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Element Pack Pro vs Element Pack Lite [which is Better]

reasons why Element Pack Pro is superior to Element Pack Lite

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Have you tried Element Pack Pro which helps design your website quickly and nicely? If not, don’t delay grabbing and using it! There are many plugins in the online market that you can use to design a website. 

But among them, Element Pack Pro is the most useful and popular plugin. In this article, we are going to see Element Pack Pro vs Element Pack Lite, that is, we are going to find out the reasons why Element Pack Pro is superior to Element Pack Lite.

Element Pack Pro helps users create and design their desired website on purpose. It has a rich resource of features, designs, widgets, templates, and moreover 24/7 customer support that makes it user-friendly.

Let's talk about Element Pack First

Element Pack Banner

Element Pack is a popular website designing plugin developed by BdThemes. It provides users with many advanced options and makes it very easy to design their websites as they want. You can certainly rely on it by keeping your eyes closed.

Element Pack has many advantages and several amazing features of Element Pack Pro that will help you while you apply it for your website and you will be astonished to see the result. These features are very helpful to decorate your website and make it eye-catchy. Here are some features:

Easy to Use

This plugin is easy to use and you will feel comfortable while using it. There is no other like it as easy in the online market. You can make changes to your web pages and websites very easy to attract more visitors to them.

There are many plugins in the online market but they are kept behind Element Pack in the race. Element Pack is the favorite plugin used by a vast number of people because they can use it very easily and feel comfortable using it. Compared to other plugins, it is the best suitable for your website you can choose.

Lots of Features

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If you want a plugin with lots of features, then Element Pack will be the right choice for you. This plugin provides many features that are helpful for your website. The features will help build your webpage and design it as you wish. You can make your dream come true with these features.

Let’s see some of the features of this plugin:

  • Build Websites with Unlimited Possibilities.
  • Just One Plugin instead of Many Others.
  • Coding knowledge Not Required!
  • Edit anything with any Widget.
  • Design within seconds Live Copy Paste!
  • Widgets and templates help your dream come true.

There are more charming features of this plugin. Discover these by using the plugin yourself.

Amazing Trendy Designs

Thinking about designs? No worries! Element Pack brings you amazing trendy designs that the modern community demands. You can use widgets, templates, and extensions to make a trendy design that will attract visitors to your site a lot.

Fast & Responsive

If you search for a fast & responsive plugin that will fulfill your need, then this is it. You can design a website, create a webpage, create a post, or do whatever you want using this plugin within a few minutes.

When users require an action to be done at their time limit, it responds to that instantly and completes the task in due time. This plugin is one step ahead of the fast and responsive features of the others.

Asset Control Options for More Site Speed

Site speed is skyrocket by Element Pack Pro

Does your site slow down and do you want to speed up your site? If so, then you can certainly choose Element Pack. It will boost your site and gear up its speed, so you don’t have to worry about its performance.

The reason behind this is, the plugin gives you the option to control the assets so that you can handle them to maintain the speed of your site and thus you can get more site speed.

Documentation, Tutorial Videos, & 24/7 Support Channel

Support is available for 24/7

Not finished yet! You don’t have to worry if you are stuck at any point while using Element Pack. This plugin provides your solution to the problem.

There is plenty of documentation on using the widgets, extensions, and templates. From the documentation, you can learn more about how to create a landing page, header, footer, animated text, slider, and more.

Not only this, you can watch the tutorial videos to learn more vividly about them.

Moreover, the support team is at your service 24/7 to solve your problems within a few time.

Why Element Pack Pro is better than Element Pack Lite

Element Pack pro is better than Element Pack lite

Now, it’s time to switch! You can see Element Pack Pro vs Element Pack Lite for yourself. If you are using Element Pack Lite, it’s good. But, you will lack of the full options if you don’t use Element Pack Pro. For this reason, Element Pack Pro is better than Element Pack Lite.

Because, you will get plenty of options and features in Element Pack Pro that are not available in Element Pack Lite.

Let’s have a look at the comparison below:

Element Pack Lite
Element Pack Pro
1. Number of widgets
40 free core widgets and 9 free 3rd party widgets
96 core widgets and 58 3rd party widgets
2. Number of extensions
7 free extensions
19 extensions
3. Number of sophisticated options
4. Number of page templates
5. Number of block templates
6. Header & footer ready-templates

One million and one reasons for switching to Element Pack Pro

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We have shown Element Pack Pro vs Element Pack Lite comparison and discussed the features and options of Element Pack Pro above and shown you the comparative result of features. That focuses on the additional and advanced options of Element Pack Pro.

So, there are surely one million and one reasons for switching to Element Pack Pro. Now, it’s your turn to decide whether you switch or not.

Thanks for reading the article. Have a nice day.

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