, WPXPO has successfully created 3 WordPress products with a team of 15+ members. What makes it more efficient is its handy News, Magazine, and Blog plugin – PostX. Additionally, their products have been loved by 60k+ customers throughout the years.


  • PostX
  • ProductX
  • WholesaleX


Among three of their available products, PostX and ProductX costs contain the lowest pricing ever. Their starting price starts from $49/ Year with no additional free plan. However, the WholesaleX´s costs start from $149/ Year with a lifetime available Free plan. 

16. WebAppic

WebAppic is a WordPress eCommerce plugin builder. It was founded in 2014 by the CEO Ohidul Islam. 

With 700k+ happy clients, the team of 19+ members has created two WordPress plugins. Among both of them, the CTX Feed – WooCommerce Product Feed Manager Plugin has more than 50,000 successful installs. 


  • CTX Feed Pro
  • Challan Pro


The CTX Feed Pro yearly pricing plan starts from $119. And the Challan Pro pricing plan starts from $29/ year. Both of these plugins offer a free version and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

17. Hasthemes

HasThemes was founded in 2015. The company has the innovation to create WordPress and Shopify Plugins, Themes, VueJS, ReactJS, Bootstrap, and various JAMStack templates. 

Since the very beginning of the foundation of this company with experience and talented team members, Hasthemes has improved remarkably. Throughout 120+ countries, HasThemes´s products were downloaded 1 million times. 


  • WooLentor Pro
  • Support Genis
  • HT Mega
  • HT Script
  • HT Contact Form 7 
  • HashBar
  • Pixelavo
  • Upfilter
  • Whols
  • JustTables, etc.


Each of their individual offers different pricing plans. For a specific service, visit their products and their Pricings. 

18. RadiusTheme

RadiusTheme is a Dhaka-based software development company that creates products for WordPress. Founded in 2015, this company, with innovative ideas, has created various plugging, directories, and even classified plugins. 

RadiusTheme is now a company of 14+ employees that has created more than 90 WordPress premium products through their long journey on the market. However, to help the customers leverage their themes and plugins at their best, RadiusTheme offers blogs and 12-hour real-time support as well. This makes them achieve a large number of happy clients with their popular products so far. 


  • Classified Listing Pro
  • The Post Grid Pro
  • Variation Swatches For
  • Team Pro for WordPress
  • Listigo
  • Revieweb
  • Finbuzz, etc. 


They have different pricing for each of their plugins and themes. The starting price of their plugins is $24 per year whereas the starting price of their Themes is $39 per year.

19. WPCommerz

WPCommerz is one of the newcomer WordPress companies in Bangladesh founded in the year 2020. The founder of WPCommerz is Shahin Salehiin, who is also a UX Designer. 

Within a short period of time, their team of 6 employees has created 4+ WordPress plugins and tools. Among them, the Darklup has been loved by a lot of WooCommerce users. 


  • Darklup 
  • wcEazy
  • WP Guidant
  • StoreSlots


All of their product has different prices. But, Darklup, the most popular one pricing starts from $28 with an additional Free version. 

20. DroitThemes 

Founded in 2016, DroitThemes comes with a bundle of WordPress themes, plugins, HTML templates, and PSD templates. This company was founded by Md Shahadat Hussain and is been leading by 15+ employees. 

As they are still a growing company, through the past years, the team has developed more than 40+ amazing products. 


  • Droit Addons
  • Dark Mode 
  • Saasland


The starting price of Droit Addons and Dark Mode is the same starting from $49 annually. However, the Saasland theme costs $59, which is also WordPress 6.3X compatible. 

21. Devscred

This Dhaka-based WordPress was founded in 2018 by Muntasir Mahmud. They are a WordPress-based theme and plugin development company with a motto to make things the right way. 

Over time, Devscred has created themes, blocks, and even Elementor addons with their small team of only 5+ members. 


  • Exclusive Addons for Elementor
  • Credence WordPress Theme
  • ShopCred


All of Devscred´s products come with a Free version which makes it a useful tool for every type of user. Besides, the ShopCred and the Credence WordPress Theme do not offer any paid packages. But, their Elementors Addons offers a paid version which starts from $39 per year. 


With the aim to deliver innovative result-driven software solutions to businesses, DCASTALIA started its journey in 2009. As a software solution agency, they provide various solutions like Technical support, Website Development, and many more. 

Anyone who wants to create a website, can contact DCASTALIA´s WordPress experts and share their requirements with them. Even their subject matter experts can create custom WordPress themes, plug-ins, and others. 


  • Software Development
  • WordPress Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Technical Support


Pricing is not currently available on their official website.

23. ThemeLooks

Among many other WordPress-based software companies in Bangladesh, ThemeLooks is one of them. Founded in 2015, they have created multiple exclusive themes and website templates for the users.

With outstanding collaboration and and integrity as a team of 6 members, ThemeLooks created 3+  WordPress-based products so far. 


  • WordPress Hosting and WHCMS Themes
  • Technology Themes
  • HTML and PSD templates. 
  • Adobe XD templates


ThemeLooks has three pricing tiers. The Monthly package costs $180 per month, the Lifetime package costs $1332 for a lifetime license, and the Annual package costs $500 per year.  

24. EgensLab

With a goal of creating the best WordPress themes and Plugins, UI/UX design, Frontend Development, and  SaaS Applications, EgensLab very recently started its journey in 2021. 

In this short period of time, its team of 7+ employees created 3 WordPress along with other software solutions. 


  • Egens Theme
  • Egens Lab
  • Monster


They offer various separate templates under each theme. Therefore the costs on each template offer different pricings as well. 

25. Quomodosoft

Quomodosoft first came to the market guided by its visionary Abdur Rohman back in 2015. Their goal is to custom WordPress plugins for users’ needs, and enhance the ability of these products by helping businesses to grow. 

With a team of 8+ employees, this Dhaka-based WordPress company remains on the high pick of other  WordPress companies in Bangladesh. 


  • ElementsReady
  • ShopReady
  • QS Dark Mode
  • QuomodoThemes
  • Reserving 


Their QS Dark Mode product offers the lowest pricing to its users with a starting price of $96 per year. And the ShopReady product contains the highest offering with a starting price of $125 per year. Quomodosoft also offers the facility of a 14-day money-back guarantee. 

26. MonsterClaw

MonsterClaw LLC is Bangladesh’s one of the best award-winning Digital agencies. Along with its other services, this company provides WordPress Website Development services to its clients. 

As an agency, the ensures high security of users’ data, provides personalized support, and maintains the quality of users’ projects with the help of their expert developers. They build WordPress websites in various niches to help businesses grow online.


  • Affiliate/Adsense site creation
  • EdTech/ Education / Coaching Site
  • WordPress-Based e-Commerce Site
  • Corporate WordPress Website


There are no pricing details available on their website. 

27. Springdevs

SpringDevs stands as a robust WordPress plugin that is crafted to enhance and simplify businesses´s online operations.

This WordPress-based plugin development company provides a comprehensive solution, automating complex tasks for online businesses. It facilitates subscription management, appointment bookings, invoice generation, and pre-order options, streamlining Internet business operations.


  • PDF Invoice
  • Bulk Pricing
  • Booking For WooCommerce
  • Pathao For WooCommerce
  • Pre Payment
  • Social Share
  • Advanced Coupon
  • Checkout page Customizer.


All SpringDevs products are available for free. Besides, each of them has a starting price of $49.99 per year. Besides, they also offer a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee which makes the products more reliable to the customers. 

28. LittleProggrammers

LittleProggrammers is a dynamic WordPress solution-providing company that emphasizes customized, responsive, and user-friendly WordPress websites. With a team of 12+ employees expert in multiple skills, LittleProggrammers works together to bring results that satisfy customers ́ needs. 


  • WordPress theme Development
  • Plugin Development
  • eCommerce integration.
  • Customization and theming
  • Content Management


There are no pricing details available on LittleProggrammers´s website. 

29. WPMobo

WPMobo is a passionate and dedicated Bangladeshi WordPress company. With a team of creative people, they provide various innovative  WordPress themes and plugins.

The focus goal of this team is to offer high-quality PHP applications to the users. With all of WPMobo´s products, they ensure to offer user-centric design, result-driven solutions, and products with the latest development trends. 


  • Sadakalo Multipurpose WordPress Theme
  • Admintosh


All of WPMobo´s plugins and themes are available for Free. They also offer a 15-day money-back guarantee to their customers. 

30. Propovoice 

Propovoice is WordPress one of the most popular client management plugins that has been loved by freelancers and various businesses. It comes with a few products including its CRM tool. 

The team helps its clients to manage their service selling lifecycle through their strong products. Businesses can onboard their customers, and manage sales leads, projects, and even invoices within their favorite WordPress environment without any suffering. 

Products & Services

Propovoice comes to the market with various services including- 

  • CRM
  • Project Collaboration
  • Invoice & Billing
  • Client Portal 
  • Project Estimate. 


The Propovoice prices come in two different categories. The Freelancer plan starts at $79 per year. However, the Agency plan starts from $149 per year. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee which is a big plus point. 

31. WPmet

Founded in the year of 2018, WPmet came to the market with its visionary Ataur R. From back then their team of dedicated people has built 14 WordPress plugins and 60 themes.

WPmet uses various frameworks and libraries to create these tremendous solutions including Open AI, Google NLP, Node.js, etc. From businesses to entrepreneurs, WPmet has more than 700k active users who are using their themes and plugins. 


  • GetGenie AI
  • Elementskit
  • ShopEngine
  • MetForm, etc. 


Combined pricing is not available. Users can buy each plugin for their at their individual prices. 

32. Techlookbd

Techlookbd is a WordPress-based service-providing agency. Since 2015, this marketing agency has been providing service to its customers with excellence and perfection. From Web design to Content creation, they cover all the sectors of services. 


  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Development
  • SEM & PPC
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • Email Marketing, etc. 


Not Available

33. Themefic

Themefic is a Dhaka-based WordPress company. However, they also provide Shopify-based products and services to clients all over the world. 

They come to the market with beginner-friendly templates and plugins so everyone can build a website on their favourite platform. 


  • Tourfic
  • BEAF
  • Ultimate Addons
  • Instantio
  • eBEAF


Each of Themefic´s plugins has different pricing plans, with three different packages including Starter, Premium, and Business. However, the product that starts with the lowest pricing is the eBEAF plugin costs $19 per year.

34. ThemeAtelier 

ThemeAtelier is a WordPress-based plugin that specialises in building solutions for WordPress users. More than 10,000 businesses are utilizing their plugins to boost their business. 


  • Domain for Sale
  • Greet- Video Bubble Warm Welcome
  • Bizreview- Business Review Plugin
  • iDonate- Blood Donation Plugin

35. Wpsmartpay

Wpsmartpay opens up the easiest way for businesses to sell their services in a smart payment method. For people who sell digital products, take subscriptions, and donations but want to avoid Woocommerce, Wpsmartpay is a great option. 

This amazing tool is also compatible with page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Visual Composer. So, it is easy for everyone to utilize these tools to the fullest.


Wpsmartpay offers three different pricing packages – Essential, business, and Agency. The Essential starts from $129 per year, the business plan starts from $189 per year and starts from $699 per year. 

What We Considered to Select the Top Companies

I have gone through some key factors while choosing the best WordPress companies in Bangladesh. Here´s a list of factors that I considered-

  • Facilities
  • Budget friendliness
  • User Support
  • Brand Reputation
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Specialized selling point
  • Testimonial and user review

Find Your Best WordPress Solution From This List Anytime You Need Them

We tried to cover most of the ever-evolving WordPress themes and plugin builders in Bangladesh. However, there are still new companies emerging every year.

When it comes to the best WordPress Companies in Bangladesh or the world, it is difficult to get a one-size-fits-all option. Different WordPress-based software companies appeal to different groups of individuals according to their features and functionalities. 

So, you can first list all the things you are expecting from the company for your specific needs. Then, cross-match those requirements with the features from the list we shared above. When decide, you can easily try their products or contact the company´s support if you need any guidance or want to purchase any pro version.

However, if you find other helpful WordPress product builders that are worth a shout-out, do not hesitate to share your suggestions with us.

Let us know if this article delivered the right information you have been looking for. We would always be thrilled to give this amazing content a new touch!!

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