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Addons for Elementor

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View what everyone is saying about products from BdThemes after using profoundly and being satisfied with the features and resilience.

Element Pack Features and Support! I am very excited about this product. I love the numerous widgets and the assistance I got from Tauhid, the



Great additional Plugin for Elementor! Just discuss with Tauhid about the plugin and really love the widget provided here. Very slick, fast, and have many

Niko Julius

@Niko Julius

Great products, great company. The support from BdThemes is fantastic. After having issues with the Elements Pro Pack one of their support agents got in

David James Slippery Brick

@David James Slippery Brick

Excellent & 5-star support. Excellent theme (Element Pack Pro) and excellent customer support via chat! Thanks Masum.

Silvia Pallavicini

@Silvia Pallavicini

Excellent User-Friendly Plugin. I recently had the pleasure of using the "Ultimate Post Kit Pro" by BD Themes, and I must say, it's a fantastic

Mohamed Shafiullah B

@Mohamed Shafiullah B

Having a good product is one thing - and BD Themes has that with the Ultimate Post Kit. Another, much more important thing is the

Oliver Heuft

@Oliver Heuft

It's 21:57 and I had a problem with my license. Zillur came online and nothing was too much trouble. I've use BD themes now for

Steve Blood

@Steve Blood

element pack is the best plugin to be used with elementor which makes your life so much easier that have almost every essential widgets that



This made figuring out Elementor a lot easier and includes some downright beautiful bits and pieces. Might be the first WordPress plugin I’ve wanted to

Sagacious Zu


BdThemes have been making some of the amazing plugins for WordPress & Elementor that I have come across. Their support has always been fantastic and

Karan Shah


If you’re looking for aditional elements or sliders BD themes is where you wanna go for! I’ve gone through soo many sliders but the only



We experienced an issue with a BdThemes plugin not activating. We trying everything we could and couldn't solve it so we raised a ticket. The

Kypros Vasiliou


I have been working for the past month on a very complicated website. I installed Element Pack Pro and I just love their features! They



If you want to make a difference with a professional slider for your website, I recommend you try Prime Slider. It's a pass



Ultimate Post Kit Elementor Widget. I am struggling with one widget in elementor since two weeks , I go on check and check around the

Raymond Cardoza

@Raymond Cardoza

I am really appreciate for awesome efforts to design a beautiful wordpress plugin for elementor. If you use this and awesome create magic on your



It’s amazing what possibilities you have with this plugin. I am currently using the device scroll image feature. The plugin (or this feature) was causing



We have been using Element Pack Pro for a year now, and we are very very pleased with it. The support is what you can



Very good experience with this plugin. Lots of creative widgets with advanced features. Many different styles and design options to choose from. Good 24/7 support.



This has a huge amount of powerful, extra little things that just help bring a site to life. As with all things elementor, it’s all



The Element Pack is the best solution to complement Elementor and thus develop fast and useful websites using WordPress.

Agência MOBI


When designing web pages with this plugin, you will love design more and more every moment do not hesitate to choose this plugin



Thanks for providing one of the best elementor addon, all my client love my design and bug-free, with good documentation



One of the best plugin I found for elemetor widget addons. It helps me a lot to design and develop a WordPress website like a

Dhanush Agrahari


I have used it on two of my own websites, and so far, the experience feels tremendous!

Md. Ashfak Faysal


Excelente pluging, slider muy completos y funcionales, modernos con muchas posibilidades para crear tu pagina web. Recomendado.

Jefferson Bermeo Larrota


Sensational and quick plug. I was surprised by the number of features and variations. Easy operation and configuration. I highly recommend everyone to try the



Really easy to use with the slick view. Most of all, the free versions come with a lot of pre-defined templates already. Will recommend it

Ryan Liu


I'm creating a page to use the plugin, I found it very good and beautiful the idea. Thank you.

Luiz Augusto Rodrigues


The images have auto-generated label text and when you scroll over the site it shows like slider_01, etc. This is ugly. I used css to

Pasan Gunawardena


Lightweight and tremendous WordPress free theme. I am amazed to know that its free! I’ll go with this theme.

Wanda J. Hardy

Rite Solution

The Rooten theme is a multipurpose theme packed with all the features that you get in a premium WordPress theme. And the best part is

Janine J. Cahill

Red Bears Tavern

Beyond expectations. No other free themes come with this kind of premium features like The Rooten theme. Awesome theme with great speed.

Miguel D. Tucker

Gamma Grays

Bdthemes, the coder’ behind the free WordPress theme Rooten has done their job perfectly. Build for page builders like Elementor this theme is a masterpiece.

Mark B. Self


Such a FANTASTIC Offer!! Worth every pennies. If you use Elementor this plugin is a nobrainer it's the most useful plugin out there. A++++


United States

The plugin works perfectly and the support is fantastic. I had a compatibility issue that was beyond what the plugin developer is responsible for as


United States

One of the best Elementor add-ons, work fine and smooth. We use from long time free version, but now we pay for PRO, worth every

Alexander Djundi

United States

WOW! Definitely my best purchase for an elementor extension so far. Everything is so well designed and just lovely. It works so smooth and I



I love it all, the features and benefits, the excellent customer support. Selim is great! And it's a wonderful add-on to Elementor/Elementor Pro, as it


United States

The last update is soooooo good. So many features! Iove this addon and I would like to thank the devs for their contribution. Thank you


United States

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Take advantage of fine-tuned plugins to speed up web projects without sacrificing quality. We offer a 14-days money-back guarantee.
BdThemes is the sole owner of #1 market-leading addons for Elementor such as Element Pack Pro, Prime Slider, Ultimate Post Kit, Ultimate Store Kit, Pixel Gallery, and more useful plugins. This website is powered by Element Pack Pro and Rooten Theme.

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