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Elementor Vs Divi – Which one is suitable for you?

When it comes to Elementor vs Divi, there’s really no way you could avoid the argument.

While these two page builders are on top of the food chain, the majority seems to view them differently.

Page builder plugins make WordPress easier for common users who don’t have sufficient coding knowledge.

Amazingly, we found the page builders more versatile for developers too.

As a result, there’s always remains a hype about choosing the right page builder plugin.

One way people see features above cost, and the other way they see efficiency above features.

Either way, both lines of discussion need a conclusion.

So, here we are to give you the gist of the topic of why people bother with Elementor vs Divi.

Also, what makes the differences.

Let’s get started!

Why WordPress Had Page Builder Plugins

Initially, WordPress became famous due to the versatility of this platform in terms of creating websites without much effort.

You remember the classic editor, being a plain page editor that does amazing things but looks difficult.

Since 2018, the classic editor’s been replaced by Gutenberg that uses a block editing method.

Page builder plugins can be seen as advanced Gutenberg editors while being independent/dependent on Gutenberg.

Although they came earlier than Gutenberg (Divi came later), they became popular as people started to get adapted to use them.

While people are fighting over the Elementor vs Divi topic, both page builders possess tremendous potential.

Both let users experience a code-free page-building system with a drag-drop facility.

Since 2016, WordPress got the page builders to enhance web development opportunities.

Elementor vs Divi: What Are They?

Now is the time for basic introductions.

Elementor is a page builder plugin founded in 2016.

This plugin requires the users to drag & drop blocks instead of codes to develop web pages.

This system is quite old and has been on frequent updates to be a more versatile platform.

On the other hand, Divi builder is a part of Elegant Theme and was developed in later 2019.

Divi is also a drag-drop page builder plugin that works over Gutenberg, unlike Elementor that has a separate system.

Both plugins are user-friendly and offer lots of tutorials to get used to them easily.

In terms of overall performance, cost, & reliability; it’s hard to differentiate between them.

But, both have pros & cons we can look into.

Feature Comparison of Elementor and Divi

1 2 - BdThemes

In terms of basic features, both Elementor and Divi have what a user needs.

To help you understand, let’s have a look at the features point-to-point:

  • Drag & Drop Function– Elementor & Divi use blocks instead of raw codes that you can drag and drop inside your web page to add feature/function.
  • Real-Time Page Editor– Both page builders provide a real-time page-building experience. You can see what you are doing on-screen while creating the page, making revisions, or editing.
  • Advanced Control Menu– Both page builder has an advanced menu system that holds the blocks. Elementor’s menu is fixed on the left-hand side (changeable), while Divi has a floating menu.
  • Custom CSS– Both page builders offer custom CSS option.
  • Save & Edit– Elementor & Divi can save your page building progress just where you left it. You can start editing from that point again.
  • Responsive design– Both page builders let you design responsive webpages, suitable for mobile, tab, & other devices.
  • Revisions– Revise applications like Grammarly works well with both type of page builders.

These features are the common ground between Elementor vs Divi.

Now, let’s get a deeper look at their pros & cons.

Page Builder Pros

It’s a fact that both page builders have unique characteristics despite having so much common features.

As a drag & drop builder, both Elementor & Divi works the same way.

But, these are different in terms of offered features, templates, degree of freedom in page editing, etc.

Now, let’s see the pros of the page builder plugins.


  • Lots of Features– Elementor offers so many features to enhance your page building experience.
  • User-friendly– It is the most user-friendly page builder on the market that even a first timer will find easy to use.
  • Page layout– Elementor offers a full page layout editing facility that lets you build your site from scratch.
  • WooCommerce integration– This page builder works really well with WooCommerce and has a ton of modules to set up WooCommerce features on your site.
  • Easy navigation– Elementor offers easy navigation for both the widget blocks & page. You can use the search field to look for specific feature too.
  • 3rd-Party integration– People can anytime install 3rd party plugins and use them to add more features in ELementor. By the way, there are no limits on the number.
  • Rapid growth– Between Elementor vs Divi, the former is advancing in a faster pace and brings lot of new features on every update.
  • Popup designer– Elementor creates beautiful popups for your website including time-based notification, exit-intend, on-click message, etc.


  • Lots of Templates– Divi offers more than 800 templates to help the user grow. These fine templates bring new dimension to the page building experience.
  • Universal Editor– The editor panel lets you edit anything upon click. Just click on the block or text and you can edit it on-screen with a floating editor panel.
  • Complete web package– Aside templates, Divi also provides complete web packs for a certain category of industries.
  • More modules– It has more than 45 fantastic content modules to help you create any kind of website easily.
  • A/B testing– You can easily compare between two different layouts in this page builder. 

Elementor vs Divi: Cons

As there is nothing flawless in the world, we can tell the cons of both Elementor & Divi page builder plugins.

However, these flaws don’t make them bad plugins but indicate the possibilities of improvements.


  • Fewer templates– Compared to Divi, Elementor has less number of templates (around 300) and ready pages. Amazingly, this can be solved using a better 3rd party template plugin with Elementor.
  • Uncertain result– Elementor often displays the complete page with difference from the editing version.
  • Same old UI– According to some users, Elementor UI seems outdated.
  • 3rd party problems– As Elementor allows 3rd party integration, it often runs into problems due to poor plugins.
  • Support issue– It is said that you can’t get to an Elementor support staff in the first try. You’d have to wait for a long time to get a support ticket.


  • Hard to master– Divi has a steep learning-curve that makes it hard to master. Needs proper training to use this plugin.
  • Too many features– It has too many options and features in a compact layout that makes it hard to get things done quickly. This is not an easy page builder.
  • Slow & glitchy editor– Sometimes, Divi becomes very slow or start glitching while designing longer web pages.
  • No popup– It’s unfortunate that Divi doesn’t have a popup builder. It is an important feature that you must need for your website.

Pricing Comparison

money writes with white chalk is hand draw concept - BdThemes

We talked about the features, pros, & cons till now.

But what about the prices?

You will be surprised to know that Elementor costs more than Divi.

It isn’t unfair because Elementor gives more facilities compared to Divi.

Let’s have a look at the prices-


  • $49/year for 1 website
  • $999/year for 1000 websites


  • $89/year for 1000 websites
  • $249/Lifetime for 1000 websites

Looking at the price table, Divi is a lot cheaper than Elementor.

But, Divi is technically a tough nut to crack.

It’s hard to master and beginners don’t find it helpful that much.

On the other hand, Elementor is super easy and super comfortable.

Plus, you can always do things with the free version and may never opt for the pro.

Elementor Vs Divi: Conclusion

So, what’s your pick?

We have made a side-by-side comparison between Elementor & Divi to help you understand their features.

In the end, you should stick with the one you are comfortable with.

Make sure to check out these two amazing page builders: Elementor & Divi.

If you have anything to inform us, please use the comment section.

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