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Best gallery plugin for Elementor

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Are you looking for the best gallery plugin for Elementor and WordPress?

If yes, this article can obviously help you finding one right now.

In this article, we have listed some best gallery plugins for Elementor and discussed them to make it easy for you to choose.

Let’s jump into the content.

What is a gallery and gallery plugin for Elementor?

By a ‘Gallery’, we can understand a collection of images or videos in a nice looking interface with decorations that make the whole picture awesome.

Then, what does a gallery plugin mean?

This may be a common question with a common answer.

But no, it’s a bit technical.

A gallery plugin is a visual interface that combines images, videos, animations, and more in grids, carousels, masonry, or any preferred layouts.

The plugin lets you customize the appearance of your galleries, including aspects like spacing, image size, captions, hover effects, and more, to match your website’s design.

And these customization systems are not simple.

So, that makes galleries one of the challenges for developers.

But why should you bother?

There are many developed and high-performing galleries available to meet your requirements right now.

List of some best gallery plugin for Elementor:

There are two types of galleries found normally-

  • Media type (image/video)
  • Product type (eCommerce based)

In our list, we have added both image/video galleries and product galleries.

Though product galleries fall into eCommerce purposes, they seemed relevant enough to not to ignore them.

Pixel Gallery addon for Elementor

The first entry in our list is the Pixel Gallery addon for Elementor.

Built and to be used alongside Elementor page builder, Pixel Gallery is a dedicated gallery plugin that rivals most of the existing gallery builders for WordPress.

The plugin offers 60 custom gallery layouts with unique shape, interface style, animation, and hover effects.

On top of that, you can customize each layout to suit your preferences and the options it provides are no joke.

With this plugin, you can build image or video galleries for-

  • Travel blogs
  • Fashion blogs
  • Portfolios
  • Memorabilia albums
  • Product websites
  • …and more

Pixel Gallery is a “free to grab” plugin that comes with 45 gallery widgets out of 60.

The rest 15 comes with the premium version which starts at $24.99/year.

Here are the Free and Premium product links.

Livemesh plugin

Livemesh is an Elementor addon that offers a number of features for the page builder.

Among the features, it has quite stunning Image Gallery and Video Gallery widgets that we could not ignore.

Both gallery widgets come with 7 header designs and 3 unique widget skins that you can customize to create different combinations.

Plus, they have integrated features like Lazy Load, Load more button, and infinite scroll.

However, this is a post-type gallery that uses posts images instead of direct gallery image input.

As Livemesh is not a dedicated gallery addon, you will have to pay a minimum of $29/year to enjoy the premium gallery widgets.

No free galleries here.

Get to the pricing page – here.

NextGEN Gallery is one of the best gallery plugins for Elementor.

It has two main gallery styles i.e.: slideshows and thumbnail galleries, and two album styles i.e.: compact and extended.

With precise customization options, you can control the size, style, timing, transitions, lightbox effect, and more of your gallery.

Using the NextGEN plugin, you can-

  • create albums of different galleries to display many images.
  • create slideshow galleries.
  • add watermarks, deep image links, and more.
  • include eCommerce functionality.
  • choose from compact and extended galleries.
  • include thumbnail galleries, list albums, and blog-style galleries.

And more.

This plugin is a professional-level image gallery and can be recommended to anyone.

The best part, NextGEN is not just a gallery builder but also an image-selling system builder.

The premium version starts at $49.

Get this gallery plugin here.

Element Pack addon gallery widget

As one of the leading addon for Elementor, Element Pack offers a very innovative Image Gallery widget.

Named “Advanced Image Gallery“, the widget offers some really good customizations, starting with the layout style, gallery design, and interactive animations.

With this gallery widget, you can build lightbox galleries, packed, masonry, spotlight, carousel, image mask, title, link, and hidden-type image galleries.

Additionally, all these are static so you can insert images according to your preferences.

That’s not all, there are post-type galleries available at Element Pack such as Portfolio gallery, Post Grid, Post Carousel, Thumb Gallery, and Video gallery.

So, there’s pretty much everything you need for every occasion.

While Element Pack has a free version with many features, the pro version starts at $49/year.

Check it here.

Ultimate addon gallery widget

Ultimate Addons is also has a specialized image gallery widget available that lets you create instant image galleries.

Their image gallery widget has features closed to Element Pack’s widget but with less functionalities.

But you can get masonry, justified, grid, and carousel layouts with lots of appearance customizations.

The plugin is not free and it costs at least $57/year.

Check the gallery widget.

Powerpcak addon gallery widget

The image gallery widget by Powerpack addon is one of the simplest yet clean design galleries for WordPress.

This gallery widget supports masonry, grid, and justified layouts with some pretty amazing hover animations for interactivity.

Plus, it offers load more feature for the images and that add more detail and quality to your galleries.

Also, the navigation and customizations are easy.

You can get this gallery widget (along with 69 other features) at $49/year.

Check it here.


The JetProductGallery is a must-have plugin if you run a WooCommerce shop and want to display your products in the most suitable spot.

This is a dedicated gallery plugin that will help you boost your product awareness by captivating your customers with modern styles.

Amazingly, the gallery supports WooCommerce products, custom Post type, manual uploads, and featured Videos.

So, it’s a jack-of-all-trade feature that you have been looking for.

As for pricing, it costs only $23/year.

Check it out here.


If you are looking for a gallery plugin that is easy to use but packs lots of features, then you can choose Powerfolio plugin.

This is another dedicated image gallery plugin that combines some of the top-class features to deliver a better visual experience.

To be honest, this plugin goes into the top 5 league.

Although it’s at number 8 on our list, the numbers do not represent any hierarchy.

On top of a feature-rich plugin, Powerfolio also provides a live gallery editor so you can customize and test the features on site.

That nails down the price it sells at, only $29.90/year.

Get this addon from here.

Elementor Pro Image Gallery

Did you know Elementor also has an image gallery widget?

Well, it’s not new as Elementor has introduced it separately in one of its pages.

It’s a very minimalistic gallery widget with a lot of features provided by the page builder.

So, if you want a quick layout for your images, give this one a chance.

For your information, Elementor gives this gallery builder for free and you can get it along with the free page builder plugin.

See how it is.

Envira Gallery is selected as the best gallery plugin for Elementor. You can make a beautiful gallery using cool features reserved for it.

This gallery plugin includes social sharing, video support, albums, watermarking, image deep linking, WooCommerce support, and more.

It is well-designed and you can create your galleries with the drag and drop option, no coding is needed!

This best gallery plugin for Elementor is mobile-friendly. You can start selling your images integrating with WooCommerce and get paid by Stripe.

Envira Gallery includes Gutenberg block that many other competitors don’t have. You can secure your website from taking your images and using them elsewhere by the users with the watermarking and password protection tool.

The premium version of this gallery plugin starts at $26/year for a single site.

You can get the gallery plugin here: Envira Gallery

Visual Portfolio plugin

Visual Portfolio is one of the less-known gem for providing a next-gen image gallery building experience in WordPress.

Among the available gallery builder, Visual Portfolio stands out due to its classy and cheesy layouts and interface animations.

You can easily build creative grids, image tiles, sliders, and coverflow carousels with this plugin.

Additionally, you are getting layouts for post-types and portfolios at the same time.

And it’s a free plugin. (comes with some crazy gallery settings)

Check out the free plugin here. Or, get the premium at $39/year.

FooGallery is possibly a beast gallery plugin for Elementor as its performance is at the top level.

This plugin is powerful, Retina-ready, and supports video galleries.

Even with heavy loads, it does not slow down the page loading speed.

You can also customize the gallery layouts, thumbnail support, Retina support, media library, drag and drop builder, and the ability to use CSS.

Its premium version includes a wider range of gallery layouts, tilers, infinite scroll, video galleries, advanced hover effects, captions, and more.

Premium start at $39.99/year.

You can get this gallery plugin here: FooGallery

Skyboot Elementor Image Gallery

It’s a new entry into the WordPress gallery plugin league but Skyboot Elementor Image Gallery promises some exciting features.

The plugin itself is very simple yet offers 15+ features (current + promised) that you can use to modify the interface style.

Still not popular but has a potential to grow.

The plugin is free so you can give it a try and see how it performs.

Click here and get the details.

Modula another gallery plugin. It can beat the other plugin and can be the best gallery plugin for Elementor. It is a user-friendly plugin that helps you create appealing photo and video galleries.

With the custom grid functionality of this plugin, you can resize images by controlling their heights, widths, and aspect ratio within your gallery’s container at your will.

You can switch a gallery from ‘creative gallery’ to ‘custom grid’ easily, and change the dimensions of your images by the drag and drop option.

Advanced users can add CSS that can be applied to galleries separately, using its advanced customization section.

Modula’s premium starts at $39/year.

You can get the best gallery plugin for Elementor here: Modula

Photo Gallery by 10Web can be the best gallery plugin for Elementor. The admin interface of this plugin is easy to understand and you can get images on your site immediately.

This plugin has few settings that make it ideal for all users i.e.: beginner or expert. It lets you create unlimited albums where many galleries can be stored.

You can also create galleries from embedded videos. It includes an option to mix-and-match galleries with images and videos.

This plugin includes helpful features i.e.: social sharing buttons, image watermarking and right-click protection, different gallery templates options, and more. It is SEO-friendly that allows you to insert relevant tags and metadata.

It is mobile-friendly, meaning it looks wonderful on mobile devices plus provides 15 slideshow effects. You can choose this plugin with your eyes closed.

Premium starts at $85 (6 months support renew) with additional widgets and form builders. 

You can get the gallery plugin here: Photo Gallery by 10Web

What's Your Favorite Gallery Plugin?

Above, we mentioned some of the best gallery plugin for Elementor and described them to you as easily as possible.

Now, it is your choice to pick one that suits your purpose.

If you feel like we are missing plugins in the list, let us know and we will add them.

Keep an eye on for updates.

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