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8 Reasons why your website is slow on Mobile browsers

8 Reasons why your website is slow on Mobile browsers

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It’s a painful and disturbing matter for you to slow down your website on mobile browsers while the visitors are trying to reach you through a mobile device. If you face this kind of situation, then there must be some reasons for that and you have to find out and solve them as soon as possible. In this article, we will focus on finding the problems and show you the solution to them by applying mobile site speed optimization.

On the online platform, visitors are busy doing their work now and require lesser time to spend searching for their desired element. They want a quick result for their search and seek the smoothness of the service.  So, while you serve the PC users, you must keep the smoothness as well for the mobile users. That’s why you need mobile site speed optimization.

Let’s dive deep!

Comparison ratio between Pc & mobile user

More people browse websites on Mobile than on PC

In this modern world, the use of mobile phones has increased a lot more than in previous times, and the android phone is on the top now. So, mobile site speed optimization is needed. The eco-social condition of the people lets them keep tech items in hand and in their household.

Among them, some have a PC, but many cannot afford it, instead, they own an android mobile phone. As a result, a vast amount of people browse the website on mobile than on PC.

2. What does mobile Responsiveness mean

What does mobile Responsiveness mean?

Now a vital point comes in the focus now, and that is mobile responsiveness. It is an issue for your website you cannot ignore or keep aside. If you want to grab the attention of the vast portion of mobile users, you must make your site mobile responsive. Here, mobile site speed optimization is an important issue. Let’s see what mobile responsiveness means.

Mobile responsiveness means a website is functional and naturally acceptable on different mobile devices with different screen sizes by optimization of the website. Meaning you have to optimize your website for different sizes of mobile devices so that the layout does not break if you want to catch the eyes of the major portion of the visitors.

Common Problems that make a site load slower in a Mobile browser

Now, we are going to find out the reasons for the slowness of the website in a mobile browser. We have to consider the mobile site speed optimization process for this. There are many reasons that result in this, but here we give 8 of them:

Too many scripts make website slow

Too many Scripts (JS, CSS, HTML)

Scripts i.e.: JS, CSS, and HTML are used for creating a website and it is most essential. The number of these is an issue. So, you must use scripts as many as needed, excess of these will affect the speed of your site.

Heavy media files is harmful for website speed

Heavy Image & Media files

As you know, images and media files are used on a website. It’s ok for the PC to use heavy image and media files but may not be appropriate for mobile devices. You have to use suitable items by avoiding heavy image and media files and keeping the purpose unchanged for the mobile users.

Error 502 server error

Bad Server Response for Mobile

If you choose a server for your site that makes problems response for mobile, you are way far behind the line. It is a vital issue. So, choose better performing server for quicker response.

Slow Loading First Content Full Paint

Slow Loading First Content Full Paint

Most users bounce quickly from a website for one reason- slow page loading. It is one of the most crucial reasons for a site’s bounce rate. You have to design your website with fast loading option so that the visitors can reach your site in no time.

7. Too Many Visual Elements

Too Many Visual Elements

Visual elements are essential for a website. But the use of it more than needed is harmful. You have to use exactly how many are needed and cut off extra and unnecessary visual elements from your site to hook the visitors.

Low Quality User Experience

Low-Quality User Experience

If a user lands on your website and feels a lack of options or is uneasy to surf, you are going to lose that user for sure. So, design your website for better UX for mobile devices that will drive more users.

9. Responsiveness Issues

Responsiveness Issues

When a mobile user searches your website, and your site layout breaks up and functions slowly, then the user will leave at once. In short, if your site makes trouble responding to the users, it will go down very quickly.

This is one of the most essential points that if the visitors face it maximum times, this will affect the increasing bounce rate of your site.

WP version 5.8 is bad ,instead use 6.1

Outdated Plugins and CMS

This is another vital reason that slows down your site on mobile browsers. Outdated Plugins and CMS cannot keep pace with the modern flow and you know the result well. Once you set a plugin and used the CMS when they were roaring then.

But as time changes, they become outdated, and newer and updated versions of them are a must.

Make Your Site Mobile Ready With The Right Plugins

As well as for the PCs, you must make and customize your website mobile ready. For this purpose, you can use some appropriate plugins to catch up with the modern trend and hook most visitors to your website. Let’s check out these plugins:

Element Pack

Element Pack

Element Pack is a plugin presented by BdThemes that comes with Header Footer, Free Elementor Template Library, Grid, Carousel, Table, and more. It is the ultimate web solution and the top addon with essential web development tools for WordPress.

It provides 50+ essential elements that simplify the whole web building process. Element Pack for Elementor is developed with the best programming practice of CSS, HTML5, and PHP 8.x. It is improved to meet the best standards for web development requirements and is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Its user-friendly feature lets you build and manage your website with a simple drag-and-drop like Elementor page builder. You can build the next-generation websites empowered by Element Pack which combines the most commonly used elements with essential unique web kits. The exciting thing is that you can use Element Pack without any coding skills.

Element Pack provides these widgets that are helpful for you:
1. Advanced Icon Box
2. Circle Info
3. Visibility Control
4. Confetti Effects
5. Tile Scroll
6. Remote Content Features: Remote Fraction, Remote Pagination, Remote Thumbs, Remote Arrows
7. Dynamic Content: Dynamic Grid, Dynamic Carousel

Prime Slider

Prime Slider

Prime Slider is the plugin presented by BdThemes dedicated to creating sliders for any website built in WordPress and Elementor. It is fully customizable, fast, and functional that fits every site including eCommerce, Blogging, and more with an up-to-date UI/UX.

Prime slider is a slider builder compatible with any WP theme and Elementor Page Builder plugin, it means that any unexpected issues are prevented with it. It will provide you with dynamic and functional sliders.

There are dozens of slider plugins on the online market, but you can choose Prime Slider without thinking twice because it has these wonderful features:
* Eye-catchy with useful info.
* Responsive, meaning it is perfectly viewable on any device including desktop, mobile, and tablet.
* SEO optimized i.e.: title, link, breadcrumb.
* Highly optimized for web and server performance.

The customer’s experience and expectations are very important, so there are more than 100 efforts into making this product more active and functional.

Prime Slider provides these widgets for the users:
1. General – Base
2. Isolate – Base
3. Fiestar
4. Custom Slider
5. Multiscroll
6. Pagepiling
7. Wooexpand

Ultimate Post Kit

Ultimate Post Kit

Ultimate Post Kit for Elementor is the first-ever plugin that lets you design blogging websites with a completely new and refreshing outlook. This is the best tool for marketers, bloggers, and post-type web owners.

It provides fine-tuned post interface having the famous drag and drop editing feature of Elementor. The number of unique widgets by Ultimate Post Kit helps you present your posts or blogs with SEO-optimized layouts, cool sliders, eye-catchy designs, and more.

You don’t need any coding knowledge to use this plugin. It is simple enough to be used by beginners, yet so amazing that professional developers will love the fully customizable widgets for a pro web design experience. Use Ultimate Post Kit to design your blogging site in minutes with a next-gen blogging architect to help you capture more traffic.

Ultimate Post Kit is developed using the best code practices for WordPress, having the highest compatibility with the latest PHP, CSS, JS, HTML5, and WordPress core vital. It is fast enough to use.

Ultimate Post Kit has these widgets you can choose for your site:
1. Forbes Tabs
2. Alter Grid
3. Elite Carousel
4. Pholox Slider
5. Fanel List
6. Oras Timeline
7. Sline Slider
8. Reading Progress Circle

Ultimate Store Kit

Ultimate Store Kit is absolutely perfect for eCommerce businesses to build unique online shop websites in minutes. Using this plugin, you can create personalized store product pages, landing pages, featured product pages, and several other features, including tags, badges, wishlists, buttons, and so forth.

It has been developed to give web developers and designers an effortless way of creating amazing eCommerce websites. With the Ultimate Store Kit for Elementor, there is no need to have a long list of plugins slowing your website down.

This plugin comes with all the necessary elements that you may require while building an eCommerce website on WordPress- Product Grid/List, Product Carousel, Product Category Grid, Product Accordion, Product Image Accordion, Product Table, Product Slider, Product Review Grid, and so on. It also gives control over the design elements by letting users change colors and font sizes as per their needs!

Ultimate Store Kit provides these widgets:
1. Shiny Grid
2. Heaven Slider
3. Florence Carousel
4. EDD Standard Grid
5. Product Category
6. Showcase Slider
7. Featured Box

Pixel Gallery

Pixel Gallery

Pixel Gallery is the first Elementor-based WordPress gallery addon that provides the easiest image gallery-making experience. No coding, just drag and drop gallery widgets into your webpage and you can start making awesome WordPress galleries in minutes.

Pixel Gallery widgets have pre-built gallery layouts and templates. You can insert the widget to select the images you want to display and Pixel will display it with its several unique gallery interfaces. Also, you can enjoy limitless customizations for every Pixel Gallery widget through the Elementor website builder addons.

Pixel Gallery is not your average gallery maker plugin for WordPress. Unlike its competitors, it offers more to the appearance, performance, and design choices for creating the best galleries in WordPress.

Pixel Gallery has the widgets below:
1. Craze
2. Mastery
3. Panda
4. Tour
5. Epoch
6. Fever
7. Koral


In the above discussion, we have searched for the reason why your website is slow on mobile browsers and the solution for it. We hope this will aid you to recover the problem with your website slowing down on mobile browsers.

Thank you for reading the article carefully. Have a good day!

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