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10 Reasons to choose Prime Slider For your WordPress website

10 reasons to choose Prime Slider for your WordPress website

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Looking for the perfect slider for your website? We present Prime Slider for you. In your WordPress website, you can use any slider for your purpose. But, you will love to choose Prime Slider if you know the charming reasons behind it. 

We will discuss 10 reasons to choose Prime Slider for your WordPress website in this article.

Let’s get started without wasting any more time!

What is basically an Elementor WordPress Slider?

A WordPress slider is basically a slider plugin that is used in WordPress to showcase items to visitors in an attractive way. It allows the users to present the items in slides to promote their business online which lures visitors at first sight.

It is a modern and stylish system that drives more visitors to a website and increases the number rapidly.

Why use a Elementor slider plugin for your website?

It’s better to show items in slides than in static view, and it is a new concept to promote business online. Sliders help users to spread their business in a systematic way.

There are many pretty good reasons to use a WordPress slider plugin for your website. It helps you in many ways like it improves the view of your website, driving more visitors, lessening the burden of difficulties of showcasing items, and many more. 

Let’s have look at these points below:

It Saves Time and Effort To Design Web Pages

If you design a webpage with scattered and incoherent items, that will make you lose time and effort, and the result of incoming traffic will be zero. 

On the other hand, if you design a webpage with a slider containing ordered and coherent items, that will save you time and effort, and the result will be unbelievable.

Designing a webpage is a little difficult task for a number of users, but if they use a WordPress slider to get the job done, they can see that it saves their time and effort and they feel comfortable with this.

Sliders Often Come with a Header as a Complete Package

It is very well known that the header is a vital part of a webpage. And most of the time it contains the main event or the clear idea of the website. 

If a slider is used to design the header, it comes with a complete package for the visitor. For this, the visitors get the gesture of what the website is about.

As you know, when visitors surf the internet in search of a suitable website for their needs, they first focus their eyes on the header of it. 

Here, you can implement a slider to express the whole package of your site to the visitors so that they will naturally go through your site to know more and trade with you.

Easy Customizations and Responsiveness

It’s necessary and vital for a website that it must have the opportunity for easy customization and responsiveness. These facilities will help you make the website acceptable to the users.

Easy customization is an important factor for a website and it is an amazing thing for the users too. If the users can customize their webpage easily using a slider plugin, that will be pleasing for them and you can get their confidence in the product and get more feedback. 

Responsiveness is another vital point for a website. There are many people around the world who use many different devices to browse websites for their needs. 

A website must have the ability to be available on any device anywhere in the world. The quality of responsiveness gives the availability of a website. A website responsive to any device can grab the online market quickly and develop soon.

Let's get introduced to Prime Slider

Prime Slider is a popular plugin developed by BdThemes. This plugin lets you showcase your items to visitors in an aesthetic way. It is dedicated to creating sliders for any website built in WordPress & Elementor.

Prime slider is a fast, fully customizable, functional slider plugin that fits every site including Blogging, eCommerce, etc. Moreover, it includes an up-to-date UI/UX.

This slider plugin will help you make your slider:

  • Eye-catchy with useful info
  • Responsive (perfectly viewable on any device including mobile, tablet, & desktop)
  • SEO optimized (with title, breadcrumb, link, etc.)
  • Highly optimized for web & server performance.

Why Should You Use Prime Slider For Your WordPress website?

While you are using a WordPress website, you should use Prime Slider for it. The reason behind it is, there are many charming features of Prime Slider that you can use to fabricate your WordPress website. Prime Slider has 32+ widgets, 99+ ready demos,60K+ active installations, and 129+ 5 star ratings in WordPress.org. The features of Prime Slider are-

  • No limits to designing General Slider.
  • Creative Slider Makes your comfort zone wider.
  • Unleash the full potential of your blogging website using the master-crafted Pro widgets.
  • Blogs Slider For innovative blogging experience.
  • WooCommerce Slider Integrates and Expands Your Shop.

Here are some reasons for using Prime Slider for your Elementor website:

1. A Faster Slider for Elementor Website Builder

As you know, there are many slider plugins in the online market. But compared to those, Prime Slider is faster. When you have Prime Slider in hand, you don’t need other slider plugins for blogging or eCommerce storefronts.

Prime Slider takes much less loading time than other sliders. As a result, you get your website ready in the shortest time in action. Therefore, you can consider this plugin suitable for your website. If you want to build a website in a short time, you must need Prime Slider to meet this purpose.

2. Easy to Use and Highly Flexible

Ease of use and high flexibility are vital factors for a slider. When a user visits a website, he expects these two options present on that site. These two factors make a website more acceptable that attracts a huge number of visitors around the world and help you grow your business bigger.

If you search for a slider plugin that has these factors available i.e.: easy to use and highly flexible, then Prime Slider is the right choice for you. You will feel comfortable using it, and do what you need using the flexibility of the plugin.

3. Utmost Compatibility

Compatibility is a vital point that a plugin must have. People around the world can have easy access to your website is a good sign for your business. It helps the website effectively translate via a particular browser or operating system, and a user can access and find it fully functional.

You will be happy to know that Prime Slider has this vital feature that helps you reach to many people easily and smoothly.

4. Responsive to any device

Prime Slider is responsive to any device

Another vital point for a plugin is responsiveness. There are many people around the world who use various kinds of devices to surf the internet. They use devices like androids, tablets, notebooks, MacBooks, laptops, desktops, and more.

If you develop a plugin that works only on a particular device, you will surely lose in the race and your website will fall down quickly. You have to make your plugin dynamic that is compatible with all devices and it will help you make a strong position in the online market.

The good news is, that Prime Slider is responsive to any device. So, whatever device visitors use doesn’t matter. They can use it on any device and get their job done in a short time.

5. Lots of Smooth Animations and Transitions

lots of smooth animations and transitions

A rich plugin must have lots of smooth animations and transitions that make a website attractive and acceptable, and without these, it will not be acceptable to visitors. You can make a website reliable only by using these two features.

The pleasing thing is, Prime Slider includes lots of smooth animations and transitions. These let you add amazing slides containing animations and transitions to a webpage that lures a major portion of visitors to your website. 

6. Express Social Media and Multimedia Content Support

This plugin supports express social media and multimedia content. For this, you can reach a large number of visitors through social media i.e.: Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and multimedia content to help you show your products nicely which makes it easy for your business.

7. Unlimited Customizations Generate Unlimited Unique Sliders

unlimited customization generates unlimited unique sliders

If you want to create unlimited unique sliders, you can choose Prime Slider. Because you will get an option for unlimited customizations if you want to do so. This slider plugin will let you customize your page nicely and smoothly to add sliders as you want to.

8. Totally Secured Plugin

‘Is this plugin secured?’- you may ask! Certainly, it is. You can use this plugin inevitably for creating webpages, sliders, presentations, headers, or footers. Compared with other slider plugins, you can totally trust this plugin for your website.

Advantages for Beginner Web Designers

Are you a beginner web designer? If so, then you can choose Prime Slider. This plugin has advantages for beginners like:

  • More than 32 different professional widgets.
  • There are over 99 demos that can be used immediately.
  • User-friendly slider interface.
  • Integrate blogging aspects in the sliders.
  • Slider widgets for WooCommerce with all available features in slider layout.
  • Comes in free and pro versions with many free slider widgets available.
  • Comes with both header and hero section slider.
  • Show the full potential of your site using beautiful widgets.

Advantages for Expert Web Designers

Expert web designers seek better options for their work. Prime Slider is the answer for them. This plugin has advantages for experts too. They can use the advantages of this plugin in their field of work on their website and implement the options for their desired output.

This plugin provides advantages for the experts like:

  • Expert designers can implement the features in their professional works.
  • The widgets and other features are totally suitable for the experts.
  • Experts can build websites with advanced options of the plugin for users.
  • They can create an advanced, fair, merged, and coherent webpage with this plugin.
  • They can do any type of professional presentation using this plugin.
  • This plugin helps the experts keep a step ahead of the others.

Just Take A Look At The Awesome Prime Slider

Now, let’s look at the amazing features of Prime Slider below:

High-quality Graphics

Want to create a webpage with high-quality graphics? Just choose Prime Slider. You will love to use the eye-soothing feature of this plugin on your website and visitors will be charmed and rush to your website.

Luxuries Designs

You can decorate your webpage using the luxuries designs included in this plugin. These designs will help you create a webpage, a header, a footer, an amazing slider, and many more.

Perfect Combination of Content and Background

Prime Slider helps you make the page view comfortable by combining the content and background perfectly so that visitors feel at home and do their job easily. The combination of content and background creates a pleasant environment on the webpage that attracts visitors and lures them to your site.

Serene Appearance All Time

People are attracted to something or someone at first look seeing their appearance. Similarly, this goes for your website too. An agitated and disturbing appearance of a webpage is bad for your site though it has all the advanced options. For such a case, visitors will make an instant u-turn from your site.

The good news is, that Prime Slider has a cool appearance all time so visitors will come and stay on your page for a longer time and bring more of them.

What’s the delay? Get Prime Slider on Black Friday Sale NOW!

Every year, we celebrate Black Friday in November and run special discount offers on our products. As usual, we are here with our products at a special discount on Black Friday! We are offering a special discount on Prime Slider in the continuity.

You can get this special offer only on this occasion, and grab the best slider plugin in the online market. If you make a slight delay, you will miss this golden opportunity.

So, What are you waiting for? Make your move fast to get Prime Slider on the Black Friday sale offer! Hurry up before the offer closes!

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