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Sneak Peek of Our Latest Version 6.0 of Element Pack Pro

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Are you ready to take a quick sneak peek of our new Element Pack Pro version 6.0?

Hey guys, it’s been a while since we made a huge leap in our plugin version after Element Pack Pro version 5 back in 2020.

We appreciate the love and support you have always shown towards Element Pack pro.

This time, we will get back to your love and appreciation with our new and improved plugin by the BdThemes family.

Sit tight, we are about to show you what we are bringing in the latest version of Element Pack Pro.

How It All Started

Element Pack Pro was developed in 2018 with the aim to be a support plugin for the Elementor page builder plugin.

Back then, Elementor only had a handful of features that limited how people could develop their desired website easily.

We made Element Pack a box full of features to make Elementor work better, way better than before.

As you know, it was not easy for us to start with nothing but passion in our hearts.

Well, it paid off due to the tremendous support you have shown over the years.

Today, Element Pack Pro is a leading brand as an essential plugin for Elementor and WordPress.

What's New In Element Pack Pro version 6.0?

We won’t drag the discussion any longer.

We just want to let you know that the Element Pack you knew before is coming in a full new vibe with lots of changes and optimizations.

The latest version is going to be faster, more efficient, and rich in advanced web development features.

So, let’s sneak peek Element Pack at the upcoming features real quick-

Sneak Peek New Amazing,Powerful,Extraordinary Widgets

Dynamic Grid Widget


The Dynamic Grid widget is a flexible grid maker tool that can load any kind of page/section template (made in Elementor) as a grid and lets you further customize the layout as a whole.

To understand it better, let’s assume you made a template using an image widget, title, text, and a button.

Now, save all 4 things combined as a template.

Here’s the trick, use the Dynamic Grid widget to call the template in a grid layout and start customizing the shape, column numbers, query, etc.

Anything is possible.

(works for single post templates)

Dynamic Carousel Widget

The Dynamic Carousel Widget is similar to the Dynamic Grid widget of the latest version of Element Pack Pro.

Just the layout allows you to use carousel animations instead of grids.

Horizontal Scroller

sneak peek horizontal-scroller

The Horizontal Scroller widget lets you create a full-page slider interface that changes as you scroll up or down.

This widget is suitable for making a dynamic website that is heavier on resources and animation.

Or, you can make a whole page with multiple Horizontal Scroller to simply let the users scroll till the end.

Slinky Vertical Menu

Element Pack Pro brings the Slinky Vertical Menu, a nested dynamic menu widget for WordPress.

This menu widget comes with a soft animation span that moves along with the sub-menus.

Click on the menu and enjoy the animations.

Right Click Context Menu

With this widget, it is possible to create a menu on your website that will pop up only after your visitors click the right cursor button.

This menu option is coming with the latest Element Pack Pro version to knock your socks out!

Static Grid Tab Widget

What if you could build a static grid inside a tab?

Yes, it will be possible with the upcoming Static Grid Tab Widget of Element Pack Pro version 6.0

This will be a fully-responsive and customizable widget that lets you manually put the info for the grid. Just sneak peek Element Pack Pro for the upcoming features.

Animated Link Widget

Bored of the plain old links on your website?

Well, time to change the old shoes with new blades.

The Animated Link widget lets you take your links to the next level by adding a wide range of text popping animations.

Forget about the plain links, get used to awesome animations.

Animated Card Widget

The Animated Card Widget is a new addition to the latest version of Element Pack Pro.

This widget takes the form of a static image (whatever you want) that expands into a slider when hovered.

It’s going to be a magical tool for WooCommerce websites.

Brand Grid Widget

Do you want to display brands like a professional website?

The brand Grid widget is going to be your next partner in displaying brands with a  colorful grid style.

It’s packed with animations over the static image on top that pops open upon hover revealing your brand name or info.

Brand Carousel Widget

This is the carousel version of the Brand Grid Widget that comes with a sleek navigation system.

Review Card Grid Widget

Looking for customizable review cards?

Element Pack Pro brings the Review Card Grid Widget, a fully-customizable review card that you can make in your own way.

Review Card Carousel Widget

Just like above, this is the carousel version of the review card that will let you create and customize user reviews on your own.

Creative Button Widget

The new button widget of Element Pack Pro version 6.0 is going to be something more than just fun.

This time, we made a whole new script for the buttons to make them appear with lots of animations, hover effects, and styles.

Replace the old ones? Hell yeah!

Age Gate Widget

With the Age Gate Widget, you can restrict users from viewing your site’s content unless they confirm their age.

This is a new addition to the Element Pack Pro plugin for advanced web developments.

Sneak Peek New Exciting,Awesome,Improved Extensions

Sound Effects Extension

Element Pack Pro is bringing a totally new feature that adds sound effects to anything on your website.

By anything, we meant everything including header, footer, individual text, button, widget, etc.

Now you can design websites with sound effects on elements to add more to the user experience.

Notation Extension

Compromise with Everything

The latest version of Element Pack Pro also has the notation feature that allows you to highlight any content on your site with a sketch animation.

This is one of the old-school techniques that still holds much value in increasing your site’s user experience.

3D Text Extension

Have a sneak peek at our upcoming 3D Text extension by Element Pack.

We heard many users were asking if it’s possible to add 3D effect to texts in WordPress and it’s been so long since the community has been waiting for a solution.

Well, here it is now.

This new feature will allow you to place a whole ton of 3D effects on the texts including depth, rotation, shadow, etc.

Reveal Effects Extension

The Reveal Effects extension allows you to add a reveal animation effect on your website content that pops open to reveal the content.

Element Pack Pro wishes to add more dynamic animation effects to boost user experience and that’s why this effect has been added to the plugin.

Now, you can make a more appealing interface using this unique feature.

Cursor Effects Extension


This is another amazing addon for your WordPress website that displays a cursor visual effect upon hover.

Just activate the feature into any widget or section (or the whole page) and display unique cursor animation effects on the go.

Animated Gradient Background Extension

It will be possible to add gradient animation that changes colors itself on the section background with the latest version of Element Pack Pro.

It’s going to make your site more professional, eccentric, and awesome.

Sneak Peek Extra,Bonus Feature

Dashboard Widget Analytics


In the new Element Pack Pro version 6.0, we have added a dashboard analysis matrix for our plugin.

Now, you will be able to keep track of the number of used and unused widgets on your dashboard.

The feature also displays how many times a widget has been used.

Are you ready for the new update?

In fact, Element Pack Pro is always one step ahead to meet users’ demands with new and exciting features.

Well, this time too we made a major leap in our base plugin version to provide you with a more sophisticated tool to help your web development projects go smoother.

So, if you still haven’t owned Element Pack Pro yet, it’s better to grab the plugin along with the ongoing discounted price.

We bet you won’t get any better deal than this.

Visit the BdThemes website to learn more.

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