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Best free one page elementor templates

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Finding the best free one page Elementor templates for your website is not an easy task. There are more than a couple of thousand one-page templates and not every one of them is perfect.

As a one-page website requires an innovative design to reach more people, having a template with the highest synchronization with WordPress is the right choice. Also, the template must be lightweight, has a good SEO structure, and deliver well. Don’t forget that a good one-page template isn’t necessarily the one that costs higher.

That’s why in this article, we are going to tell you about the best free one page Elementor templates that will be the perfect layout for your website.

Let’s get started!

1. Appvilla

Appvilla- best free one page elementor templates

If you are looking for a new landing page for your mobile app then Appvilla is one of the best free one page elementor templates for this job.

Designed with pure HTML code, Appvilla makes the perfect one page template having a sleek & modern design. The layout contains 7 sections including faq, service page, & testimonial.

Packed with high-resolution images, the template still loads under 2 sec and it weights less than a megabyte. According to the readings from GTMetrix, Appvilla is an AA-grade one page template with zero blocking time issues.

Key Features

  • Lossless design
  • Perfectly aligned for sections
  • Clean-coded template
  • WooCommerce integration

Such an awesome template comes completely free of cost. You will definitely love this template designed by UiDeck.


GYM PAGE is one of the best free one page elementor templates dedicated for gym websites. The template is made with Elementor page builder which makes it more interactive with Elementor.

The template is equipped with interactive card widgets, advanced icon box widgets, and advanced pricing table widgets. The whole page contains multiple custom icons to bring out the charm of your website. These custom icons are different from Elementor’s own icon and come for free.

GYM PAGE also has a custom header and footer design which you can utilize to make unique appearances on your site. 

Key Features

  • Built for Elementor
  • Advanced animations
  • Custom header-footer
  • SEO optimized layout

The template has an A-grade on GTMetrix and loads pretty fast (under 2 sec) even with a 4.6 Megabyte page weight. Grab this template for free anytime you want.

3. Kora

Kora is meant to be a SaaS application based website template, made with Bootstrap HTML. This one page template has popular Elementor features like logo slider, lightbox, client testimonial, etc.

Unlike your regular web template, Kora is super lightweight compared to the high resolution interface. The template has used more static sections over animations which makes it load faster.

Key Features

  • Advanced lightbox animation
  • Smooth transitions
  • Custom fonts
  • Newsletter support

Although Kora ranks as a B-grade template according to GTMetrix, it still loads under 2 seconds and has what it takes to become one of the best free one page Elementor templates.


If we consider a travelling website to be a blast then MNTN is the perfect template to build the ultimate travelling website. You can call this template as one of the best free one page Elementor templates.

The reason is, MNTN combines design with dynamic animation techniques that makes the the background come alive. This is the cahrm of a super sleek template designed with Figma.

Key Features

  • Dynamic background animations
  • Perfect dark color shading
  • Compatible with Elementor and all plugins

Truth is, MNTN is a heavy template that greatly reduces the loading speed of your site. Rated at C-grade on GTMetrix, we kept MNTN as a top one page template because of its prystine appearance and SEO-friendly graphics.

5. Lander

Lander is another great one page template for SaaS app websites that is on the heavier side.

Yes, this template weights a little more than regular template. Lander is packed with amazing cool motion graphics on the hero page. The whole page is loaded with clean graphics and animations including profile boxes, pricing tables, icon boxes, etc.

Key Features

  • Dynamic animations
  • Lots of features
  • Social Media sharing options
  • Clean design

Like the template above, Lander is rated as a B-grade template by GTMetrix due to the site weight and loading speed. Still, it’s one of the best free one page Elementor templates you can get for free.

6. Dazzle

Looking for a high-resolution minimalistic app landing page template? If you are a fan of HD graphics and light animations but don’t like too many features on the hero page then Dazzle is for you.

Dazzle is a stylish Elementor template built with 100% HTML codes. The template is very lightweight while having a matured look. It comes with up to date Elementor features including prallax scrolling, testimonial, slider, etc.

Key Features

  • Pristyne page layout
  • Highly responsible template
  • Super fast loading speed
  • Image optimization

Dazzle is an AA-grade template according to GTMetrix. The page loads under 2 seconds despite having a beutiful looking interface. We recommand it as one of the best free one page Elementor templates for your app-based website.

7. TourNest

If you are looking for the perfect one page template for your travel website, then our pick is TourNest.

This is the very first template that comes with a complete WooCommerce integration. TourNest is packed with the most necessary travel-tour features like booking counter, display cards, check-in, and many more.

Key Features

  • Super lightweight
  • Fastest travel template
  • Full WooCommerce integration
  • Multiple payment gateway supprted
  • Mobile responsive design

TourNest is an AA+ graded template with a 100% performance score on GTMetrix. If you want to horde more travel features by cutting on the animations, the TourNest is the best free one page Elementor templates.

8. Atlas

Atlas is one of the best free one page Elementor template that makes the best online business website.

Atlas is the most minimalistic template design with almost no weight. Best for creating business websites, the template provides pricing table and contact form feature to support your customers.

Key Features

  • Super lightweight design
  • Responsive layout
  • Static interface
  • Mailchimp support

Atlas is an AA+ graded Elementor template with a 100% structure score according to GTMetrix. Perfect for a starter online business solution website.

9. illdy

If we had to rate an one page template as the fastest one then illdy is the perfect suitor of the title. Built for business websites, illdy is an overwhelmingly fast Elementor templates.

The template is mostly made with static parts which reduces the total loading speed by a huge margin. Of course, there are dynamic buttons and gallery which adds animation effects to the page layout.

Key Features

  • Extremely fast
  • Minimal design
  • Static layout
  • Highly responsive

Due to the performance and build quality, illdy has a AA+ scrore on GTMetrix with almost 100% score on both mterix. You can use it for free and enjoy a super sleek interface with  one of the best free one page Elementor templates.

10. Basic

There’s a saying, “Save the best dish for last.”

Let’s get introduced to the fastest and the most powerful SaaS template for Elementor. The one page template named Basic offers a superfast and efficient layout, even with an unbelivable amount of features.

The template is densly packed with animations and there are many features included inside, i.e. icon box, section parallax, advanced counter, profile portfolio, testimonial, and newsletter.

Key Features

  • Superfast loading speed
  • Super lightweight template
  • Lots of features
  • Highly Elementor compatible

Basic is almost S-rated one page template according to GTMetrix. Even after loaded with so many features, the template loads under 1 second which is unbelievable. This is one of the best free one page Elementor templates which is way beyond the league.


In this article, we highlighted the best free one page Elementor templates to build awesome websites having unique features, faster loading speed, and efficient layout.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article

If you have any suggestions regarding the templates, don’t hesitate to share with us.

Stay safe.

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