Best Gallery Plugin for Elementor

Do you want to decorate your blog or site with an eye-catching picture or an attractive video using a gallery plugin?

Are you just moving around and looking for the best gallery plugin for Elementor?

Yes? Then you are welcome! You have come to the right place where you can get the solution to your problem.

Here, I shall point a flashlight upon some gallery plugins and let you choose the best gallery plugin for Elementor that suits your business.

Now, Let me brief you on what is a gallery and what is a gallery plugin for Elementor.

What is a gallery?

A gallery is a place that includes images and videos to decorate a blog or site attracting and driving visitors to it and helping grow your business.

You can use a gallery to decorate your website and expand your business quickly.

What is a gallery plugin for Elementor?

A gallery plugin for Elementor is a plugin that provides gallery items i.e.: images, videos to use in Elementor that makes your blog or site catch the eyeballs of your visitors. Gallery plugin performs a great role to enrich your site.

Here is a list of the best gallery plugin for Elementor for you to choose from:

  1. Elementor – Pro Gallery
  2. Element Pack Pro
  3. NextGEN Gallery
  4. Envira Gallery
  5. Master Addons Image Gallery
  6. Livemesh Add-ons
  7. Ultimate Addons for Elementor
  8. Modula Image Gallery
  9. Photo Gallery by Supsystic
  10. FooGallery
  11. Photo Gallery by 10Web
  12. Power Pack – Elementor Image Gallery Widget
  13. Jet Product Gallery

Let’s go deep into them!

best gallery plugin for Elementor

If you want to use Elementor’s own plugin, then you can try the Elementor Pro Gallery plugin. It is meant to be the best gallery plugin for Elementor.

This plugin is tremendously lightweight. It allows seamless installation and integration.

You do not need coding to use it. With this, you can organize better by filtering multiple galleries and can create more organized image categories for your work.

Its original Javascript engine is built and developed from scratch as truly unique and one-of-a-kind that will help you feel the amazing experience.

Using this plugin, you can avail:

  • Justified, and masonry layouts for photo galleries.
  • Traditional gallery.
  • Responsive coding.
  • Custom and unique layouts/templates.
  • Quick and seamless solutions.
  • Building your website or gallery with ease.

The pro version has:

  • 90+ basic and premium widgets.
  • 300+ basic and premium templates.
  • 60+ pro website kits.
  • Plus premium support.

Isn’t it amazing for you? Hopefully yes!

The pro version of this plugin has the following packages currently available:

  • Essential: $49/Year
  • Advanced: $99/Year
  • Expert: $199/Year

You can buy this best gallery plugin for Elementor here: Elementor – Pro Gallery

02 Element Pack Pro - BdThemes

The all-new Element Pack Pro helps build websites with unlimited possibilities. It is considered the best gallery plugin for Elementor.

This plugin includes advanced, and super-flexible widgets with first-class support. You can get a refund if you are not fully satisfied.

It fulfills all your needs in Elementor. This tailor-made plugin has 100+ features. You can present a dynamic design mixing your mindset.

You can make an eye-catching site with the help of this plugin if you want, no coding is needed. 

It has 1700+ pre-made designs and ready blocks. With a single click, you can copy any block or section, and this can save tons of time working on your project.

You can get this best gallery plugin for Elementor here: Element Pack Pro

03 NextGen Gallery - BdThemes

NextGen Gallery is a feature-rich and top-rated image gallery plugin. It can be considered the best gallery plugin for Elementor.

It is mostly suitable for those users who do heavy-duty tasks, especially for photographers. Looking for advanced features? Trust me, this plugin is for you for the best use!

For instance, it lets you do image management and create shortcodes. You will be able to sell images. NextGen Gallery is one of the best image gallery plugins you can use, ‘cause it’s active on over 7,00,000 sites.

The free version has three gallery styles:

  • Slideshow
  • Image browser
  • Thumbnail

On the contrary, in the pro version, there are lot more styles to enjoy, including:

  • Masonry
  • Filmstrip
  • Mosaic
  • Client proofing
  • Selling digital downloads

And so on.

You can get this best gallery plugin for Elementor here: NextGEN Gallery

04 Envira Gallery - BdThemes

Envira Gallery is a famous gallery bootstrap plugin. It is obviously the best gallery plugin for Elementor.

It comes with the style of the ModulaImage Gallery and includes the advanced features of the NextGen Gallery. There are limited features in the free version. If you want more, use the premium version.

The backend functionality of this plugin is very simple. You just have to choose the image you want to use. You have the option to choose images from here as well as from an external source.

Thus, you can customize many settings as you want. The premium version of this plugin includes:

  • Album functionality.
  • Video galleries.
  • Social sharing functions.
  • WooCommerce-ready to sell photos.
  • Watermarking.
  • Client proofing to help you work with clients.
  • Image deep-linking.

Envira Gallery has a premium version, which starts from $29.

You can go to this best gallery plugin for Elementor here: Envira Gallery

05 Master Addons Image Gallery - BdThemes

Master Addons Image Gallery lets you showcase beautiful photos on your website smoothly. It is meant to be the best gallery plugin for Elementor.

This plugin has many useful features, and you can customize its functionality gradually.

There is no doubt that this plugin is highly efficient for e-markets. It is easy to use too.

Hence, the best image gallery supports you can gain with this plugin. If you want to prettify your website, the eye-catching design of this plugin can help.

Clearly, this is to say, this user-friendly plugin will help you create photo galleries simply and swiftly.

Helpful points of this plugin are:

  • Dramatically target
  • Elementor filterable image gallery
  • User-friendly
  • Image gallery without filter
  • Image gallery without title

You can catch this best gallery plugin for Elementor here: Master Addons Image Gallery

06 Livemesh Add ons - BdThemes

Livemesh Add-ons is one of the oldest add-on plugins, which have 90,000+ active installations; it’s a pleasing rather than a swaggering thing. It can be the best gallery plugin for Elementor.

You can create dynamic portfolio pages and image galleries on your website with the great and numerous features of Livemesh Add-ons.

This plugin has the features below:

  • Post sliders
  • Multi slider posts
  • Post carousel solutions
  • Grid layouts for portfolios and image galleries
  • Social media grids for Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, etc
  • Piecharts
  • Tabs and accordion solutions (for premium subscribers)
  • Progress bars
  • Odometer features for portfolios and blogs
  • Client reviews and client pages
  • Services pages (premium)

And so on.

Anyone who is serious about all-inclusive plugins for WooCommerce and Elementor can choose Livemesh Add-ons keeping his eyes closed.

The premium version of this plugin includes:

  • Demo site replication
  • Grids with AJAX pagination
  • Lightbox support
  • Advanced grid/lazy load
  • Animations
  • Advanced image slider
  • Social media grids
  • Dedicated support desk services

And more.

The premium version includes this pricing:

  • Personal: $37/Year for 1 single site
  • Business: $69/Year for 5 sites
  • Developer: $99/Year for up to 25 websites

You can dive into the best gallery plugin for Elementor here: Livemesh Add-ons

07 Ultimate Addons for Elementor - BdThemes

Ultimate Addons for Elementor plugin is the source of a flexible and totally customized gallery for your website. It is considered the best gallery plugin for Elementor.

You can take advantage of numerous customization choices and several advanced options for a gallery with this plugin that is exactly right for your website, gallery, or eCommerce storefront.

This plugin contains some of the most notable features:

  • Filterable video categories to help with navigation, browsing, and organization
  • Categorized video categories
  • Play and embed videos you upload inline or aligned with your preferred grid layout
  • Video carousel featured by Vimeo
  • Lightbox or inline display options
  • Sorting and ordering features
  • Manage the layout and settings of your gallery with an easily accessible backend
  • Optimized loading to prevent affecting your page’s load time

This plugin lets you quickly launch a modern, professional, and sleek digital portfolio or image gallery even you are not a programmer or a technical hand.

Get your dreams to come true with just a few clicks using this plugin. The plugin has some packages for the premium version below:

  • Ultimate Add-ons: $55
  • Essential bundle: $169
  • Growth bundle: $249

You can go to this best gallery plugin for Elementor here: Ultimate Addons for Elementor

08 Modula Image Gallery - BdThemes

Want to create a beautiful gallery plugin? Then Modula Image Gallery can help you. It can be the best gallery plugin for Elementor.

This plugin offers great features for you to easily decorate your website. Remarkably, when you install it, you will get an excellent mosaic gallery within a few seconds.

The most convincing function of this plugin is the default fresh look of its galleries and you can see it with its default settings.

Moreover, with the settings area, you can customize:

  • Change sizing, lightbox, and layout options
  • Offers loading and hover effects
  • Captions available

Apart from heavy-duty configurations, Modula Image Gallery can meet all your necessity in the image gallery.

In the pro version, you can get:

  • Built-in image CDN via StackPath. And, optimization via ShortPixel
  • Ajax filterable galleries
  • Support unlimited images in a gallery.
  • Lightbox styles and hover/loading effects

The pro version of this plugin starts at $39.

You can get this best gallery plugin for Elementor here: Modula Image Gallery

09 Photo Gallery by Supsystic - BdThemes

If you want a well-rated freemium (free+premium) plugin with many advanced features, you can choose Photo Gallery by Supsystic.

It is meant to be the best gallery plugin for Elementor. With this plugin, you can enjoy a number of excellent pre-made gallery templates.

The free version of this plugin offers:

  • Rounded gallery
  • Standard grid gallery
  • Masonry gallery
  • Lazy loading
  • Lightbox support
  • Social share button
  • TinyPNG integration that helps you optimize images attractively

In addition, the backend settings area includes many options allowing you with controlling options. You can use your own media library to import gallery images.

Also, you can add other internal and external image sources. The premium version of this plugin offers support for videos, including:

  • Facebook
  • FTP server
  • Tumblr
  • Flickr
  • Google Drive

You can jump to the best gallery plugin for Elementor here: Photo Gallery by Supsystic

10 FooGallery - BdThemes

If you want to get beautiful galleries, FooGallery can help you. It has the possibility to be the best gallery plugin for Elementor.

As you know that it is not a heavy-duty eCommerce plugin, but it can make an alluring front-facing gallery.

You will get a number of advanced features within it, such as:

  • Lazy loading
  • Infinite scroll
  • Advanced pagination

And more.

You can upload your images right at the top with the backend interface of this plugin. In addition, you can customize the plugin’s settings with a simple meta box.

Moreover, you have to install the separate FooBox plugin to enjoy the lightbox functionality. You will be glad to know that, you can create masonry galleries in both versions.

The pro version of this plugin supports for:

  • Numerous gallery templates and styles
  • Frontend filtering for galleries with categories
  • Loading effects
  • Infinite scroll
  • Video galleries
  • 11 hover effect presets.

You can have best gallery plugin for Elementor here: FooGallery

11 Photo Gallery by 10Web - BdThemes

If you want top-quality service, Photo Gallery by 10Web will be your first choice. It is obviously the best gallery plugin for Elementor.

It allows you to enjoy more functionality and supercharges your image gallery build-up experience.

The gallery layouts of this plugin are:

  • Slideshow
  • Thumbnail
  • Image browser

Additionally, in the free version, you will get some useful backend performance options like:

  • Lazy loading
  • Adding watermarks
  • Image preloading for the lightbox images
  • E-commerce add-on to sell your images

In the pro version, you will get many useful features like:

  • More lightbox options
  • Social media sharing buttons
  • Instagram integration-ready with automatic import
  • Instagram images available in a gallery
  • Support for video galleries

The pro version starts at $30.

If you want to get an e-commerce configuration, you have to pay $100.

You can get the best gallery plugin for Elementor here: Photo Gallery by 10Web

12 Power Pack - BdThemes

If you are looking to jump right into creating your own gallery or portfolio then you can grab Power Pack. This plugin can be the best gallery plugin for Elementor.

You can find plenty of features to choose from and can create a unique and classified portfolio or image gallery. The image gallery widget has an array of features useful for eCommerce stores, professional artists, even personal pages with family albums.

Some notable features of the image gallery of this plugin include:

  • Masonry, grid, or justified layouts.
  • Unique hover effects that help your portfolio or image gallery to stand out.
  • Filterable image galleries to help users to find what they are looking for.
  • Various image effects such as layout tweaks and grid snapping to cropping and cutting images for an improved aesthetic.
  • Custom captions for each of your gallery thumbnails and photos showcased.

And so on.

If you want to gain access instantly to 60+ Elementor widgets including the image gallery plugin, you have to subscribe to the plugin’s service itself.

You can get this best gallery plugin for Elementor here: Power Pack

13 Jet Product Gallery - BdThemes

Jet Product Gallery comes with 4 widgets that which is an all-inclusive solution for creating a gallery/portfolio. This plugin is meant to be the best gallery plugin for Elementor.

This plugin may be right for those who are new and focused on building an eCommerce storefront with Elementor.

Jet Product Gallery has the features below:

  • You can create custom post types to add any type of content to your website, blog, or eCommerce storefront.
  • You can showcase a featured video by adding videos to your products and product pages.
  • You can import and use WooCommerce products while displaying galleries and portfolios.
  • You can utilize a manual upload process as needed to add to your portfolios or galleries.
  • You can use a product gallery slider to showcase your products in a unique fashion.
  • You can utilize gallery anchor navigation to allow users the ability to scroll through individual products within your catalog or category pages.
  • You can incorporate a gallery grid for a clean, yet modern and sophisticated portfolio layout.

And more.

The pro version of this plugin includes pricing below:

  • Starts at $15 for a single individual license.
  • All-inclusive: $130/Year for 1 website.
  • All-inclusive Unlimited: $265/Year for unlimited websites.
  • Lifetime membership: $750 includes all options open.

You can dive into this plugin here: Jet Product Gallery


I have arranged a number of gallery plugins, each can be considered as the best gallery plugin for Elementor, and discussed elaborately, so you can select the right one for your site.

Thank you for reading patiently. Look at them, understand them, and pick one that suits you.

Keep in touch and have a nice day. See you again.

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