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10+ Best slider for Elementor You can have [Updated]

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Looking for the best slider for Elementor?

Yes, there are lots of them out there and it makes it hard to choose one.

A slider is a must for your site that attracts users’ attention 10 times more than a regular video or a static photo can. It gives your site an eye-catching look which makes your visitors rush to your site.

So, you definitely need one for your website. And, we made it convenient for you to choose.

In this article, we have analyzed a vast number of slider plugins for WordPress and arranged a list of the 12 best sliders for you.


  • Slider names.
  • Free or Pro availability.
  • Pro pricing.
  • Link to pro and free.
  • Features in bullets.

What is a slider and which is the best slider for Elementor?

A slider is like a dynamic picture show on your website’s homepage, often at the very top, showcasing images or videos along with your brand.

It’s a smart strategy to grab your visitors’ attention and bring more traffic to your site.

As a common practice, web owners use sliders to simplify the total information about their product or service in a single package and deliver it in one go.

With a slider, you can combine text, visuals and CTAs with interactive elements or animations to grab user attention.

The best kind of Elementor sliders are made with well-arranged visual elements to captivate users without wasting time.

Also, they are creative and effective in adding styles without breaking or slowing down your site.

If you understand how it is, then it will be easier for you to pick a slider from our list here.

List of the best slider for Elementor

Let’s continue with the 12 top-rated best slider for Elementor down below.

Without wasting any time, we will now go deep and discover the facts about each slider.

Let’s go ahead!

Play Video about best slider for Elementor

Status:- Free & Pro plans

Active Installation:- 90,000+

Pro Pricing:- $14.99

When it comes to creating captivating and interactive sliders for your Elementor-powered website, the Prime Slider Addon is a game-changer.

This slider plugin is designed with one goal in mind: to make your web design process smoother and your sliders more engaging.

Top Features:-

  • 55 Unique slider widgets (with templates).
  • Responsive sliders with perfect visuals on all devices.
  • Super smooth transitions & slider animations.
  • Best for blogs, eCommerce, fashion, technology, etc.
  • Static & Dynamic content support.
  • 100% customizable sliders.
  • Retina-ready graphics.
  • Creative slider designs (with ready demos).
  • One of the best kinds.
  • Custom Slider option.
  • Regular updates.

Status:- Free & Pro plans

Active Installation:- 10,000+

Pro Pricing:- $19.00

With HT Slider, you can effortlessly design layered slides while customizing multiple elements like text, images, and buttons to the fullest.

This powerful plugin seamlessly integrates with the popular Elementor page builder to provide a range of dynamic and user-friendly features.

Top Features:-

  • Lightweight and responsive slider plugin.
  • Custom styling options.
  • 80 Pre-made slider templates.
  • Default Post slider for WooCommerce & Post.
  • Embed videos directly within your sliders.
  • Intuitive design for effortless slider creation.
  • Custom post types.
Play Video about Smart Slider 3

Status:- Free & Pro plans

Active Installation:- 900,000+

Pro Pricing:- $49

Smart Slider 3 is a revolutionary WordPress addon that comes with plenty of customization options that let you create and design your sliders.

The standout feature of Smart Slider 3 is its adaptability. It boasts various slider types, including images, videos, posts, and mixed media, ensuring you have the creative freedom to convey your message effectively.

Top Features:-

  • Customize any image into sliders.
  • User-Friendly Drag-and-drop design.
  • Precise slider customizations.
  • 180+ Slider templates available.
  • Many animation effects.
  • Custom slider triggers.
  • 24 Slider elements or layers.
  • Compatible with multiple page builders like Elementor.
  • Lightweight & Lazy-load features.
Element Pack Sliders

Status:- Free & Pro plans

Active Installation:- 90,000+

Pro Pricing:- $49

Element Pack is a page builder toolkit for Elementor with over 280 widgets and features. Among them, the plugin consist a good number of slider & carousel features while including a Custom Slider option.

Once you have Element Pack, you can pretty much cover any type of slider needs with either ready-widgets or custom build slides.

Top Features:-

  • 30 Unique Slider widgets for different purposes.
  • Precise and detailed customization features.
  • Integrated sliders for WooCommerce, EDD, Tutor LMS, Revolution Slider, & Layer Slider.
  • Lots of navigation styles & remote navigation widgets.
  • Unique slider animations.
  • Full Custom Slider option.
  • Easy to use and responsive.
  • Fast & efficient loading time.
  • Over 2600 ready-templates including sliders.
Unlimited Elements Sliders

Status:- Free & Pro plans

Active Installation:- 200,000+

Pro Pricing:- $49

Unlimited Elements for Elementor is a wonderful plugin for Elementor that has quite a number of slider widgets to offer.

Inside the plugin, you will find features to create post slides, slider video exhibitions, tribute sliders, and more. Consider it a similar choice like Element Pack.

Top Features:-

  • 13 Unique Slider widgets.
  • Creative animations with color management.
  • Customizable slider features.
  • Highly responsive layouts.
  • Post & WooCommerce sliders.
  • Full-width support.

Status:- Pro plans

Active Installation:- 9m+

Pro Pricing:- $35

Slider Revolution is a top-pick slider for Elementor that has the highest number of users all over the world.

This slider plugin is truly a monster considering the features it provides along with a powerful user dashboard for customization.

Although it gets a bit difficult at the beginning, mastering Slider Revolution will unlock a new world to you.

Top Features:-

  • A Fully-custom slider builder plugin.
  • Dedicated slider-builder dashboard with precise controls.
  • Access to a library of professional templates.
  • 250+ Slider templates with 25+ addons.
  • 2000+ element library.
  • Highly responsive sliders.
  • Build sliders from elements and build anything.
  • Integrates with various WordPress addons.
  • Built-in SEO settings for better search visibility.
  • Multimedia support.

Status:- Pro plans

Active Installation:- 100,000+

Pro Pricing:- $17

Master Slider is another powerful slider plugin for WordPress that has been around for a while and delivering quality sliders.

Built with jQuery, the slider plugin offers lightweight and faster slideshows fit for any occasion. Not to forget, this is a custom slider builder that lets you make your own sliders.

Top Features:-

  • SEO-friendly Slider plugin.
  • Built for both beginners and experts.
  • Custom Slider-builder features.
  • 90+ slider templates.
  • Responsive sliders with starter templates.
  • CSS3 animations powered by jQuery Fallback.
  • Import-Export Tools
  • WooCommerce & Post sliders available.

Status:- Free & Pro plans

Active Installation:- 50,000+

Pro Pricing:- $17

Slider by Soliloquy is a well-known slider for Elementor due to its innovative slider builder features.

The plugin is easy to set up and use, whether you are a beginner. Also, you can also customize the layouts easily and without knowing coding.

Top Features:-

  • User-friendly slider interface.
  • 14 slider types & 15 ready-demos
  • Guttenberg Blocks adaptation.
  • Static & Dynamic slider layouts.
  • Post & WooCommerce sliders.
  • Multi-media support.
  • Responsive design and customizations.
Meta Slider

Status:- Free & Pro plans

Active Installation:- 600,000+

Pro Pricing:- $39.50

As one of the most popular slider plugins in the WordPress ecosystem, MetaSlider and MetaSlider Pro simplify the task of creating stunning and engaging sliders.

What sets this plugin apart is its all-in-one approach. You can set slide captions, links, and SEO fields all from a single page, streamlining the slider creation process.

Top Features:-

  • 11 Professional slider themes.
  • 4 slideshow types with 20+ transition effects.
  • Dynamic post sliders with Layered slides.
  • Video slides with YouTube & Vimeo support.
  • Complete WCAG access.
  • Custom theme options.
  • HTML slides with 50 CSS3 transitions.
  • compatible with Gutenberg Block Editor
Play Video about Slider - Ultimate Responsive Image Slider

Status:- Free & Pro plans

Active Installation:- 40,000+

Pro Pricing:- $35

Ultimate Responsive Image Slider is one of the minimalistic yet quality image sliders for Elementor and it’s made for bloggers.

With its simplistic multiple image uploaders, you can add many slides in a single slider and then personalize your site at a high level.

Top Features:-

  • Multiple Image Uploader.
  • 17 handy slider features.
  • 5 ready-templates.
  • Fully responsive slider.
  • Thumbnails and mouse-wheel scroll slide options.
  • Customizable slider layouts including magnification.
  • Browser-level compatibility.
  • Multi-language support.
Slider Factory Pro

Status:- Pro plans

Active Installations:- ______

Pro Pricing:- $35

Slider Factory Pro is developed by the same team who’s behind Ultimate Responsive Image Slider.

This one is not an image slider but a multi-purpose slider plugin that combines a bunch of unique layouts and animation features for sliders.

Top Features:-

  • 21 creative Slider layout styles.
  • Lots of slider presets or skins available.
  • Highly mobile responsive layouts.
  • Unique transition effects with customizations.
  • Both vertical & horizontal sliders.
  • Can mix different layouts together.
  • Advanced slider-builder WP dashboard.

So, how much did you find out?

Found a slider for your website?

While the list is short to not bore you out, each slider plugin mentioned here are picked from the best performing titles.

Honestly, we had to skip on some good titles because they are no longer updating for months.

Consider this list as the best one available with regular updates and support.

If you have any slider in mind, feel free to let us know about it.

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Md Abdullah Sakib Talukdar
Md Abdullah Sakib Talukdar
Abdullah Sakib is a Senior SEO Content Writer and Content Manager with 3+ years of experience in the WordPress industry. He is skilled in creating high-quality content that converts and he excels at NLP copywriting.

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