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Best WooCommerce addons for Elementor

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Looking for the best WooCommerce addons for Elementor? While WordPress became one of the most flexible platforms to host your site, WooCommerce, being a part of WordPress has the same blend of available features to enrich your website.

To be honest, there are thousands of addons available out there. Each has its own uniqueness and functionalities. But, not every one of them is worth your time and money.

As you are seeking an expert opinion before putting your finger on a target, we would love to help you choose the best WooCommerce addons for the Elementor page builder.

Let’s get started!

Standards for picking a WooCommerce Plugin

Even though WooCommerce itself has enough features to run your online shop, it’s far from enough if you are to keep with the trend. These days, people love looking at websites with a flashy appearance on the front end as well as product showcases.

Still, picking a suitable addon needs some consideration about the tool’s build quality, features, reliability, stability, etc. Unless you want to waste your money over a plugin that crashes down your site or even worse, prepare to meet some standards to measure the value of the tool you are going to buy.

  1. Make sure it is standard-compliant. If nothing else, focus on products that meet W3C or other industry standards like Bootstrap 3/4 Framework, WCAG Guidelines (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.0, etc.
  2. Keep the product as simple as it best supports your website. Addon complexity is not a big deal as long as it does not go against what you are building on the Elementor page builder.
  3. You want to make sure that all your eCommerce features can be run from one place without having to bounce from one tool to another. It should work well with the existing site design and its customizations if any.
  4. The best WooCommerce addons for Elementor must have multiple payment options for different kinds of customers, easy shipping options customized according to location or product weight, a reporting system that provides analytics reports in detail about sales, and much more.

Now, let’s get introduced to some of the finest picks that meet the standards very well and over.

The Best WooCommerce addons for Elementor You Must Go With

Elementor Pro

Elementor Best WooCommerce addons for Elementor

Elementor Pro is best known for its page builder plugin that can turn around the way you have been building websites. The best part is, it’s built solely for enriching the assets on your website, so it means everything about Elementor will apply to your shop as well.

Elementor has the best popup builder for WooCommerce for creating stunning ads and CTA for your online shop. 

Key features of Elementor Pro are:

  • Product image zoom feature support makes it the best WooCommerce addon for Elementor.
  • It comes with the best product sliders ready to go.
  • It enhances the performance of the checkout process which is an important factor if you are looking forward to quickly converting visitors into purchasers.
  • As a customer, you get high priority support from developers who are passionate enough to bring their best to your store’s front end look and.

Elementor Pro only costs $49/year for a single website. Why not grab Elementor Pro now?

Element Pack Pro

Elementor page builder gives you best-in-class tools to build multiple websites, but what if you are looking for the best WooCommerce addons out of the box? Just pick Element Pack Pro.

Being a pack of the best available Elementor design templates, this addon is best known for its quick setup capabilities and readymade feature which includes full compatibility with popular extensions like Visual Composer or Beaver Builder.

Key features of Element Pack Pro include:

  • It comes with the best interactive designs that are fully compatible with the Elementor plugin.
  • The best choice is if you are looking forward to quickly launching your eCommerce website without much overhead on the development part.
  • Ready for creating a complete WooCommerce page having all features covered.
Available WooCommerce addons-
  • WC Products
  • WC Carousel
  • WC Slider
  • WC Categories
  • WC Cart Page
  • WC Add to Cart
  • WC Mini Cart
  • WC Tracking Form
  • WC Checkout Page

Except for these WooCommerce dedicated widgets, Element Pack Pro has over 200 addons that can greatly contribute to your WooCommerce website. Widgets like Lightbox, Modal, Accordion, Custom Slider, Forms, Counter, Mailchimp, etc. have a greater aptitude for creating online shops.

So, Element Pack Pro is your next best WooCommerce addons for Elementor that comes at only $39/year for 1 site. You can download Element Pack Pro here.


Jetwoobuilder is a popular addons for WooCommerce that has one of the largest addons collections available. If you are looking for a variety of features for your online shop then this is the plugin you want.

Jetwoobuilder has WooCommerce dedicated widgets numbering more than 40 and all of them are specifically for building e-shops. There are addons like product rating, tabs, tags, product cart, compare, etc. Some of these addons might overlap with the WooCommerce widgets provided by Elementor pro. But, these addons are way better than the basics.

Moreover, Jetwoobuilder has a built-in Ads widget for running promotional campaigns for your product. This helps further boost your business and greatly enriches your marketing strategy.

Built for both single product and multi-product WooCommerce shops, Jetwoobuilder costs only $24/year for 1 site. Get it now!

WooLentor Pro

For a pure WooCommerce-based plugin, WooLentor Pro reigns above all. WooLentor is one of the best WooCommerce addons for Elementor not just due to its features but also how its built.

The best thing about this addons is that it provides templates along with the widgets. As a result, you can save time learning about each widget by inserting the templates and customizing them for your WooCommerce website.

Key Features of WooLentor Pro:

  • Dedicated for WooCommerce
  • Interactive designs with templates included for a faster site building experience
  • Multiple payment gateways supported

Available WooCommerce widgets-

  • Product Grid
  • Store Feature
  • Testimonial
  • FAQ
  • Product tabs
  • One Page slider
  • Image Marker
  • etc.

For a single website, WooLentor Pro costs about $25/year right now. Grab this before the price jumps up!

HubSpot For WooCommerce

Everybody knows HubSpot as one of the most popular CRM platforms. Surprisingly, this platform has a powerful tool for supporting WooCommerce further by the name “HubSpot For WooCommerce.”

HubSpot offers this free WooCommerce plugin extension as a service with its paid marketing CRM software. The plugin integrates into your online shop and reads all data related to sales. Whenever someone buys anything from your website, HubSpot For WooCommerce marks that as a successful business deal and shows it in the command chart.

It’s a good strategy to use a single tool for both marketing and enriching WooCommerce functionality instead of brining lots of other plugins to your website.

Key Features of HubSpot For WooCommerce-

  • Integrate contacts with shopping cart and send email to follow up on abandoned carts
  • Campaigns for new contacts
  • Sending emails to old customers who haven’t accessed your shop in a while

HubSpot For WooCommerce is capable of creating and operating active sales funnel in order to give a boost to your sales. Considering all the features and benefits, this free tool can perform as the best WooCommerce addons for Elementor.

Checkout Field Editor For WooCommerce

Any WooCommerce website is incomplete as long as the check out page remains unattained. This is very important because without a proper checkout page, you risk losing potential customer over time who left unsatisfied due to the lack of information or arrangements on the checkout page.

Checkout Field Editor For WooCommerce was built for perfecting your shop’s checkout page using a dynamic field editor toolset. The idea is to present a clean and complete checkout page before the customers to have them engage with your shop more.

This is a quick solution to your abandoning cart problems. The plugin let’s you fully customize the checkout page layout, add detail, delete items, create new layouts, and more.

Get this best WooCommerce addons for Elementor at $49/year for a single website.


NotificationX is a social proof management plugin for WooCommerce. The plugin has a very high compatibility with WooCommerce platform and lets you integrate dynamic social proofs on your online shop.

NotificationX mainly boosts the marketing values of your shop by adding values to the customers through real-time review popups, ad popups, teasers, etc.

For any WooCommerce website, popups are great for catching the attention of your customers or visitors. This helps increasing the sales and boosting the conversion rate.

The plugin costs $39/year for a single website and comes with a bunch of essential Elementor extensions. You can try gabbing this best WooCommerce addons for Elementor.

YITH WooCommerce Compare

WooCommerce product comparison is a necessary feature for any WooCommerce website. YITH WooCommerce Compare plugin empowers you to create a solid layout for comparing your products easily.

The plugin is capable of sorting all products into a complete table and letting users access and compare the prices within a single window. You can also set the product attributes to further empowers the comparison table.

It’s a free plugin with a pro version that comes at $69.99/year for a single website. We recommend it as one of the best WooCommerce addons for Elementor.

Mail Mint


It’s an email marketing plugin for WordPress & WooCommerce. Users can collect emails via forms, and send offers and discounts via email, there are some significant features like email scheduling, email sequences, and Automation.

There is also an option for automated emails sent with custom design templates. It has a special integration with be integrated with the plugin WPFunnels for creating high-converting sales and lead generation funnel from one place.

There’s also an advanced feature for Abandoned Cart Recovery that can reclaim lost sales from abandoned customers who didn’t convert on the checkout page. 

You can track every single abandoned cart, recovered cart, and lost cart. And the best part is that you will have a comprehensive view of this data.

Then you can craft email automation flows based on abandoned status. Mail Mint offers three triggers for different customer order statuses. 

It has a custom lead form to bring leads and you can run automated email campaigns to nurture them and convert them to lifelong customers.

It has Pre-built templates for the emails and forms and provides advanced analytics for potential and recovered Revenue.

This addon costs $149.99/year for a single site.

Booster For WooCommerce

Booster For WooCommerce is another brilliant Elementor plugin for boosting the functionalities of your WooCommerce store.

This plugin is similar to Jetpack but packs a ton more features for WooCommerce. Everything is customizable from the dashboard so you don’t have to trouble to go from one section to another to customize your shop page.

With over 110 modules including product invoice, currency change, payment gateways, product input fields, cart, labels, and more; Booster has what it takes to be one of the best WooCommerce addons for Elementor.

This addon costs $49/year for a single site, excluding the 100+ addons. Only the Elite license has all the addons you can grab, coming at $297/year for 30 websites.

WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration

Adding Google analytics on your WooCommerce website is essential to keep track of the development and ongoing operations on your website.

The plugin integrates with WooCommerce completely and provides helpful insights about your website. It can track the sales data, transaction history, Chatbox, emails, and everything that interacts with the customers and put everything inside the dashboard for you to see.

By going through the data analysis, you can further improve your marketing approach for better results. So, you can consider this plugin as one of the best WooCommerce addons for Elementor.


WooCommerce is a big playground for online marketers and it’s expanding faster each day. As tech enthusiasts, we have been coping with the latest updates of the plugins that make WooCommerce easier and more dynamic to the users.

Hence, we forge this list to help you stay ahead of the competition and win a place among the top online marketplaces.

If you find this article helpful, please use the comment box and share your thoughts. If you have any suggestions, we are glad to take them.

Thanks for staying up.

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Md Abdullah Sakib Talukdar
Md Abdullah Sakib Talukdar
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