Elementor VS Oxygen Builder: An honest comparison review

While the WordPress community hyped over the recent topic about Elementor Vs Oxygen builder, many articles popped up with comparisons between the two massive page builder plugins. 

Most articles are promotional content, meaning there is the possibility of biased opinions. So, it came to us as a challenge to let people know the actual case.

In this article, you are about the see the open comparison of Elementor and Oxygen Builder plugins including their prices, features, pros, and cons. 

It will be based on honest reviews and user experiences, so we won’t be favoring any plugin out of our cause.

Let’s begin!

Our experience with Oxygen Vs Elementor page builder

As a web agency, BdThemes has been using Elementor Pro for more than 5 years now to build dynamic widgets for simplifying web development using WordPress. 

We stick to Elementor Pro even after trying several other page builders like Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, Divi Builder, WPBakery Page Builder, etc. But we found Elementor Pro to meet our requirements the most.

But that’s a different story. Right after Oxygen Builder was introduced in the market, we got our hands on it in the beta phase. Honestly, we liked how the page builder uses a lighter framework than Elementor pro and has more speed in loading time. But the lack is found in performance and feature.

Both page builder plugins have their own flaws, making it seem hard to choose between them. Let’s move forward to learn about them better.

​Elementor vs Oxygen Builder - what we generally know

By definition and function, both Elementor and Oxygen Builder are WordPress page builder plugins. You can use them to create your landing page, homepage, and all parts of a typical WordPress website.

In a word, they can be considered a site builder or website builder plugin due to how they allow you to build the whole WordPress site. Let’s take a deeper look at each WordPress site builder plugin.

Elementor Page builder plugin for WordPress


A visual website builder, Elementor Pro, allows you to design and build a website from scratch. Create hero pages, headings, or your whole WordPress site by simply dragging and dropping widgets inside this theme builder. 

Our team has been using Elementor Pro for several years due to the built-in design element and custom CSS feature. 

Creating complex, visually appealing websites was essential, but we also wanted our clients to be able to edit the WordPress website themselves after we completed the project. 

The Elementor page builder makes it possible for any non-techy guy to reach the peak of core web vital without touching any codes.

You could have it all with Elementor Pro. We could build pretty much anything we wanted with this WordPress plugin since it’s simple enough that anyone could understand it. 

Last but not least, Elementor page builder provides ready templates so we can build an entire WordPress website within minutes.

Oxygen Page Builder plugin for WordPress


Oxygen builder is a relatively new page builder plugin for WordPress that came with a massive number of competitive features like Elementor.

The core advantage of this page builder is that you no longer need any theme to build your website, the page builder itself can create the whole theme.

Though Oxygen Builder disables the WordPress default theme, unlike Elementor where you can use any WordPress theme you want, you can enjoy total freedom over the page template using Oxygen editor.

The sudden change of working dashboard might get users off guard, but Oxygen was not built for beginners in the first place.

The flexible Oxygen editor layout and complicated tool dashboard make Oxygen builder suitable for veteran developers.

You can design flexible web pages, templates, headers, footers, hero pages, and more with this page builder plugin.

Let's compare both website builder plugins side by side

Elementor vs Oxygen Builder - feature comparison

As we are talking about Elementor vs Oxygen Builder here, we are bound to see a large difference between their features. What does feature mean? Well, everything the page builder plugin offers to the users to simplify the web development process and add preferred attributes to the WordPress website.

Let’s see how much the features differ between these visual site builder plugins.

UI Configuration

What concerns you the most is the UI of the page builder plugin. We always expect the page builder to provide the most simple user interface, so anyone can use it without a hitch.

Comparing Elementor vs Oxygen Builder leads us to a few discoveries.

Elementor Pro has the most user-friendly UI that contains a left-hand toolbar with everything you need. You can pick any element or widget, change page settings, or even customize each widget yourself from the sidebar. Elementor allows you to hide the menu sidebar anytime. Elementor Page Navigator lets you inspect all the available elements used on the page.

Compared to that, the Oxygen Builder UI is a bit complicated due to the cluttered menu bars and options all over the page. Oxygen Editor has a complex design that leaves beginners in a very tough position. The inline editing feature adds more to the web-building process. but it still does not simplify the whole thing for general users.

Ready Templates

Elementor always had been on the top due to the hundreds of amazing ready templates, making it the perfect wp page builder plugin for web designers. Elementor offers more than 300 landing page templates covering a large number of web applications.

While Elementor itself gives you freedom of customizations, each Elementor template can add more page designing ideas along with various customizations. Not to mention the 100+ web kits coming with the templates, making Elementor the king of page builder plugins.

In the case of Oxygen Builder, you get site builder sets instead of individual templates. Each set contains templates for the entire site development including a hero page, landing page, single pages, etc.

Each template set has lots of broken pieces that stick together, making a complete layout. It works best as a complete web design tool but fails to offer templates for various purposes, only 15+ template sets can be found.

Widgets and Modules

Oxygen Builder does not offer a great number of modules to shape your website piece by piece, but the available numbers make great web designs. Apart from link wrapper and shortcode wrapper, you can expect modules for posts, WooCommerce, pricing, Maps, etc.

But, Oxygen Builder made the most useful Oxygen editor modules available in a separate addon named Composite Elements. That puts most of the functions outside of the core builder.

Unlike Oxygen page builder, Elementor Pro offers plenty of widgets and modules you can use to design any kind of website. You will get over 90 elements to start your web projects including both free and premium widgets. All available modules come with the full set of customization controls, so you can easily change their appearances into your desired form.

In the battle between Oxygen vs Elementor page builder, Elementor wins by the winds for its features.

Price comparison between the page builder plugins

Elementor Pro Pricing

Elementor Pricing

While the free version of Elementor is enough to let you build complete websites easily and effectively, Elementor Pro offers more dynamic web solutions. The core functions, integrations, and access to the vast number of WordPress themes and plugins make Elementor Pro an expensive plugin.

All plans come with a 30-day money-back policy in case you have a second thought about your purchase.

Oxygen Builder Pricing

Elementor Pricing

Sadly, Oxygen Builder doesn’t offer a free version but a 7-day trial if you want to get to know how it works. This page builder plugin comes with one-time purchase plans and unlimited support, update, and licenses. Compared to Elementor Pro, Oxygen Builder costs less than a quarter with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Oxygen vs Elementor - Pros and Cons

While we admit both plugins have plenty of features to offer us, there are certain pros and cons you should be aware of before purchasing.

Elementor Pro - Pros & Cons


  • Customize and disable the theme system at will
  • Third-party theme elements are editable in the theme builder
  • Simple & clean UI
  • The free version has all it takes to develop unlimited websites
  • 100+ Web kits
  • 90+ widget modules
  • 300+ ready-templates
  • Unlimited third-party plugin integration


  • Less layout automation makes the site development a bit slower for the columns  and global styling
  • There is no one-time purchase option available

Oxygen Builder - Pros & Cons


  • More dynamic layout selection
  • Site grid-enabled
  • Class style customization saves a lot of time
  • Advanced site design toolsets offer more freedom of customization
  • Lifetime deal with a one-time purchase


  • Complex UI
  • A minimal number of template kits
  • Less number of modules
  • We need to purchase essential modules separately
  • Not many third-party integrations

Elementor vs Oxygen Builder - make your choice

By reading this article, you gained the perfect idea about both page builder plugins’ features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Now, it’s up to you which one you will use to build your websites.

Thank you for staying with us.

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Md Abdullah Sakib Abdullah

Md Abdullah Sakib Abdullah

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2 thoughts on “Elementor VS Oxygen Builder: An honest comparison review”

  • Interesting comparison. Elementor still beats the rest and it is difficult to beat it. There are also a lot of other plugins that complement elementor making it easy to design your website further to exactly your needs. For me Elementor has been and is still my go to Page builder when I design a website.

  • I tried Oxygen Builder in its early days and found it cumbersome, but I stuck with learning how it works, and now I’m really glad I did. For anything that uses WooCommerce and needs bespoke product pages etc, I will generally stick with Elementor, but for everything else I use oxygen, if only for the much faster page load speeds.

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