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Best WordPress Cost Calculator Plugins

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Are you in a business and facing trouble in the financial section?

Are your financial works fragmented to measure cost-related materials for not having a cost calculator plugin?

Then this article is for you with solutions to get rid of the obstacle in front of you with the help of cost calculator plugin.

Now, let’s get started!

What is a Cost Calculator Plugin?

A Cost Calculator Plugin is a WordPress Plugin that is very useful to help the user to calculate the different measurements or estimate and manage the financial section of the online business. 

For example, you are an online fruit seller and you have different categories of fruits with different rates in your shop; or you are a photoshop designer and you have different packages of design with different rates. 

How can you manage these tasks with a client?

Let’s see what you can do!

When a client visits your online shop and wants to buy multiple categories of fruits from you, then you have to set different rates for each category and finally count them in total with cost calculator plugin.


When a client visits your site to get a job done by you for multiple designs for him. You have to do the same as above that is you have to solve this with a cost calculator plugin.

Here’s the solution! You have to have a tool that helps you with this problem and that is a cost calculator plugin. It helps you make it easier to manage your account and that’s that. Cost Calculator Plugins are available in free or pro versions.

Why do we need a Cost Calculator Plugin in WordPress?

Working in WordPress, we have to measure many and multiple cost-related items. For this, we have to use particular plugins that are known as Cost Calculator Plugin. This particular plugin helps us create an eCommerce site to manage an online shop section of a website, such as an online food item seller or a photography/image seller.

Now I feel that you are obviously thinking, how many Cost Calculator Plugins can we count? Answering this, there are tons of them available. They are of two types- the first type can do basic things as other plugins do and the second type can do specific things.

Bunch of best WordPress Cost Calculator Plugins

Now, a question arises: which is the best Cost Calculator Plugin in the field? For this, we are going to discover the best of them and sort them into a few in the list that can be used in the WordPress site.

Some best Cost Calculator Plugins are below:

  • uCalc
  • FC’s Loan Calculator
  • EZ Form Calculator
  • Stylish Cost Calculator
  • Zigaform
  • Calculated Fields Form
  • WP Cost Calculator

Let’s have a look at them:

cost calculator plugin

uCalc is a well-known Cost Calculator plugin. It automatically integrates the calculator. Here, you can get a calculator easily without placing code but choosing a ready-made calculator from the list.

It helps you-

  • Create and maintain calculators.
  • To estimate services.
  • Set delivery costs as well as build booking, review, feedback, and event registration forms.

It requires no special knowledge and fees. You can build up a formula provided with embedded code by simply dragging the blocks and putting them together e.g.: A + B = C.

You can get the following benefits:

  • You can get notified via email or SMS.
  • Ready-to-use templates and elements are available as a slider, button, drop-down list, and so on.
  • Quick results to apply a promo code sent to clients via email or SMS.
  • You can customize the design.
  • You can display several results.
  • Measurement of any currency.
  • Widgets can be automatically adapted for smartphones.

You can get this plugin here: uCalc

⦿ FC’s Loan Calculator

FC’s Loan Calculator is also a cost calculator plugin that serves the general purpose of calculation. It solves monthly loan payments with a schedule of date-based payments.

It has a set of charts in addition so that your visitors can view the cost of a loan and can select their own packages easily. 

Visitors around the world can select or modify CSS files to customize size and colors.

It’s very easy to deploy calculators to your individual page and use it.

You can get this plugin here: FC’s Loan Calculator

⦿ EZ Form Calculator

EZ Form Calculator is another Cost Calculator Plugin for most users. It is a user-friendly and easy-getting component-covered plugin. You can get your job done by the collection attached with it.

With it, you can-

  • Create form calculators
  • Create advanced cost estimators
  • Create extensive contact forms
  • Generate more leads for your business
  • Easily add form elements like checkboxes, radio buttons, etc.
  • Assign each element a value to calculate automatically.

It has both free and premium features. They are-

Free features: It-

  • Has visual drag and drop editor to create calculating forms.
  • Can automatically calculate form values.
  • Has advanced calculations
  • Has email notifications
  • Has extensive conditional logic

And many more.

Premium features: It-

  • Has many available form elements
  • Has advanced calculation & conditional system
  • Has an extensive discount system
  • Has unlimited file uploads
  • Has unlimited submissions
  • Has many designs and form templates

And many more.

You can get this plugin here: EZ Form Calculator

⦿ Stylish Cost Calculator

Stylish Cost Calculator is a popular cost calculator plugin mostly used. This plugin has a vast facility that smoothens the activities for the users.

The awesome thing about this cost calculator plugin is- users feel free to use this plugin due to its easy customization, modern-looking site view, and professional, fast and secure interface.

It has several benefits which are it has a quote Generator; It converts visitors to sales, brings clarity to pricing, collects visitor’s information, etc.

It has some fascinating features such as-

  • Itemized PDF invoices
  • Conditional logic (Premium)
  • Custom form builder (Premium)
  • Automatic currency conversion (Premium)
  • Language translation
  • One-click templates

And more.

You can get this plugin here: Stylish Cost Calculator

⦿ Zigaform

Zigaform is an amazing cost calculator plugin that helps you calculate and build estimation forms with a few easy steps. You don’t have to be skilled in programming to customize the plugin.

It provides-

  • Automatically calculated fields to create forms.
  • Quote calculator.
  • Date calculator.
  • Finance calculator.
  • Health/fitness calculator.
  • Add one or more calculated fields.

And more.

It has the following features:

  • Real-time drag and drop form builder
  • Includes offline payment gateway
  • Many form elements ready to use
  • Supports complex calculation
  • Advanced grid system to build form estimator
  • Live preview of skin customizer

…….. And many more

Why Zigaform is great?

The reasons are-

  • Beginners can use it very easily.
  • Forms, fields, actions are unlimited.
  • Has the option of drag and drop that makes the operation swift.
  • Tons of customization options to use CSS and HTML code.
  • A bulk of settings allows you to fine-tune your form.
  • It allows you to customize everything you want.
  • It allows you to create complex forms.
  • Moreover, it keeps your website speedy and secured.

There are many more advantages and amazing services that make it great.

You can get this plugin here: Zigaform

⦿ Calculated Fields Form

Calculated Fields Form is a top pick cost calculator plugin. It allows you to compare a field’s values with other fields dynamically.

The unlimited possibilities include creating forms with financial calculators, date operation for reservation forms that help calculate the product prices.

It includes-

  • Text operations to edit, translate or advertise services.
  • Advanced operations available i.e.: distance determination between addresses or generating graphs.
  • Impressively, you need not hire a programmer.
  • In a few minutes, you can get a professional form with basic knowledge.
  • It includes a form editor with multiple controls i.e.: text field, numeric field, currency field, slider control, radio button.
  • You can design forms, and attributes for form configuration with the included dashboard.

The cost calculator plugin integrates with popular page builders i.e.: Classic WordPress Editor, Gute\nberg Editor, Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc.

It has some charming features. They are-

Main features-

  • It includes general-purpose controls: radio buttons, menu lists, checkboxes, date fields, and so on.
  • It includes calculated fields. It involves many other form fields for value results.
  • It includes several design templates.
  • You can use several predefined forms as a starting point for your project.

Other features-

  • You can easily duplicate and reuse a form by the associated “Clone” button.
  • It includes a troubleshoot and optimization area.
  • To improve the speed of the website, you are allowed to disable forms in the indexing process.
  • Previous versions can be recovered by version control.

You can get this plugin here: Calculated Fields Form

⦿ WP Cost Calculator

WP Cost Calculator is a Cost Calculator Plugin that is smart and simple. It allows you to create price estimation forms that allow the clients to get information about your services and products.


  • Helps you to build any type of estimation form with a few easy steps.
  • It offers a drag-drop calculation form builder.
  • An unlimited number of calculation forms can be created and inserted on any page.
  • Is built super easy for the visitors.
  • Project cost, Loan Calculator, Table Order are very easy to make.

Some various Calculator elements are- Input box, Total/subtotal box, Quantity box, Dropdown box, Toggle Button, Radio button, Checkbox, etc helps you work freely.

This plugin suit provides mathematical help for visitors, like:

  • SEO Agencies.
  • Medical Services.
  • Retail and small business.
  • Graphic & Web designers.
  • Car Rental Agencies.
  • Delivery Services

And much more.

You can get this plugin here: WP Cost Calculator


In this article, we have arranged some top-rated Cost Calculator Plugins and focused on them to find out their facilities. Now, it is your choice to prefer which one will you take for your website.

Many thanks to you for having patience and be with us. Have a nice day.

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