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16 Websites To Get Amazing Elementor Templates [Reviewed]


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Finding the best templates for your web project is easy if you know how to find the best free and premium Elementor templates.

Elementor is wonderful and loaded with thousands of useful templates for public use.

In case you want to design your website with a suitable template, you better know where to look for it.

Due to the massive number of options, you can get confused really fast.

So, this article is ready to help you learn about the right places to find Elementor templates.

What to know about Elementor templates?

Elementor templates are pre-designed layouts or structures that can be used as a foundation for building web pages.

Think of them as ready-made blueprints for your website’s design.

These templates include various elements like headers, footers, sections, and content blocks, arranged according to the type of website they aim for.

The significance of Elementor templates lies in their ability to save time and effort during website creation.

They empower you to quickly set up your website’s appearance without needing to start from scratch.

Templates provide a solid starting point, allowing you to focus on customizing the content and fine-tuning the design to match your brand or vision.

In more literary terms, Elementor templates are like the canvas and framework upon which you paint your web masterpiece. 

In summary, Elementor templates serve as the blueprints that enhance the process of designing and crafting your website quickly.

Now that you know, let’s go back into the main topic of this article.

List of 16 best resources of free and premium Elementor template:

1. Element Pack Template Library

Element Pack Template Library

Element Pack serves as one of the best template warehouses for Elementor with a number over 2600 templates.

The plugin itself contains more than 260 page building features that let you design any website you like.

Plus, it offers lots of templates made with its existing features to add more convenience to your experience with it.

You will find a mix of almost every kind of template here, both Free and Premium ones.

That includes-

  • 363 Page Templates
  • 161 Headers
  • 123 Footers
  • 1923 Blocks

Out of the 363 page templates, you will find mostly template kits that come as a set of 3 to 7 pages for the complete website.

Also, the templates come with a 1-click import feature and a Live-Copy-Paste option for faster cross-domain template import advantages.

Element Pack Template Library comes with the Element Pack plugin itself and the cost starts at $49/Year.

Link: Element Pack Template Library

2. Templately

Templately is a collection of professionally designed template packs for Elementor.

It offers a range of ready-to-use templates for different website sections, pages, and purposes.

Whether you are creating a business website or a blog, Templately got you covered with its multi-niche template collection.

Interestingly, you will find both Elementor and Gutenberg templates here.

In numbers, 261 Elementor templates and 197 Gutenberg templates.

Also, these templates comes with additional plugin dependencies and you can use filters to select which plugins you should go with.

Templately also has Free and Premium templates and comes with some packages.

The premium package starts at $4.17/month.

Link: Templately

3. Envato Elements

Envato Elements web templates

Envato has always been a major resource horde for templates, graphical designs, videos, etc.

But Envato also has a good collection of web templates that you can take advantage of.

Here, the templates are usually developed by hundreds of different authors while covering a wide range of niches.

The templates come as raw CSS/HTML pages, PSD templates, etc.

Envato also has a plugin for WordPress that lets you quickly import any template you select from your dashboard.

With that plugin, you can get access to hundreds of templates made with Elementor, Gutenberg, or other plugins. (includes plugin combination)

Roughly 3522 template kits with plugin variations.

Yes, there are Free templates and for Premium elements, you have to pay $16.50/month.

Link: Envato Elements

4. TemplateMonster

Template Monster

You may already know about TemplateMonster, one of the oldest and biggest online marketplace for digital assets like templates.

It also has a separate marketplace for Elementor users where you can get a variety of templates based on your needs.

Instead of individual templates, here, you will find template vendors and their crafts in one place.

Currently, the number of items sits at 3,182 for Elementor.

And it will take a bit of time to search and find what you are looking for because of the large volume of assets.

Prices are variable based on the vendors.

Link: Template Monster Elementor Templates

5. JupiterX by ArtBees

JupiterX is not a template kit, it’s a premium theme by ArtBees company.

But this theme have quite a number of colorful and tasteful templates that you may want for your websites.

The templates cover a variety of niches and most of them are aimed at multi-niches websites.

There’s 160+ page templates in their arsenal. On top of that, you could download them as PSD files too.

Link: JupiterX Templates

6. Katka Template Pack

Katka Template Pack is a least known Elementor template library that has been in the market for quite a while.

Although it’s not a big collection of templates, but if you are looking for quality and aesthetic, it’s one of the right places.

You will find about 37 page templates kits here, a few of them are single page templates only.

Also, there are blocks and popup templates included in the list so you can check those out.

The cost for this template pack comes at one-time payment and is $99/Lifetime. (currently $5.94 on Summer sale)

Link: Katka Template Pack 

7. EasyThemePacks

EasyThemePacks has been making high-quality templates for Elementor using the Elementor page builder plugin.

They also have a limited number of templates (around 30+) based on different niche.

Though the numbers are great, the templates stand out because of their unique design aspects and build quality.

You can try them out for a one-time cost of $49.

Link: EasyThemePacks Templates

8. Elegantmarketplace

Elegantmarketplace is another tiny template market for Elementor users.

With 36 premium quality page template kits, you can build most of the major niche websites easily.

Most of them are built with WordPress and Elementor so you won’t need additional plugins for these.

But each template here costs different based on the vendor.

Link: ElegantMarketplace Elementor Layouts

9. The Landing Factory

The Landing Factory

The Landing Factory is one of the Premium and high-quality template marketplaces for expertly crafted goods.

Although this marketplace has aged less than most others, it has been very popular amongst expert designers and many entrepreneurs.

Most of the templates found here have unique looks, and tastes, and bring aesthetics to the table.

Moreover, you will a wide range of template category that even includes templates for annual and public holiday or festival events.

There are more than 877 templates you will find here.

All templates here are premium and their costs vary.

Link: The Landing Factory Elementor Templates

10. Premium Addons Elementor Templates

Premium Addons is an addon for Elementor that also makes ready page templates.

These templates are built using Elementor and the company’s plugin, so are dependencies here.

But, you will find both Free and Premium templates for your website.

Right now, there are 455 number of assets combining the page templates and section templates.

Their premium starts at $39/year.

Link: Premium Addons Elementor Templates

11. Cyberchimps

CyberChimps Starter Templates are a set of pre-designed, professionally crafted website templates offered by the CyberChimps company.

These templates cover lots of website types and niches, including business websites, portfolios, blogs, e-commerce sites, and more.

But more than that, CyberChimps Starter Templates are designed to be responsive, ensuring that your website looks and functions well on different devices and screen sizes.

The number of templates are above 150 and they might increase constantly.

You will find both Free and Premium templates here and the Premium only costs $29.50/year.

Link: Cyberchimps Starter Templates

12. Layouts for Elementor

LayoutsforElementor template Library

If you want to get quality templates fast, Layouts for Elementor might be one of the options you can choose.

This is another template library built for Elementor only.

Here, you will find 50 Free and 15 Premium templates for creating your websites.

Although the quality is average, there are some pretty good templates for pet, doctor, ice cream, studio, and NFT websites.

Link: LayoutsforElementor Template Library

13. Rife by Apollo13themes

rife Themes

The Rife theme is a multipurpose theme for WordPress and it’s quite popular.

This theme uses its custom-built modules and relies on WordPress, not exactly for Elementor.

Despite that, we kept it on the list because they have good compatibility with Elementor and have unique page template kits.

Not only the templates they make are top-notch, but the idea, craftsmanship, and aesthetics of each template are beyond common sense.

I mean, these are unordinary templates you will ever find.

With 40+ page template kits, Rife costs $39/year for starters.

Link: Rife Templates

14. WPKoi

WPKoi is also a famous marketplace for Elementor templates and it has been pretty active.

People loved their templates because of how they were built differently from the others.

Also, these templates are best for their aesthetic values, design concepts, and diversity.

And let me tell you, you will love their homepage.

Right now there are 106 ready template kits in their template library.

All are premium and costs around $39 each with some of them having more or less price point.

Link: WPKoi

15. Element Invader

Another entry-level marketplace for Elementor templates is the Element Invader marketplace.

It’s a self-hosted platform where the templates are created and sold by the company itself.

Although you won’t find all niche templates here, the designs are good enough to make both classical and modern websites.

There are both Free and Premium templates available here.

Premiums cost about $10 each with additional costing options.

Link: Element Invader

16. Crocoblock Templates

You may know Crocoblock as a famous company and maker of JetPlugins.

They also have a template library where you will find some very creative templates on different niches, including multi-purpose template kits.

But be reminded that there could be plugin dependencies since they use some of their plugins along with Elementor.

Anyway, there are 47 items found in their template library.

You would have to spend at least $199/year for all templates they have with additional JetPlugins pack and others.

Link: Crocoblock Templates

So, Where Do You Think You Can Get Your Templates From?

Alright, pals, let’s wrap things up and figure out where you can get these cool templates for your website using Elementor.

No matter which templates you pick, the important thing is to have fun making your website.

So go on, explore, play around, and use your imagination to create a fantastic website that everyone will want to visit!

One more thing, if you’re ready to spend a bit and want your website to be super amazing, premium templates could be your thing.

But if you’re just starting and want to learn as you go, free templates might be a good choice.

Best of luck.

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