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Bloggers Loved Ultimate Post kit from 2022 till now!![Explained]


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Its surprisingly true that a very few addons in Elementor are made only for Bloggers. 

Well,not anymore. We developed Ultimate Post kit dedicated for bloggers only in April,2021. 

So what has changed over a year in Ultimate Post kit ? let’s find out!!

We offer the best features:

We have developed Ultimate Post Kit as a dynamic, flexible, wonderful, and essential aiding tool offering the best features for bloggers, post-based websites, and marketers working on blog posts.

Here are the best features of Ultimate Post Kit:

  • Superior design authority.
  • High-quality graphics.
  • Better customizations.
  • Lightweight framework.
  • Highly responsive widgets.

Reasons to grab Ultimate Post Kit

You may ask- ‘why should I choose Ultimate Post Kit when there are other addons in the market?’ Answering the question, in short, this addon is the one-stop solution for blogging websites, or we can say- Ultimate Post Kit is the best post solution for WordPress.

We believe in actions, not words.

So, we developed it to provide complete assistance to post-type web owners, bloggers, and marketers.

Here are the reasons to grab Ultimate Post Kit:

  • It is the first-ever addon that gives a new and refreshing outlook on blogging websites with necessary updated and trendy widgets.
  • It is the one-stop solution for blog-related businesses.
  • It helps make eye-catchy blog posts to boost your website.
  • It has an easy drag-and-drop feature so that you can design a beautiful post without coding.
  • It is developed with the world’s best practice of code standards.
  • It helps drive more traffic to your website.

Want to know more about the Ultimate Post kit? Keep reading till the end.

Amazing facts and features of Ultimate Post Kit

Let’s focus on the facts and features:

  • Its rating is 4.6 out of 5.
  • Its active installation is 9000+ and increasing rapidly.
  • It provides fine-tuned post interface.
  • It helps to show your blog post in a more visitor-friendly way by providing all the necessary widgets.
  • It provides the best user experience.
  • It helps maintain all SEO standards.
  • Its CSS, HTML5, and PHP version is updated regularly.
  • It is RTL-ready.
  • It is translation-ready.
  • It is multilingual-ready.

Why Ultimate Post Kit is distinctive

Here are the special reasons given below:

  • Its average memory usage is 114.86 kb, which is less than 99% of plugins.
  • Its average page loading speed is faster than 99% of plugins.
  • No errors found in PHP, warnings, or notices
  • Javascript issue not found.
  • Compatible with the latest PHP version.
  • Compatible with the latest WordPress version.
  • It has an optimized database footprint.
  • No activation errors
  • No resource errors
  • It is dynamic because it is updated regularly and the process continues.

Let’s know about the vast collection of widgets, extensions, features, and tabs:


  • Grid widget- Free- 8, Pro- 3.
  • List widget- Free- 7, Pro- 2.
  • Carousel widget- Free- 11, Pro- 3.
  • Slider widget- Free- 8, Pro- 7.
  • Timeline widget- Free- 1, Pro- 3.
  • Others- Free- 11, Pro- 4.


  • Animations- Free- 1


  • Live Copy or Paste- Free-1
  • Duplicator- Free- 1


  • Forbes Tabs- Pro- 1
  • Holux Tabs- Pro-1

⇒ More handy features are in the queue.

It’s simple but capable

Ultimate Post Kit is simple but capable.

This addon is so simple that beginners can use it very easily and create their own blog posts or websites with its handy features.

It’s also capable with its advanced features for experts who can design a higher level of blog posts or websites within a short time.

Though it looks like a regular plugin, it has the power to enrich a post with its handy features and effects on boosting a website to the top within a short time.

It provides all the necessary elements to make posts attractive resulting in a heavy flow of visitors to your site.

The journey of Ultimate Post Kit

The journey of Ultimate Post Kit started in 2021. Now, it has stepped in 2023, crossing a long way through the year 2022.

During the long journey, this addon grew bigger and richer with new widgets and options. As a result, it has become a popular, necessary, and handy tool for bloggers and post-related websites.

In this online journey, Ultimate Post Kit got more visitor engagements as it proceeded and the number is increasing daily. We aim to take it further and make it more featured and flexible for our customers and visitors.

Encounters along the journey

The journey of Ultimate Post Kit was not quite easygoing and took a lot of hard work to make steps ahead. We encountered many obstacles and went through problems along the way.

But, we solved these problems with the assistance of our expert developers and reached this position with the constant support and contribution of our valued customers and visitors like you.

Changes you can feel

Ultimate Post Kit got better and smarter than before and you can’t imagine what surprise awaits you. You can feel the changes while using this dynamic plugin.

You can make a fair-looking and attractive blog post with the new and updated features and options of Ultimate Post Kit.

It will certainly result in catching the eyeballs of a big number of new visitors and attracting them to your website and converting them into customers. You will see the result in taking the site to the top position of SERP in a short time.

What’s behind the changes

While using the plugin with newer changes, you can easily pick the items you need to decorate your blog post and present it nicely to your visitors.

It’s the front view that everyone sees. But the story of it is behind the curtain.

Behind the changes are our skill, time, and hard work. Here, we continue to apply our highest effort to make this addon easier and more flexible for you.

Our activities in 2022

Now, let’s see what we did to improve Ultimate Post Kit in 2022:

Fixed issues:

  • Register Controls Deprecated and compatibility issue fixed in Elementor version 3.6.x
  • some of dashboard issues fixed
  • Some minor issue fixed
  • Dashboard issue fixed
  • fixed some minor issues
  • Query conflict issue fixed (Thanks to Marco Barbera)
  • Readmore style not working issue fixed in Ramble Grid & Carousel Widget (Thanks to Yamina Aziria)
  • Query offset issue fixed(Thanks to Lexxy)
  • Image size issue fixed in Forbes Tabs Widget (Thanks to Theme Builders)
  • Script loading issue fixed

Updated features:

  • Freemius SDK updated to latest version
  • API system updated on Newsletter Widget
  • uikit framework updated to latest version
  • Admin Dashboard Panel updated

Added elements:

  • Berlin Slider Widget Added
  • Pholox Slider Widget Added
  • Carbon Slider Widget Added
  • Sline Slider Widget Added
  • Query offset option added in all widgets
  • Foxico Slider Widget Added
  • Row gap option added in Alex, Alice, Alter, Elite, Hazel, Maple, Pixina, Ramble, Wixer Grid, Fanel List, Harold List, Tag Cloud, Tiny List Widgets
  • Post Format option added in Alex Grid and Alex Carousel Widgets
  • Post Format option added in Alter Grid and Alter Carousel Widgets
  • Exotic List Widget Added
  • Image support compatibility added in Atlas Slider, Berlin Slider, Sline Slider, Pholox Slider Widgets
  • Author Middle text change option added in Recent Comments widget
  • Title before & after apply filter featured added in all widgets
  • Reading Time option added in Alter Grid
  • Iconic widget added
  • Snog widget added
  • Pro features will be visible as the locked features on the editor panel with the core/free version of Ultimate Post Kit.
  • Live copy option added you can directly copy and paste blocks from our demo pages
  • Duplicate Post / Page / Elementor Template Feature Added
  • Separator, Space Between & Reading time option added in Alex Grid, Alex Carousel, Alice Grid, Alice Carousel, Amox Grid, Amox Carousel, Buzz List, Buzz List Carousel, Exotic List, Fanel List, Featured List, Harold List, Harold List Carousel, Hazel Grid, Hazel Carousel, Maple Grid, Maple Carousel, Noxe Slider, Paradox Slider, Pholox Slider, Post Accordion, Ramble Grid, Ramble Carousel, Scott List, Skide Slider, Snog slider widgets
  • Reading time option added in Alter Carousel widget
  • Stone Hover widget added
  • Banner widget added

Share your thoughts with us

We talked above about the Ultimate Post Kit’s overall features and our activities to improve it from the start to till now.

Let’s hear from you now. It will help us improve Ultimate Post Kit with newer handy features and make it more flexible.

Share your thoughts with us i.e.: your experience of using Ultimate Post Kit, problems you faced, improvement needed for a particular option or feature, lack of facilities, required update suggestion, and whatever you seek for your purpose.

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