Why Should You Go For a Lifetime Plan? Elementor Plugin Facts

Care for a lifetime plan for the plugin you have purchased?

While any type of subscription will get you similar benefits 99% of the time, there are reasons why going for a lifetime plan is better than other subscription methods.

Since BdThemes has been producing quality addons for Elementor, such as Element Pack Pro, Prime Slider Pro, Ultimate Post Kit, and Ultimate Store Kit, we provide options to get these addons for a lifetime instead of sticking to the monthly subscriptions.

Here’s why a lifetime plan is better than an annual membership.

Save A Lot

lifetime plan saves money

It’s true that any lifetime deal will cost a couple more times the price of a yearly deal and has a large upfront price.

But, let’s look at the bigger picture.

Suppose, you are planning to run your website for 5 years using the plugin.

For the Element Pack Pro plugin, the single-site yearly subscription costs $39 per year; totaling 5 x $39 = $195.

But the lifetime package for a single website comes at only $99.

That means you are saving half the total price within the time of 5 years for the plugin you will be using.

So, a lifetime plan saves your pocket from spending more in the long run.

Always Stay Secured

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It’s common for the majority of WordPress plugins to function properly even when their license expires.

That means you can use Element Pack Pro as it is even after the subscription expires.

But, using the plugin this way comes with a risk.

First of all, with an expired plugin, you will miss all the updates, including the security patches that are highly required to protect your website.

As you know, missing security updates mean showing your vault to the robbers.

And secondly, an expired plugin falls out of the liability of the provider who takes care of your site security as well.

In this case, going for a lifetime plan will ensure site security forever.

It also eliminates the chance of having the plugin license expire beyond your inspection.

Get New Features for Free

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For the record, the Element Pack Pro plugin for Elementor brings new essential features for WordPress frequently with new updates.

If you are using an annual subscription and the license expires, you can’t enjoy the updates without renewing the subscription again.

As Element Pack Pro recently published a completely new plugin dashboard, analytics, and improved widgets, you might have missed them since you are using the expired license plugin.

But once you purchase a lifetime plan, you are guaranteed to get all incoming updates without missing any forever.

Maintain Plugin Compatibility

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A plugin made for WordPress stays secured and functional as long as it is compatible with the version of WordPress.

Since WordPress itself updates frequently, student parameters changes, leading to a patch update for our plugins to maintain compatibility with WordPress.

Using a license expired plugin will not be able to get the patch update and may risk conflicting with WordPress and any other support plugins.

The only way to ensure plugin compatibility is to maintain your subscription and get patch updates in time.

So, instead of going for annual plans, you can get a lifetime plan to ensure stable plugin compatibility for a lifetime.

Boost SEO and Site Speed

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In case you are wondering why your site’s SEO score is down, the main culprit would be the obsolete plugins installed on your WordPress site.

In fact, Google frequently changes its algorithm to pinpoint web aspects for SEO measurements.

That includes optimizations from the plugins you use.

When you are using a license expired plugin, you will miss the updates that will ensure a proper SEO service within your website.

Getting a lifetime plan on Element Pack Pro, Prime Slider, or Ultimate Post Kit will get you fresh updates on Google’s SEO standards.

Not only it will improve your site’s rank but also make your site faster with all the base code improvements.

You can tell how much it means to your business by going for a lifetime plan and harvesting all the benefits together.

Get Lifetime Customer Support

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Out of all benefits of a lifetime plan, the most significant one is that you can get unlimited support from the plugin’s company.

BdThemes always cares for its lifetime customers with special customer service with maximum uptime.

Anytime you are stuck with your website, you can get support from our expert team.

Just contact us through live chat or support ticket and we will get back to you in no time.

Make Your Decision

While the annual plans seem best for your needs, you will find them unamusing in the long run.

So, it’s better to get a lifetime deal and reap the benefits without any limits.

Check out our lifetime plans here.

  1. Element Pack Pro
  2. Prime Slider Pro
  3. Ultimate Post Kit Pro
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