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Upgrade Your Design Game with Element Pack Pro 7.0

Element Pack 7.0

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This is Element Pack Pro 7.0!!

If You are an Elementor User and Did Not Hear about the Element Pack. You are missing out on a ton of design opportunities for your Elementor WordPress website.

But Why?

Cause we have over 250+ different widgets that can do almost everything you want to do with Elementor.

Also, we have over 2000+ ready Blocks and ready pages. So if you want anything on the go, that can happen only within a few clicks.

So let’s see what we have in Element Pack Pro 7.0

Crypto Currency widgets

Want some amazing widgets that will make your Crypto currency-based Elementor website more engaging?

We are bringing Crypto Currency Widgets that will make your Website into a Wholesome Crypto environment.

So what you will get in Crypto Currency Widgets:-

  • Crypto Currency Card
  • Crypto Currency Table
  • Crypto Currency Grid
  • Crypto Currency Carousel
  • Crypto Currency Chart Carousel
  • Crypto Currency Ticker
  • Crypto Currency list

This whole bunch of widgets provide dynamic content so your crypto currencies are always updated.

Plus, you are armed with tons of interface customizations to make the cryptos more fun to look at.

Marquee widget

The Marquee widget is a super cool graphical element that can display scrolling text or images, moving horizontally or vertically across the screen. It’s perfect for displaying important messages or dynamic content that needs to be constantly updated.

With the Marquee widget, you can customize the scrolling speed, direction, and animation style to make it uniquely yours. Plus, some Marquee widgets even support interactivity, letting users pause, resume, or click on the scrolling content.

*But hold your horses! While the Marquee widget can definitely add some excitement to your design, be careful not to go overboard. Too much animation can be overwhelming and annoying to your users.

So go ahead and give the Marquee widget a try – just remember to use it wisely!

To give your website more interactive UX, we are adding this to Element Pack Pro 7.0!!

Icon Mobile Menu widget

Desktop site menus are impossible to show as it is in mobile view.


This exciting addition is designed to enhance the user experience for mobile users and make website navigation a breeze.

With the Icon Mobile Menu widget, users can easily access your website’s navigation menu with just a tap or click. No more struggling with alternative menus or scrolling through endless pages! This widget is the perfect solution even for websites with a lot of categories or pages to get the right navigation at mobile display.

Our widget is highly customizable, so you can choose the perfect icon size, color, and placement on the screen. Plus, we’ve included some awesome animations and effects to make your menu even more engaging and eye-catching.

In short, the Icon Mobile Menu widget is a must-have for any website that wants to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for mobile users. So don’t miss out on this amazing feature – upgrade to Element Pack Pro 7.0 today!

Content Switcher widget

An evolution from the tabs widget, the Content Switcher widget lets you create switchable content tabs with NO LIMITATIONS!

That’s right! This static widget with a dynamic library function lets you stack content with a single-point switcher.

Best for switching between two content/template/design but support multiple entries and multiple switch point under a single switch.

Offering a great range of customizations you could not have before; makes this widget a game changer.

Don’t forget to pick it on the Element Pack Pro 7.0 version.

SVG maps widget

The SVG Google map widget is a dynamic display feature that allows you to embed a customized Google map on your website or application using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) technology.

What’s great about this widget is that you can display specific information about the regions on the map with customized content and region color.

The map is a complete World Map with every country pointed out in it. You can also specify the region you want to map into.

The best part, the whole map is customizable with height, width, and color controls.

It would be a great tool for businesses that want to display their sales volume, influence, or number of branches in different regions with highlighted colors.

Get SVG Maps with Element Pack 7.0!

Content protector extension

A Content Protector Extension is a tool that helps website owners and content creators protect their intellectual property by preventing unauthorized copying or distribution of their content.

As a site owner, you must have searched for this feature for your website someday. Now, you won’t have to search elsewhere.

Element Pack 7.0 introduces a new type of Content Protector feature that blocks the cursor from selecting any text or media and prevents the visitor from copying your content.

It’s an addition to your site security and a safety measure to prevent plagiarized content from spilling.

Realistic image shadow extension

What if the concept of the drop shadow in WordPress becomes more realistic?

With the new version of Element Pack 7.0, we will be overhauling the drop shadow mechanism to something next level.

Introducing Realistic Image Shadow extension. This is the kind of enhancement you should be getting in 2023, and you really are getting it.

This new image shadow feature adds depth and realism to images by creating a shadow effect that mimics natural lighting.

This feature is particularly useful for websites that showcase products, services, or images, as it enhances the overall aesthetic appeal and professionalism of the website.

The major benefit of the feature is that it helps to make images stand out on the page and attract the viewer’s attention.

So, get excited about getting the Realistic Image Shadow extension by upgrading to Element Pack Pro 7.0

AdBlock Detector extension

AdBlocker Detector Extension

We thought you were missing out on the AdBlocker Detector feature on Element Pack Pro.

So, we are adding the extension on Element Pack Pro 7.0

Once you enable the extension on your current page, any visitors with AdBlockers activated will see a notification like the above screenshot.

It will help bloggers to set their audience apart from using AdBlockers and prevent impacts on their ads revenue.

r U pumped for ELEMENT PACK 7.0 update?

Get ready to experience our latest product update that will take your web designing efforts to the next level!

We’ve been hard at work to bring you a new and improved version of our Element Pack Pro plugin.

Faster, more optimized, and even better features!

Will be available pretty soon.

Stay tuned to get the update on time.

Good Luck!

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Md Abdullah Sakib Talukdar
Md Abdullah Sakib Talukdar
Abdullah Sakib is a Senior SEO Content Writer and Content Manager with 3+ years of experience in the WordPress industry. He is skilled in creating high-quality content that converts and he excels at NLP copywriting.

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