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Prime Slider Dominated the world of Sliders For Elementor in 2022- Here is Why!!

Prime Slider Dominated the world of Sliders For Elementor in 2022- Here is Why!!

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Hello everyone, and happy new year!

Hope you all are well and getting prepared to go a step ahead this year.

We left 2022 behind and entered the year 2023.

Our target is to achieve full customer satisfaction, and for this, we developed and presented a number of useful plugins compatible with WordPress and Elementor.

Among these plugins, some are gems and Prime Slider is one of them.

Users are greatly benefitted from using this plugin.

It helps them make their dream come true.

Why Prime Slider You May Ask

The time people started to build websites, we observed that the users are lacking an element and that was the slider.

Using the slider in a website makes it dynamic and catches the eyes of a vast portion of visitors.


There was no suitable plugin for this in the market.

We observed the scenario and felt that users severely need a slider plugin that will fulfill all their needs.

That’s when we presented Prime Slider as the solution to it.

It provides the necessary help to present a website nicely to the visitors, along with the SEO mechanism to appear on top search results.

Prime Slider won the 'Monster's Award 2022' as the best Elementor plugin!

Prime Slider best Elementor plugin

In 2022, the templatemonster launched a huge event to find the best WordPress Elementor plugins.

It’s our great achievement that Prime Slider got 40% votes and placed in the #1 position among the competitors as the best Elementor plugin and won the ‘Monster’s Award 2022‘.

Amazing facts and features about Prime Slider

There are some amazing facts and features you should know about Prime Slider:

  • Prime Slider was developed back in 2019.
  • It easily catches the visitor’s eyes at first look.
  • The rating of this plugin is close to the perfect 5 stars.
  • Its active installation is 70,000+ and increasing.
  • It is fully responsive (visitors can browse it from any device).
  • It is totally SEO optimized.
  • It is highly optimized and flexible to perform on the web and server.
  • It is WooCommerce-ready.
  • It is RTL and translation ready.

Prime Slider completely satisfies customers, because:

  • Prime Slider is updated regularly, so users get newer options.
  • Customers can get 24/7 support from experts.
  • No plugin conflicts since the launch date.

Our journey was not smooth

In the past years, we had obstacles, we encountered problems, bugs, glitches, and so on.

As you know, perfection is a rare thing that may not be seen in all products.

And for our product, we can say that problems may arise Very Rarely that we cannot ignore.

But, we have come to this place using our utmost effort to overcome these barriers along the way.

You will always find our developers engaged in improving the plugin and its features.

Thanks to our valued customers and visitors

We pay our cordial gratitude to our valued customers and visitors.

Thanks to your help, contribution, feedback, and support, we are able to reach this position today.

You deserve the most credit on this long journey.

We strongly hope you will keep your contribution and encourage us to provide better service in future.

Our effort is on

We are spontaneously continuing our effort to improve the features of Prime Slider so that the users find it better than ever.

Our regular tasks include:

  • Solving issues: It is our liability to solve any issues regarding Prime Slider as per user demand whenever any issue arises.
  • Killing bugs: We are always alert about bugs. If any bug is found, we take an instant action to kill it.
  • Supporting customers 24/7: Customers are our top priority and we are committed to providing help anytime required. For this purpose, our support team is ready to support them 24/7.
  • Improving user interface: The process of improving the user interface continues to give complete customer satisfaction.

Updating is a dynamic process

It’s true, indeed. After developing a product, it needs to be updated as time passes to serve the latest facilities to the customers.

We always maintain scheduled updates to satisfy our customers and stay on track.

Let’s flashback to 2022

What made Prime Slider feature-rich?

Our continuous effort to enrich Prime Slider with newer and more effective features has reached this plugin to this point which you are enjoying with satisfaction.

Here are the actions taken in the year 2022:

We fixed these issues:

  • Column issue fixed in Fiestar Widget
  • Responsive issue fixed in Reveal Widget
  • Deprecated issue fixed in Blog, General, and Isolate Slider Widgets (Thanks to BeautyMed Co)
  • Woocircle Widget not showing issue fixed
  • Deprecated Controls issue Fixed
  • Text Stroke color issue fixed in Dragon Widget (Thanks to Emil Thomsen)
  • RTL Button Arrow color issue fixed in Dragon Widget (Thanks to Leoceros)
  • Reveal widget not working issue fixed
  • Swiper JS issue fixed in Event Calendar Slider (Thanks to David Price)
  • Button link issue fixed in General Widget (Thanks to Kathleen)
  • Loop issue fixed in Mount Slider (Thanks to Katrin K)
  • Video auto-play issue fixed in General Slider (Thanks to Erwin)
  • Button Link target issue fixed in General Slider Widget (Thanks to Reggie Scott)
  • Navigation CSS conflict issue fixed
  • Normal, Hover and Active tab issue fixed in Rubix Slider Widget (Thanks to Ozgur Atilla Yilmaz)
  • Script error issue fixed in Reveal widget (Thanks to Yeasir Jamal)
  • Link URL issue fixed in Crossroad widget (Thanks to Joshua Slot)
  • Title style issue fixed in Reveal widget
  • Title width issue fixed in Reveal widget
  • Woocircle not working issue fixed
  • Data sharing notice issue fixed (Thanks to Mark)
  • Z-index issue fixed in Woocircle widget
  • Link not working issue fixed in Pieces widget
  • Columns control error fixed in Flexure Widget
  • Text active color issue fixed in Sniper widget
  • Elementor flexbox container conflict issue fixed
  • Link Target fixed in Tango widget (Thanks to Alper)

We updated the items:

  • Read More Button updated in Rubix, Sequester Widgets
  • Thumb slide overlay animation & Read more Button updated Storker Widget
  • Social Share Hover Color Add updated in Pagepiling Widget
  • Social Share And Navigation Button Hover Color Add updated in Mount Widget
  • Close Button Animation Add Pacific Widget
  • Social Share And Navigation Button Hover Color Add updated in Monster Widget
  • Navigation, Pagination & Read More Button updated in Knily Widget
  • Navigation And Scroll Button, Read More Button updated in Isolate Widget
  • Responsive Mode Typography updated in Dragon Widget
  • Navigation style updated in Blog, Marble, WooCommerce, Vertex, Fiestar Widgets
  • Admin dashboard panel updated

We Added these items:

  • Background Settings option added in Storker Widget (Thanks to Harris)
  • Paranoia Widget Added
  • Dots Spacing option added in General Slider
  • Reveal Widget Added
  • Overlay option added in Reveal Widget
  • Active Item option added in Wooexpand Widget
  • Woocircle Widget Added
  • Background Image Custom Size Option added in Astoria, Blog, Dragon, Event Calendar, Flexure, Flogia, Fluent, General, Mount, Pagepiling, Paranoia, Reveal, Storker, Woocommerce, Woostand, Wooexpand Widgets
  • Pagination typography option added in Flexure Widget
  • Arrows padding, margin option added in Isolate Widget
  • Pieces Widget Added
  • Modal add to cart Spacing option added in Woocircle Widget
  • Elysium Widget Added
  • Prism Widget Added
  • Tango widget added
  • Duplicate Post / Page / Elementor Template Feature added
  • Live Copy or Paste feature added
  • Remote Thumbs Widget Added
  • Remote Pagination Widget Added
  • Remote Fraction Widget Added
  • Remote Arrows Widget Added
  • Sniper widget added
  • Avatar widget added
  • Autoplay option added in Pagepiling widget (Thanks to Richard Jansma)
  • Viewport Height option added in Blog widget (Thanks to Emad)
  • Content Reverse option added in Rubix widget
  • Fortune widget added
  • Text hide on responsive, content position options added in Fortune widget
  • Feature post spacing option added in Flogia widget
  • Item Wrapper Link option added in Fiestar widget
  • Viewport height option added
  • Advanced animation option added
  • Reveal Effects Feature added
  • Social Share Us switcher added in General Slider widget (Thanks to Sasa Ristic)
  • Hide Title Count Text option added in Flexure widget
  • Escape widget added

Wrap up

We appreciate your patience in reading this article.

Last year, we engaged our highest effort to present you with Prime Slider for the best experience, which was not possible without your total assistance.

We are grateful to you.

In the future, our utmost effort will continue to make Prime Slider more flexible for you.

We aim to take our company to the top position and make it a leading brand online and strongly hope that you will be with us along the journey.

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