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WordCamp Sylhet 2024 Recap: A Successful WordPress Event

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The Wordcamp Sylhet 2024  this year was much smarter than last year. WordPress enthusiasts from all over the country came to this event. There were developers, designers, marketers, and business owners who enjoyed every moment in the venue. This big WordPress event was unforgettable because it had great sessions, delicious food, cool swags, and much more. The speakers talked a lot about their subjects, and we were glued to the screen like it was a movie. We’d like to thank the organizers, attendees, speakers, contributors, sponsors, and volunteers who made WordCamp Sylhet happen twice in a row. Their effort was truly admirable.

We can’t wait to talk about the best parts of WordCamp Sylhet 2024. Let’s look into WordCamp Sylhet 2024 Recap.

Highlights of WordCamp Sylhet 2024

It was a 2-day program, the first day was Contributor Day, which happened at Auth Lab on May 10th and the 2nd day was the WordCamp Main event. It was held on 11th May at the Central Auditorium of Shahjalal University (SUST), Sylhet, Bangladesh. You can find the event schedule here.

This year WordCamp had

– 912 Attendees 

– 220 Contributors 

– 67 Volunteers

– 29 Speakers

– 34 Organizers

Day 1: Contributors Day

Contributors Day is a tradition at WordCamps all over the world. This is where everyone who works with WordPress can come together to contribute to the open-source WordPress project. Volunteers helped build the core software, translate it, make themes and plugins, and do other things. On this day, people not only contributed but also learned, with more experienced contributors showing newbies how to do things.

There were 18 Table Leads, who had a unique point of view that made sure everyone could learn something new.

The day began with the registration at 9:00 AM and then we were welcomed and led towards the table.

Our BdTheme’s Chief Designer contributed to the enhancement of the User interface through open discussion.

Also, our Social Media executive contributed to the marketing table and learned many things to make WordPress more accessible to its users.

There were other contributors team too who contributed effortlessly making this contributor’s day a memorable day.

In the end, it was these self-hosted contributors who made WordPress what it is today—a platform that powers more than 44% of the web.

If you want to know more check  WordCamp Contributor’s Day.

Day 2: WordCamp Sylhet 2024 ( Main Event )

It all started with the registration for all the attendees who came from all over the country and overseas.

All the volunteers gave a tag by scanning the QR code from the attendees. Then attendees were welcome with their WordCamp goodies.

Within a few minutes, the hall was packed with lovely WordPress users. Around 8:00 am, the session began.

There were 12 legendary Speakers, who discussed different aspects of the WordPress industry and 2 panel discussions were conducted by the Industry leaders.

Sessions at WordCamp Sylhet 2024

Different aspects like design, software, content, marketing, starting a business, and more. Every lesson was fun, interesting, and full of useful information. Everyone who came had a great time with them. You have nothing to worry about if you miss these sessions. Recordings of all the speeches were made for later use.

Panel Discussions at WordCamp Sylhet 2024

One of the best parts of the event was the panel talks where experienced professionals talked about Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, and Belonging in Bangladesh while working on WordPress. They also talked about how important human-centered design is. People who attended these sessions learned a lot about where the industry is going and how to stay ahead in a digital world that is changing quickly.

Sponsors who made WordCamp Sylhet 2024 more engaging with the Swags

Besides sessions WordCamp Sylhet 2024 was sponsored by 33 renowned brands, where BdThemes was also a proud sponsor as an Editor. Our stalls were set beside bPlugins, Business Globalizer, EazyDocs, EFOLI. LLC, Elementor, and LAZY CODERS. Find out more about the appearance of BdThemes in WordCamp Sylhet 2024.

The attendees were excited to visit different booths, learn different WordPress products, join exciting games, and acquire great swags

We hosted small games and several swags. We gave T-shirts, Mugs, Stickers, Keyrings, Pendrives, Neckbands, and more gifts. 

Our stall was flooded with attendees, thanks to our team, they managed everything seamlessly.

We arranged a lottery game, where we got our first prize winner a High Definition 12” LED Monitor.

After successfully conducting a thrilling time with the attendees. All our team went to the auditorium for the closing ceremony. 

Closing ceremony at WordCamp Sylhet 2024

There was a closing ceremony at the end of the event that praised the community’s successes and the event’s smooth running. The people who put together WordCamp Sylhet 2024 thanked all the speakers, sponsors, and volunteers who made it possible.

Our CEO, Selim Rana sir was honoured with a crest as a proud sponsor of WordCamp Sylhet 2024.

Finally, we had our group photo together as a team.

Last Words

This is the end of the WordCamp Sylhet 2024 recap. The people who went to WordCamp Sylhet 2024 were all very excited about WordPress. Lots of attendees made new friends and gathered a lot of ideas they could use in their projects and jobs. As the WordPress community grows and changes, events like WordCamp Sylhet are very important for encouraging people in the tech community to work together and come up with new ideas.

We’re excited to see what next year’s event will bring to the WordPress community.

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