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Best slider for Elementor

Looking for the best slider for Elementor?

If yes, then you need to know that there are 200+ slider plugins that provide stunning sliders for your website.

But, when you try to choose, it becomes so difficult to find the exact one.

A slider is a must for your site that attracts users’ attention 10 times more than a regular video or a static photo can. It gives your site an eye-catching look which makes your visitors rush to your site.

In this article, we have analyzed a vast number of slider plugins and arranged a list of the 12 best sliders for you that are worths the call.

What is a slider and which is the best slider for Elementor?

A slider is a slideshow that displays images or videos along with the brand identity on your homepage, especially in the hero section that makes the display appealing to the viewers. It is a right-thinking way to drive more traffic.

The best slider for Elementor is a slider that fulfills the purpose of your site or niche. With a stunning frontend view, you are bound to attract more people at the first glance at your web page. Therefore increasing your sites’ traffic and the overall rate of conversion.

Here I will discuss the 12 best slider for Elementor that will help you choose one appropriate for your website.

List of the best slider for Elementor

Here is a list of 12 top-rated best slider for Elementor:

  1. Prime Slider
  2. HT Slider for Elementor
  3. Livemesh Addons for Elementor Page Builder
  4. JetElements
  5. Smart Slider 3
  6. PowerPack
  7. Unlimited Elements for Elementor
  8. Slider Revolution
  9. Slider by Soliloquy
  10. Ultimate Responsive Image Slider
  11. Slide Anything
  12. Smooth Slider

Without wasting any time, we will now go deep and discover the facts about the best slider for Elementor

Let’s go ahead!

best slider for Elementor

Prime Slider is the best slider for Elementor among the slider plugins in the market. It is an out-of-the-box slider and comes with a modern interface. Prime Slider helps to create custom variations of sliders with its drag and drop interface.

The amazing thing is, Prime Slider has a unique feature that includes both a slider section and a header section and is fully responsive to any device.

It has various customization options i.e.: changing the background, editing the subtitles, and adding a social media sharing button.

Prime Slider is unique from the other slider plugins because of its multilingual capability feature. Not to mention, it is highly recommended to use Prime Slider for the users who have little or no experience, and no technical know-how, because it is very easy to use and really beginner-friendly.

This best slider for Elementor plugin includes:

  • General slider that can be added to any website
  • Many demo sliders that can be added to your website
  • An event calculator slider that displays the event date
  • Blog sliders that highlight the recent posts etc

The last but most surprising fact is, Prime Slider works very fast without slowing down the site and it is an all-in-one solution for the vast range of new users. The pro version starts at $9.99/year.

You can get the best slider for elementor plugin here: Prime Slider

2 HT Sloder For Elementor - BdThemes

HT Slider for Elementor can be selected as the best slider for Elementor. It is a wonderful add-on that lets you create slideshows with over 70+ slider elements.

You can create post sliders for blogs, WooCommerce sliders, video sliders, and more. Plus, various themed sliders featuring pets, electronics items, fashion, and more are available so you can easily create your specific type of slider. 

It is mobile-responsive, so your audience can see it on whatever device they use. In addition, you can decide to allow users to play the slide either automatically or switch manually.

This slider has some excellent features i.e.: show by ID and category wise, custom styles of sliders, and more.

This handy plugin allows all users without any experience or technical knowledge.

It is a pleasing fact that you can get the full assistance of the team when you are stuck with any issue at any point. The HT Slider pro version starts at $19.

You can get the best slider for Elementor plugin here: HT Slider for Elementor

3 Livemesh Addons for Elementor - BdThemes

Livemesh Addons for Elementor Page builder is another incredible best slider for Elementor. It allows you to create unique and attractive sliders that are fully responsive.

This plugin lets you create flex, responsive, and slick sliders very easily. You can effortlessly display your recent posts with the post carousel and you can create an image/video slider with an image/video carousel.

The mind-blowing thing is, it lets you add captions and thumbnails for your sliders, and will look accurate on every device.

This plugin has managed to score a top place on the list because of its full customer support. Whether the customer needs it, they can get help at any time in any step.

Although this plugin is awesome, it lacks features, so it might not be the best option for Elementor.

Still, you can choose it as your preferable plugin with the necessary features.

Livemesh Addons for Elementor Page Builder pro version starts at $37/year for a single site.

You can get the best slider for Elementor plugin here: Livemesh Addons for Elementor Page Builder

4 JetElements - BdThemes

JetElements is a notable best slider for Elementor. Using eye-catching sliders, the plugin lets you display your images. You can create unique and charming sliders very easily with this plugin.

Besides, this plugin has an intuitive yet beginner-friendly interface, so you can begin immediately. You can easily add some outstanding layouts of this plugin to your site.

You can also get plenty of handy widgets that make your content unique and take it to the next level. You can make your content better looking by adding custom effects.

With the capability of a simple drag and drop feature, you can create engaging sliders. Moreover, this plugin ensures the view of sliders available on all types of devices.

This plugin has some amazing settings that can be used to get the required outcome. It is pretty suitable for both beginners and professionals. New users can understand the plugin effortlessly with its full support and documentation.

The pro version of this plugin starts at $24 for a single site.

You can get the best slider for Elementor plugin here: JetElements

5 Smart Slider 3 - BdThemes

Smart Slider 3 can be enlisted as the best slider for Elementor. You can create exciting sliders in a few clicks with this plugin.

It also comes with plenty of customization options that let you create and design your sliders and gives them the desired look that matches your theme completely.

This plugin has unique layouts with various layers. Your ranking will not go down because this plugin has another key feature of SEO optimization. You can customize images, videos, text, etc.

Besides, you can get more features i.e.: slider backgrounds, import and export sliders, full-width responsiveness mode, and more.

With a live editor, you can create a unique slider in an efficient way with the freedom of creating what you want.

Though it has many options, it has a lacking and that is- it does not respond in all devices.

The pro version of this plugin starts at $35 for one site.

You can get the best slider for Elementor plugin here: Smart Slider 3

6 PowerPack - BdThemes

PowerPack is considered one of the best sliders for Elementor. This image slider plugin can be used smoothly on any Elementor powered website because of its excellency. It has a number of attractive sliders and customizations.

It uses the Elementor drag and drop interface and lets you create attractive sliders with faded effects. Besides, it has several slider variations i.e.: a slider with the featured image on the right or left bar.

This excellent plugin does not slow down the loading time of your site. It has various e-commerce sliders to choose the best for you.

With this plugin, you can take advantage of the carousel sliders and other widgets too. A Twitter widget can be used to add a Twitter button to embed tweets easily.

Among the slider plugins, PowerPack has some of the most beautiful and elegant layouts. It is also mobile responsive and has some highly customizable options. It also gives the option to set the effects and dimensions for your slides.

As this plugin is very easy to use, it provides the best support when you face a problem and a team of experts solves that in a short time. Moreover, this plugin is updated regularly for its best performance.

PowerPack starts at $69 for unlimited sites.

You can get the best slider for Elementor plugin here: PowerPack

7 Unlimited Elements for Elementor - BdThemes

Unlimited Elements for Elementor is a wonderful best slider for Elementor. This plugin has various widgets and can be easily used on any Elementor site.

Inside Elementor Builder, this amazing slider module lets you create post slides, slider video exhibitions, tribute sliders, and more.

You can give your site a unique look by adding a portfolio, card, or icon carousel with the unlimited Elementor library. Moreover, it lets you create post sliders with animation effects that don’t make the site boring.

You can display the best videos on your site by creating a slider video gallery. This plugin is 100% mobile-responsive, feature-rich with 250+ widgets.

It has many vital features i.e.: the slider image gallery, testimonial quote slider, slider image carousel, and more. It helps the users to solve any problem with its full assistance.

The pro version of this plugin starts at $39/year for one site.

You can get the best slider for Elementor plugin here: Unlimited Elements for Elementor

8 Slider Revolution - BdThemes

Slider Revolution is a top-pick best slider for Elementor. You can create great and effective content for your website in a new way.

Don’t have any experience of coding? No problem, you can create advanced designs at any time with the powerful visual editor, no coding is needed!

The amazing add-ons let you create carousel, sliders, Hero headers, content modules, special FX, and more.

The easily customized plugin has 150+ templates included in the online library.

The plugin is easy to set up and use. It can be easily customized too. It is fully responsive and has mobile-ready sliders.

You can get the slider plugin here: Slider Revolution

9 Slider by Solilioquy - BdThemes

Slider by Soliloquy is a well-known best slider for Elementor. If you have this plugin, then you don’t have to hire a developer to get your job done!

The drag and drop feature makes the plugin powerful whereas easy to use. You can create nice-looking response images and video sliders in seconds!

The plugin is easy to set up and use. You can also customize it easily. It is light, SEO friendly, fully responsive, and optimized for speed. Know what? Users can engage instantly!

You can get the plugin here: Slider by Soliloquy

10 Ultimate Responsive Image Slider - BdThemes

Ultimate Responsive Image Slider is another best slider for Elementor. This plugin is for bloggers.

Using multiple image uploaders, you can add many slides in a single slider.

You can personalize your site at a high level using this plugin. You can set up this plugin easily and customize it as you want.

This plugin is fully responsive for the user so that they can get help any time when they face a problem.

You can get the plugin here: Ultimate Responsive Image Slider

11 Slide Anything - BdThemes

Slide Anything is a noteworthy best slider for Elementor. It allows you to create any slider where you can include anything you want i.e.: images, text, even shortcodes in the content of each slide.

You can create beautiful, touch-enabled, responsive carousel and sliders with the help of the Over Carousel 2 jQuery plugin.

The plugin has advanced display conditions functionality and 30+ free Elementor widgets.

It is fully responsive that helps the users work smoothly.

You can get the plugin here: Slide Anything

12 Smooth Slider - BdThemes

Smooth Slider is an outstanding best slider for Elementor. It is specially designed for WordPress CMS.

This best slider for Elementor allows you to create a variety of sliders i.e.: posts slider, WordPress page slider, video slider, pure image gallery, and more for a website.

It has the option to choose image placement in right, left, or center. The layout is easy to change for the user.

This plugin is mobile-friendly, so users can use this plugin on any device. 

You can get the plugin here: Smooth Slider


We have arranged and discussed a number of the best slider for Elementor in this article. Now, it is up to you to choose the exact one that fulfills your purpose.

Thank you to keep in touch to read the article. Have a good day!

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