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Revealing Ultimate Store Kit – A new revolution in Online Store Design

Ultimate Store Kit

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Creating online stores is gradually becoming a necessity among businesses of all kinds. If you have a business and are have a long plan about it, then you will in need of a online store.

There is actually a huge competition for the store design. Web designers are trying to push this game to a new level.

Making an online store will cost you a lot if you’re just starting out. But what if we gave you a better solution like you get it all in one package?

Sounds unreal right?

We created an addon for WordPress that allows you to design your online store in an efficient, effective way using Elementor, to minimize your troubles.

That’s Right!! Presenting The Ultimate Store Kit Plugin, the right weapon for your battlefield in the ocean of websites. It can be the key to unlocking the ultimate potential of your business.

The struggle in making a store website

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Among all kinds of websites, store-related websites are the most complicated to design and build. Honestly, you are trying to build a whole new setup of your business online and also have to make sure that users will feel like a real-life shop. This is one of the toughest challenges ever for a business.

Practically we are talking about arranging a lot of products on a website with details, images, and many other options. This needs a lot of maintenance. There are two problems that are common in this regard:-

Design-related problems

Customization is the key to engagement. From top to bottom UI plays a very important role in attracting audiences. More attractions mean more sales, so it is important. Again different kinds of animation and various kinds of designs also play a vital role.

Not so many store builder allows customization full of it. There are some limitations for most eCommerce store designer. In this case, you have to limit your expectations. If your business is not arranged by your plan, Is there really a chance to run it to your expectations? Well, no way it will.

So we can say that you need something that can fulfill all kinds of demands in designing your store, isn’t it?

Common product arrangement issues

Product sorting

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In terms of online shopping, users are most impatient here. There are many options open to them and they are confused. So if your store has no accurate product sorting system that can find the product easily for them. It will be a hazard for them. They will switch to another site and that’s bad for your business.

Quick cart view

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After selecting a product, going through many pages to confirm the delivery details is also a great hamper for any buyer. All they want is one click away system. Also, in the case of large shopping, if any user needs to see what they have chosen, sometimes they have to finish the whole process to get on the list of a cart. It’s also a bad experience for any kind of shopping online.

Story of a New Revolution

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The main goal of our team is always to provide a solution in the most simple way possible. We were planning on launching something that can be useful for a store that is based on WordPress, the eCommerce platform. So finally it’s here. The Ultimate Store Kit addon for WordPress, the best eCommerce store designer tool for Elementor users. Your store-related problem’s solution in one plugin.

We added an unlimited customization option in every part of the website through Ultimate Store Kit. You can make it as you want. Your imagination is only the limitation. Make it happen by using our library full of many options of designs, layouts, and patterns.

Also, we added our own custom coding skeleton, ensuring a fast-paced experience. Your store will load faster than ever.
We enabled the option for a user to see their cart in one click, which will make their shopping more fun and flexible. As well as empowering you to build quality web designs for your online store.

Idea behind Ultimate Store Kit

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When you will try out a store building plugin, You will face two basic problems.

  • There may be a lot of style options but are limited in some points. Sometimes these points are the main barrier to making your desired design come to life.
  • You would need minimum knowledge of backhand coding to make some real changes in web customization. That’s sometimes pretty tough for non-tech people.

These two points were our main concerns when started to work on the Ultimate store kit. Well, there are no more boundaries when it comes to designing your online store.

We included tons of styling, and designing options in the library. We made it fully customizable. It means you can customize each and every part of it just by drag and drop. Just break the wall!!

Also, you don’t need any backend coding knowledge to operate it. All you need to know is how to drag and drop. With our addon no need to know anything about web code.

But the back story of our Ultimate store kit is another story. We launched a store kit for WooCommerce earlier. But we faced some issues with them regarding names. So we couldn’t launch our product. Then our CEO decided to launch it globally for any kind of wordpress eCommerce platform. By accident, we saw a new horizon of possibilities. Then here it is. You get a complete package for building your online store.

Our main motto is to design and build up an e-commerce site with an impactful interface. Anyone can now make their own shop on the internet without any hassle.

Who will be benefited from it

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We always try our best to reach all sections of the people. From our store kit, anyone can be benefited.

1. A chance for beginners to shine

For a novice web designer, our plugin can be a nice field to learn. With tons of options for customization, they can implement and learn properly from our product.

2. eCommerce site owners can design their own site

When anyone tries to launch their business online, the first common obstacle is site designing. It sometimes makes things messier if the design is not accurate and doesn’t fulfill requirements according to business. In that case, in our plugin, anyone can design only by drag and drop. Owners of multiple store sites will find it much helpful. It will make their tons of workload much easy to carry.

3. General users can benefit too

Those who have a wordpress site but can’t use it to design their site and occasionally take help from experts can use this plugin as a helping hand. Honestly, if you are a newbie and don’t know a single line of code, only by going through our documentation, you will do the design just like a pro web designer.

4. Agency friendly

We will have some good features in premium which will be very much worthy for agencies. They always have tight schedules with lots of projects. Our ultimate store kit will lessen their pressures to a great measure.

What we offer with Ultimate Store Kit

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  • Ultimate Store Kit will give our users a delightful experience. Especially, it will load faster than many other store kit plugins. It’s a fact you can’t ignore if you want to serve your business well. Basically, the backend process doesn’t use third-party CDNs or libraries so it loads super fast.
  • What other plugin is provided in their pro package, we already gave it away for you in our pro version. Now our talented developer’s team creating something more advance for you. We will launch our updates very soon. We are hoping you will meet something new that will change your experience with in-store website design.
  • We followed the latest design trends for keeping you up to date. Our designers made the design pixel perfect which is necessary in order to make your site responsive.
  • We give our users multiple e-commerce platforms related to any kind of support. That means your options are many but we will be there for you always. You can try any kind of e-commerce platform for building your store.
  • Our ultimate Store kit is SEO friendly. We used optimized coding for that. Also, it is fully responsive. You can access the admin panel of your store from any kind of device. Users can browse your store from mobile, desktop, or laptop.

Ultimate Store Kit will give our users a delightful experience. Especially, it will load faster than many other store kit plugins. It’s a fact you can’t ignore if you want to serve your business well. Basically, the backend process doesn’t use third-party CDNs or libraries so it loads super fast.

Get your FREE copy right NOW!

Beauty and sales are proportional to each other. When you build your site nicely, that is a sure shot for your business. Engagement will be increased, and so is your progress.

We tried to enrich our Ultimate Store Kit Plugin with many designs, layouts, and patterns. With the help of our developers and designers, we created some truly inspirational designs for the next-level online stores.

We hope our plugin will serve as a valuable asset to your business.

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Picture of Khandkar Sayed Alam
Khandkar Sayed Alam
Kh Sayed Alam is a WordPress enthusiastist. He always loved to read and write about content marketing, SEO, and UX. Since 2018, he has been with the WordPress ecosystem to make it easy for non-technical audiences.

2 thoughts on “Revealing Ultimate Store Kit – A new revolution in Online Store Design”

  • Hi,
    Great start-up.

    1- Does this stand a lone store kit, or does it relays on Woocommerce or whatever other plugins?
    2- Dose this will be fully integrated with your brilliant other plugins such as prime slider, the element pack, roteen theme, and ultimate post kit?

    Keep up the good work please,

    • Hi @Tariq,

      Thanks for your comment.

      For your first question- Ultimate Store Kit is not a standalone plugin but a supportive plugin that integrates with other eCommerce platforms and help build your online shop based on them. What others do is, they create a plugin for a dedicated eCommerce platform like WooCommerce or EDD. But Ultimate Store Kit is made for global purpose, meaning the plugin works with WooCommerce, EDD, Download Monitor, and more (incoming) eCommerce platforms.

      For your second question- Yes, Ultimate Store Kit is fully integrated with our other products and works perfectly with each other.

      Thanks for your support
      Please try Ultimate Store Kit and leave your review

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