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10 best resources to download free and premium Elementor templates

Are you looking for a better source of free and premium elementor templates to create a good-looking post?

Do you want to write blogs on various topics that are outstanding in the field of writing?

You want to use a handy tool that will make your post gorgeous and make the visitor come in a rush to your site, and make your site a place for continuously growing big and stand on the top position in the marketplace.

If so, this article will help you a lot by providing information on the sources of Elementor templates on various topics.

What is an Elementor template?

An Elementor template is a kind of web template that is specially made for the Elementor page builder. The templates give you the ability to design a webpage instantly without the needing of building it from scratch. It is included in the Elementor plugin. Besides, you can get various Elementor templates from various resources.

Elementor Templates are of two kinds i.e.: free Elementor template and premium Elementor template. Free Elementor templates can be used free of cost anywhere anytime, whether premium Elementor templates are cost-related.

Free Elementor templates have many options but it has some restrictions, whereas premium Elementor templates give you full compatibility to use all the options they have.

If you want to make a post with a nice view for the visitor, you have to collect and use templates gathered from various resources.

The resources of the templates for you can be collected from the website with just a few easy clicks.

So, get yourself engaged and find the resources that will provide you Elementor template.

Here is the list of the 10 best resources that will help you find your expected Elementor templates.

List of 10 best resources of free and premium Elementor template:

There are many plugins that provide free and premium Elementor templates. We will enlist and discuss 10 resources from where we can get numerous free and premium Elementor templates among them. These are:

  1. Envato Elements
  2. Element Pack 
  3. Katka Template Pack 
  4. Sizzify Lite 
  5. TemplateMonster 
  6. EasyThemePacks 
  7. The Landing Factory 
  8. Crocoblock Dynamic Templates 
  9. ElementorHQ 
  10. The Elementor Template Library 

Let’s get going!

1. Envato Elements

Evanto Elements premium elementor template

Evanto Elements is the most popular source for free Elementor templates. Besides, it is the source of premium Elementor templates too. It has 1500+ Elementor page templates. It includes block templates and templates for the Elememtor Popup builder. You can download many templates from here.

You will be able to browse all the available templates and choose free willingly to import. You can easily import many block templates with the Evanto Elementa button.

Evanto Elements has:

  • 35,000+ video templates
  • 6,50,000+ audio
  • 60,000+ presentation templates
  • 1,50,000+ graphic templates
  • 15,000+ fonts
  • 50M+ Photos

The pricing plan of premium templates of Evanto Elements:

  • Individuals can start from $16.50/m
  • Students can start from $11.50/m
  • Teams can start from $10.75/m

You can choose this plugin for templates by closing your eyes completely.

Link: Envato Elements

2. Element Pack

2 Element Pack - BdThemes

Element Pack is a popular and great plugin used by a large number of satisfied users that provides numerous A-to-Z free Elementor templates; moreover, you can get premium Elementor templates from here. It has unlimited possibilities that help the users create many gorgeous pages or posts.

It has-

  • 200+ header and footer
  • 1500+ ready blocks
  • 250+ ready pages

This means it provides complete support to the users helping them create their posts as they like. Plus, it continuously adds new features i.e.: background overlay, coupon code, floating effects, interactive tabs, etc. It allows 3rd party widgets so that users can get additional support.

The pricing plan of premium templates of Element Pack:

  • Personal package- $29/Yearly
  • Business package- $69/Yearly
  • Developer package- $179/Yearly

You can choose this plugin without thinking twice and asking questions!

Link: Element Pack 

3. Katka Template Pack

3 Katka template pack - BdThemes

Katka Template pack is the source of free Elementor templates, where there are:

  • 25+ page templates.
  • 200+ block templates.
  • 95+ popup templates

After downloading the templates, a big zip file will be delivered to you containing a jpg screenshot. With this, you can choose and add the appropriate template to your template library.

The pricing plan of premium templates of Katka Template Pack:

  • Plain package plan at only- $47

This is a good deal you can make.

Link: Katka Template Pack 

4. Sizzify Lite

4 Sizzify Lite - BdThemes

Sizzify Lite is a plugin that provides free Elementor templates. Premium Elementor templates are also available here. You can download new page templates as you desire by this. It contains 10+ Elementor page templates, most of which are landing pages.

You can import templates as you wish after installing and activating this plugin.

Sizzify Lite has:

  • 13 page templates
  • 10+ additional templates are available in the premium version.

The pricing plan of premium templates of Sizzify Lite:

  • Pro version- $39

Link: Sizzify Lite 

5. TemplateMonster

5 Templatemonster - BdThemes

TemplateMonster, a popular marketplace where you can get premium Elementor templates. It offers 90+ premium Elementor templates. The price varies because of multiple pages.

You can find section design sets for Elementor, i.e.: ‘Testiz’ comes with 15+ different template block designs you can drop in your content.

TemplateMonster has:

  • 1500+ Fashion templates
  • 500+ cars website templates
  • 100 premium Elementor templates

The pricing plan of premium templates of TemplateMonster:

  • Pro version: $7 and $14

Link: TemplateMonster 

6. EasyThemePacks

6 Easythemepacks - BdThemes

EasyThemePacks is a niche-focused website that provides premium Elementor templates. It sells 10+ different Elementor templates for niches i.e.: Restaurants, Travel agencies, Cafes or bakeries, etc.

The description for each template clearly marks the Elementor pro widgets on which the templates rely. You can use all of the images included in the template and there are different rates for the templates.

EasyThemePacks has:

  • 25+ ready-to-use premium Elementor templates

The pricing plan of premium templates of EasyThemePacks:

  • Premium pack- $49

Link: EasyThemePacks 

7. The Landing Factory

7 The Landing Factory - BdThemes

The Landing Factory is a marketplace for premium Elementor templates. It has a huge collection of 300+ Elementor pro templates. Though the name says that all are landing page templates, but you can find other themed sets for other purposes as well.

With designs for everything, the templates cover different niches i.e.: organic food shops, generic businesses, travel agencies, and many more.

The templates have two licenses (yearly payable): Personal and Agency.

The Landing Factory has:

  • 700+ free templates
  • 500+ Elementor pro templates

The pricing plan of premium templates of The Landing Factory:

  • Pro version- From $8

Link: The Landing Factory 

8. Crocoblock Dynamic Templates

8 Crocoblock Dynamic Templates - BdThemes

Crocoblock Dynamic Templates is a plugin that offers free Elementor templates. You can also avail premium Elementor templates for better performance. You can get access to 10+ dynamic suitable pre-coded and pre-designed templates and use them at the same time, each is niche-adapted i.e.: bookstore, car marketplace, real estate, medical services, WooCommerce shop template, etc.

You just need to customize the page according to business requirements, because the templates are all prepared i.e.: pre-configured, custom post types and meta fields are created, included all taxonomies, all relations are set.

The pricing plan of premium templates of Crocoblock Dynamic Templates:

  • All-inclusive- $130/Yearly
  • All-inclusive Unlim- $265/Yearly
  • Lifetime- $750 (one time)

Link: Crocoblock Dynamic Templates 

9. ElementorHQ

9 ElementorHQ - BdThemes

ElementorHQ is a premium plugin for premium Elementor templates which is a multipurpose Elementor template pack. You can approach templates in a unique way rather than searching around for them. You can add or remove the page sections as needed to make your post willingly.

It gives you a set of templates that are flexible and cohesive as:

  • Testimonials page
  • 3 different themed homepages
  • Team page


This paid plugin lets you make your expected designs as you think.

The pricing plan of premium templates of ElementorHQ:

  • Pro version- $35

Link: ElementorHQ 

10. The Elementor Template Library

10 Elementor Template Library - BdThemes

The Elementor Template Library is included in the Elementor plugin. It comes with two options: free Elementor templates and premium Elementor templates. It has a vast amount of templates that you can get access to and import as needed for your post.

You can get access to 150+ ready Elementor templates and build your own website by inserting them into your page. This option lets you make your site look more pleasant for the visitor.

The pricing plan of premium templates of The Elementor Template Library:

  • Essential (For 1 pro website)- $49/Yearly
  • Advanced (For 3 pro websites)- $99/Yearly
  • Expert (For 25 pro websites)- $199/Yearly
  • Studio (For 100 pro websites)- $499/Yearly
  • Agency (For 1000 pro websites)- $999/Yearly

Link: The Elementor Template Library 


So, what are you thinking? We have only arranged, enlisted, and indicated to 10 resources among a vast number from the site. Now, it’s your choice to select the resource as needed and create your post as you like. The selection of templates resources depends upon the different types of niches and business categories.

Thank you to keep reading this article patiently. Have a good day!

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