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BdThemes (therein company, we, our) ensures a strict data retention policy for fair play with its users and only retains data necessary to conclude the purchase of any product or license, or service from BdThemes or websites under the banner of BdThemes and maintains the confidentiality of the user data due to the necessary maintenance of the user account, licenses held by the user account, and the back-and-forth collaboration of the user and the product server database at BdThemes.

BdThemes assures that all user data retained by the company are harmless and do not possess the ability to harm users by beneficial, moral, or physical damage and over any distance. The user data is securely stored and maintained within an encrypted database owned by BdThemes or leased data centers that do not reveal or misuse user data at any cost and only use the user data to verify the action of the users by the users themselves.

Data Retention Objectives

  1. For providing services, product updates, consumer support, and licensing to verify the authenticity of a valid user and maintain the user credentials such as the licenses under his/her authority and the power to manage them of his/her free will.
  2. To comply with laws and regulations with the program and government affiliation to provide worldwide data safety and security with the permission and verification of a higher legal authority.
  3. To comply with applicable laws, taxes, and other implications required by the local government or the ministry of foreign affairs.
  4. For security reasons and to answer any legal matter subjected to the identity of the users regarding any misuse of the products owned by the company.
  5. For all other laws and regulations by the international governing body and according to the company policies.

Note:– BdThemes do not store separate copies or duplicates of user data in its possession (in-house or remotely) and only comply to keep duplicates when deemed necessary for processing or maintaining the customer service program through the products (therein plugins). This policy applies in case necessary and does not conflict with existing laws and regulations as well as further fortified by the strict data handling policy by the company.

Data Retention Use Cases

  1. Visitors’ data (all website visitors under the banner) may be retained at a certain time to provide a swift flow of service through the means of caching or CDN or other methods.
  2. Affiliations data may be preserved for the duration of the ‘end of term’ for the purpose of affiliation termination and the data will be demolished upon no further interaction, lawful acts, transactions, or no involvement in the affair from either party is confirmed and the case is closed.
  3. User’s data may be preserved for as long as the user enjoys the services provided by the company and wish to keep his/her personal data (excluding financial data) within the company’s reach.
  4. Event participant’s data may be preserved for the duration of the event and will be erased upon the confirmation that the participant is not enjoying one or any of the services (plugins) offered by BdThemes and he/she no longer wants to stay in contact with the company.
  5. Personal data of the partners associated with BdThemes by any means will be preserved for the time being as long as the relationship stays intact and does not violate any personal or business rule/law/alliance.
  6. All financial data will be kept as long as the transaction takes place and is erased upon completion/failure/rollback.
  7. Employee data may be preserved as long as the contract between the employee and company stays intact and the preservation time may extend to the point where the contract expires along with any jurisdiction needed to settle accounts between both parties (retirement plans included if applicable).
  8. All data associated with tax payments are stored as long as the transaction takes place and mostly stay recorded at the local government tax office for legal document records which the company does not have any authority over.

User Data Expunge Policy 

As per the Data Retention Policy, BdThemes will expunge/destroy user data as soon as the data no longer satisfies the retention criteria and be subjected to expunge. The data expunge process is not automated and require manual operation by higher authority operatives of the company upon requests by the user and the user only.

In case a user asks for his/her data to be destroyed from the company’s end, he/she needs to fulfill the criteria for which the user data becomes obscure for any further relationship between the user and the company under any personal, organizational, or lawful reasons. The user may have to go through a verification process to prove the authenticity of his/her identity to make sure no user data loss occurs under a false identification claim or accidental removal of user data.

Users have the right to claim a copy of their personal data occupied at BdThemes before proceeding for the data expunge policy. You are encouraged to avoid any services offered at BdThemes in case you are not comfortable with the data retention policy by BdThemes and you may ask to expunge the visitors’ data stored at the company’s end when you visited BdThemes or any affiliated sites under the authority of BdThemes.

Using the sites and the products offered at BdThemes means you acknowledged the data retention and expunge policies on your own accord and are willing to comply with the lawful act by which the company abides.

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