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Top 10 LMS WordPress Theme

LMS wordpress theme

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To help the people in the field of e-learning or distance learning, many fabulous Learning Management System aka LMS WordPress themes have been created. These themes make things easier to understand, manage and deliver online learning content to the students. These are useful to reach the doorsteps of visitors worldwide. Among them, we will pick the top 10 LMS WordPress Themes and learn about them.

Why do we need LMS WordPress Themes?

The LMS WordPress Themes are a good handy tool to reach close to the visitors. They work as a media between you and visitors.

These LMS WordPress themes give you-

  • The ability to create an online learning website that is fully functioning.
  • User login options, course selection from categories, and course progress log.
  • The option to monetize your online content in many ways, including collecting one-time payments and recurring subscriptions.

To deliver courses online, some of the LMS Themes include all the features and functionality you need while others integrate closely with third-party plug-ins to provide you with the necessary features.

When you choose an LMS WordPress theme from the collection, you have to consider which LMS plugin it has been built to work with or has an all-in-one solution in it.

We can say in short that after creating and publishing your learning materials, most of the LMS themes offer you a hands-off way of managing access to your content and collecting payments from your students.

List of top 10 LMS WordPress Themes

Here are the names of the top 10 LMS WordPress Themes:

  1. Eduma
  2. Guru
  3. BuddyBoss
  4. UniCoach
  5. Academist
  6. Courselog
  7. WPLMS
  8. Masterstudy
  9. Skilled
  10. Education Pack


Details are given below:

1. Eduma

Eduma - top 10 LMS WordPress Themes

Looking for a road-tested LMS WordPress theme? Then here it is! Know what? Eduma is one of the top 10 LMS WordPress Theme. It has been thoroughly tested by thousands of website owners. It is a popular education theme that has 20 website demos. 

It is rated 4.87 stars out of 5. If you want a learning website that is built on a solid foundation, you can doubtlessly select Eduma.

It has a library of pre-built web content, so you will be able to find the right design both in appearance and features for your project. This theme can be used in many ways by creating websites for educational institutions, building online platforms, and many more. 

Eduma can work with all the best WordPress LMS plugins. With this theme, the powerful LearnPress is recommended to publish online courses, while both are created by the same team. You can easily publish events related to your courses or any other type of event by integrating with the Fancy plugin. 

So, Eduma is a powerful tool for all types of LMS projects due to its longest feature list of any theme in the collection.

You can get this theme here: Eduma

2. Guru

Guru is another one among top 10 LMS WordPress Theme, and it is for building large educational websites with WordPress with its support from the powerful Sensei LMS plugin.

It has the features below:

  • It has a clean visual design.
  • It is corporate and professional.
  • It does a great job of creating the right environment for promoting and delivering online learning materials.
  • Visitors will feel at home whether browsing on their desktop or smartphones.
  • It has a useful set of LMS-related features.

This LMS WordPress theme can work with other top-quality plugins for social networking, eCommerce, event schedule, and email newsletters to your LMS website.

It has been built specifically for those who want to start teaching online, to build an e-learning training website including the potential to generate revenue regularly.

You can get this theme here: Guru

3. BuddyBoss

If you want to take full advantage of the popular LearnDash LMS plugin then you can choose BuddyBoss. Because, it is one of top 10 LMS WordPress Theme.

It can be used for many types of projects. It gives a good option to publish online courses or build an eLearning platform with WordPress due to the high level of support of LearnDash.

You can try the course publishing demos that are highly flexible to let you know what you expect and how to get access to an ideal design to share educational content online. You can also add your own branding, change the colors, and adjust the fonts to your website. 

It can also integrate with the BuddyPress plugin. With this, you can enable your students to create more detailed profiles, connect and foster an online community.

This LMS WordPress Theme has more interesting features. It supports in-app payments, push notifications, and real-time syncing. You can enjoy a risk-free money-back guarantee with multiple LMS plugin integrations.

BuddyBoss can help you create an interactive and community-focused LMS website.

You can get this theme here: BuddyBoss

4. UniCoach

Unicoach is a remarkable of top 10 LMS WordPress Theme. If you want to teach your audience new skills, then this LMS WordPress Theme will do the job.

This theme contains-

  • Five different website demos that help you quickly get started on your new online course website.
  • All the demos have modern designs.
  • Demos for easy site-building experience for small-scale learning houses
  • The opportunity to add an online shop to your website that helps you to sell physical and digital products from your website.

You can set up your online course platform with the help of the LearnPress plugin that adds the eLearning features. It also supports Zoom integration that gives you a way to incorporate one-to-one and group interactive sessions into your courses.

This theme can be customized easily with the help of the Elementor page builder plugin.

If you want to get started and complete your new website, UniCoach can be your better choice because it has a full set of online documentation.

You can get this theme here: UniCoach

5. Academist

If you want to work with different types of educational and online learning website projects, then Academist will be the best choice for you.

This LMS WordPress Theme has:

  • Varied selections of homepage layouts.
  • Lots of eLearning content to share.
  • Permission to other users to upload their courses.

The templates of this theme cover multiple types of LMS websites. With it, you can display course lists, publish the profiles of the content creators. If you want to edit the templates, you can use the integrated premium WPBakery Page Builder through the drag-and-drop interface of this plugin. 

Moreover, you can get a better idea of how your website would work, simply login to the demo site to see how the courses are organized and structured. Besides, the online documentation is freely available that helps you know how the different features work.

You can get this theme here: Academist

6. Courselog

Courselog is a versatile LMS WordPress theme that has multiple ready-made website demos.

You can set up your new website in different ways as you want due to its design to work with the popular LearnPress plugin and be highly compatible with the WooCommerce add-on. You can use LearnPress as well as WooCommerce to add a range of eCommerce and related features to your website.

It gives you a way to schedule and manage online learning sessions and other relevant activities. CourseLog also has zoom support for an easy video conferencing facility.

Other features of it are- it supports the Metform plugin that gives you an easy way to create and publish online forms on your website, the BuddyPress compatibility for adding interactive and social media-style features to your platform, a large number of customization settings to make sure your website’s look as you want. 

Finally, it can be used for a wide range of LMS websites with multiple demos and templates to work with.

You can get this theme here: Courselog


WPLMS is a fresh-out-of-the-box LMS theme with full-screen slider panels for the perfect view. It is a constantly updated theme that is loved by a lot of users.

To create the courses, WPLMS allows you to build and edit them through the front end of the website, to save your users the trouble of navigating the WordPress admin back-end areas. It creates a consistent user experience.

It helps the learners to get their own dashboard which allows them to see what content they have access to and how they are progressing through the courses. Certain users get the ability to view quiz and course submissions and also access the course stats with the instructor dashboard.

Add tonnes of learning content, forums, & social activities to your site with this LMS WordPress theme. Also, it supports LearnDash, BuddyPress, bbPress, and WooCommerce. Isn’t it interesting?

You can get this theme here: WPLMS

8. Masterstudy

It has pre-built website demos to create all types of online learning platforms.

It can work well for a wide range of online course websites with the advantage to select demos. This LMS WordPress theme is suitable for publishing courses, learning platforms as well as fast course delivery.

Moreover, it covers designs for tutors who would like to launch an online presence where people can buy their courses to promote offline courses.

This theme has been built to work with the Masterstudy LMS WordPress plugin to provide the eLearning functionality.

It also integrates with many relevant services and tools because it has a lot of features built-in. For example, it includes PayPal and Stripe for collecting payments online, PaidMembershipsPro for controlling access to your website and its content, WooCommerce to add more eCommerce functionality.

It’s a powerful and well-rounded LMS theme that simplifies the process of creating your website, importing demo content into your dashboard in just a few clicks.

With the combination of lots of great features and templates, it is an impressive LMS WordPress theme.

You can get this theme here: Masterstudy

9. Skilled

It helps you publish courses and other learning materials online for working alongside the premium Sensei WordPress plugin.

It allows you to publish courses, manage students, and collect payments from users. If you choose it for your e-learning website, you will get four different layouts to choose from and the ability to customize them by using the integrated Visual Composer drag and drop page builder tool.

There are six color skin to choose from and many customization options that will help you look your website as you wish.

As we discussed the things above, you may decide to choose it as your LMS WordPress theme.

You can get this theme here: Skilled

10. Education Pack

It has a variety of good-looking demos that helps create many types of LMS websites.

There are options for all types of educational content for many types of institutions.

Because it can deliver all kinds of educational content online, it can be the preferred option for the users. You can collect payment online through PayPal.

It includes the Slider Revolution plugin that provides you the functionality to add interactive presentations to your website. You can make changes at your will with its collection of tools and options to make the look of your website.

It has good multilingual plugin support including the WPML plugin and the ability to handle RTL languages that help those who want to publish their learning content in more than one language.

You can create different types of online course websites with Education Pack easily. It’s upon you to choose.

You can get this theme here: Education Pack


So, what’s your pick? These top 10 LMS WordPress themes are the best due to their capabilities. Just choose the one that’s suitable for your courses. This article is brought to you by BDThemes.

Thanks for reading this article. Have a nice day!

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