Best Free Plugins for Elementor

A vast number of users seek plugins to do something and look for them piled up in the market. Plugins enhance the performance of a website by providing vital elements and workouts and it is a difficult job for you to find the best free plugins for Elementor suitable for you. 

To make your job easier, this article will help you a lot. You will be provided with essential information about free plugins and can choose one suitable for your business. 

Let me remind you, we have used and tested more than 1000 plugins from a variety of origins and purposes. We picked only the best that suits the community standards and prepared the list. Hopefully, it will help you seek the right one for your purpose.

List of the best free plugins for Elementor:

  1. Element Pack Lite
  2. WooLentor
  3. Essential Addons
  4. Element Pack Pro
  5. Metform
  6. PowerPack for Elementor 
  7. HT Mega
  8. Post Grid Elementor Addon
  9. Elements Kit
  10. Image Hover Effects
  11. WPB Elementor Addons
  12. Exclusive Addons for Elementor

Let’s start!

best free plugins for Elementor

You want an ideal plugin suitable for everyday use in webpage building, you can grab Element Pack Lite. It certainly is one of the best free plugins for Elementor.

It has 30+ popular and essential elements. A business hours widget to show a stylish list of working hours is offered by this plugin. Additionally, if you want to show countdown timers on your site, you can get a countdown widget to help.

You can highlight your content in a unique and smart way by the call-out plugin. It integrates the Contact Form 7 with a widget that allows you to select the best design from dozens of choices.

A great widget, Image Accordion makes your images simultaneously extendable and collapsible. The Image Compare widget lets you compare images displaying before and after.

You along with your users can zoom in on images and view them with detail with the image magnifier. The lightbox widget that comes with a video example, Google map example, image example, icon example, etc lets you display your content.

You can get this plugin here: Element Pack Lite

02 WooLentor - BdThemes

You can choose WooLentor if you are looking for an incredible WooCommerce plugin. It surely is one of the best free plugins for Elementor.

WooCommerce builder, the special builder of this plugin is useful to create products and archive pages. It has a huge amount of amazing style options and product layouts.

You can highlight particular products with WooLentor including products on sale, featured products, and best-selling products. It also allows you to get a banner for special day offers.

This plugin lets you choose your background colors from unlimited choices. Moreover, you can use any image you want as your background. You have the opportunity to upload your own images to create the best sliders and tabs to display your items.

With this single product page builder plugin, you can control the slider easily with the options it offers. QR codes for products can easily be generated on your website.

You can get this plugin here: WooLentor

03 Essential Addons - BdThemes

If you want to make your pages apart from the rest with ready-made blocks, beautiful templates, and sections, you can choose Essential Addons. It is undoubtedly one of the best free plugins for Elementor.

It has 25+ incredibly helpful free widgets that will make your mouth water. One of the widgets is the post grid that provides four creative styles for your blog posts. There are more under development.

You can create beautiful timelines for pages and posts using the post timeline widget. You can locate yourself at what reading point you are with the reading progress bar extension that indicates the current reading position.

Lightbox and modal widget help you create popups that open upon the performance of specific actions. The Google map widget lets you show your location. You can show your visitors the popularity of your work using the testimonial slider widgets.

The advanced menu widget helps you display the advanced navigation menu on any spot on your website. Also, this widget lets you choose and customize different skins for the navigation menu. It has incredible support, along with extensive documentation.

You can get the plugin here: Essential Addons

04 Element Pack Pro - BdThemes

This is the pro version of Element Pack Lite. Although you have to pay for the plugin, it’s the best bargain with 200+ essential widgets that comes at only $15.60 for a single site (60% price drop). You want a plugin that can help you in every step of your work, you can select Element Pack Pro that works incredibly for Elementor in WordPress. It certainly is one of the best free plugins for Elementor.

There are 100+, consider it the highest, widgets for Elementor. Some of them are:

  • Carousel
  • FAQ
  • Table of Content
  • Accordion
  • Modal
  • Slideshow
  • Cookie Consent
  • Member
  • User Login
  • Weather
  • Easy digital downloads purchase history
  • TablePress
  • WooCommerce
  • Sticky section

And more

This plugin has a good number of ready-made templates and supports almost every popular WordPress theme. Also, it supports third-party plugins like The Event Calculator, WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, TablePress, EDD, etc.

You will be happy to know that this is the most widget-rich plugin, and you can choose it without waiting for any second.

You can get this plugin here: Element Pack Pro

05 Metform - BdThemes

Building any form quickly and easily can be done by Metform Builder, an excellent plugin for Elementor. This plugin makes it easy to manage multiple contact forms. It obviously is one of the best free plugins for Elementor.

It is completely customizable using the Elementor Page Builder also. This plugin is not just a contact form plugin, it is also a drag and drop builder. You need not know programming to build unlimited contact forms within a few minutes.

The plugin allows you to include a video or image under a form and indicate that to the user. It helps you create your forms and makes them fully responsive and mobile-friendly, and they will look great on all resolutions.

You can embed it anywhere with the inbuilt for shortcode, and use it with any editor. Both the admin and the user will be notified about the submitted and received data. With the “upload file” option, you can allow your user to upload files to your form.

You can get this plugin here: Metform

06 PowerPack for Elementor - BdThemes

Want to extend the Elementor Page Builder by more than 60 creative Elementor widgets? You can use PowerPack for Elementor. It surely is one of the best free plugins for Elementor.

Your creative process will be smoother and faster using the 30+ widgets provided by PowerPack Lite that are designed with a particular focus on usability and creativity. This plugin opens a refreshing range of possibilities with its advanced widgets.

You can change the style and settings of the widgets of this plugin that are fully customizable. It is fully compatible with the latest Elementor version. You can maintain your own brand while building client sites, saying you can change the branding of products as you wish to display them.

It equates to smooth performance with its amazing code quality. This lightweight and fast plugin does not reduce your site’s loading time. The outstanding styling and design options of the widgets enable you to creatively mold layouts without affecting the custom code.

You can get this plugin here: PowerPack for Elementor

07 HT Mega - BdThemes

You can choose HT Mega, an excellent plugin with advanced features that comes packed with 80+ elements supporting unlimited variations. It certainly is one of the best free plugins for Elementor.

You can create headers and footer layouts for your site or particular pages with the header and footer builder. You can create various designs for single pages with it including:

  • Archive
  • Tag
  • Category
  • 404
  • Maintenance
  • Coming soon etc

It has a dashboard containing an option for managing the design of the notification displays that lets you display sales notifications by activating that in the settings. Using the drag and drop option, you can create menus and a mega menu.

For writing your sections, you can get unlimited color and typography options. It offers 800+ Google font choices to combine willingly. It is cross-browser compatible.

You can select and customize from 15 categories and template sets. Also, it offers15 page templates for the ones your site already has.

You can get this plugin here: HT Mega

08 Post Grid Elementor Addon - BdThemes

You want to display your posts in a grid layout and you are searching for such a plugin that can do, you can simply choose Post Grid Elementor Addon. It is one of the best free plugins for Elementor for sure.

It has various options and is useful for creating grids for your blog posts. You have no coding knowledge, no problem, you can easily handle your blogs with many customization options.

The plugin has multiple pre-designed layouts for post grid blocks and several features. It is fully compatible with all themes and works perfectly on all devices, and is mobile-friendly.

The advanced customization options allow you a lot of freedom. If you do not have a featured image, you can assign a default image that can solve the problem. You can disable title and image links with it and can create the post-filters and place them in the best place.

It has meta settings, including-

  • Data formats
  • Comments
  • Categories
  • Authors

And many others settings.

You can make your pages clean and elegant with the great pagination option of this plugin. They include Ajax, normal pagination, and load more. It supports WooCommerce, custom post types, and easy digital downloads.

You can get this plugin here: Post Grid Elementor Addon

09 Elements Kit - BdThemes

You are looking for a simple, featureful, and fully functional plugin, you can grab Elements Kit. It certainly is one of the best free plugins for Elementor.

You can control your page builder with its 30+ custom widgets. The header and footer builder lets you create the headers and footers. You can utilize the megamenu builder to twitch the regular Elementor menu also.

Coming with plenty of incredible features, it includes 5+ premade homepages and 250+ premade section layouts. The plugins gallery pack includes filter options as well as masonry and grid layout options.

The free widgets include:

  • Fun fact
  • Heading
  • Tab
  • Icon box
  • Accordion
  • Team
  • Image accordion
  • Recent blog
  • Social media
  • FAQ
  • Pricing
  • Gallery
  • Business hours
  • Testimonial
  • Social share

And many more.

You can get this plugin here: Elements Kit

10 Image Hover Effects - BdThemes

Creating hover effects for your images is easy with Image Hover Effects. It is one of the best free plugins for Elementor, no doubt.

You can give your image the ultimate feel with it that allows you to control various elements. It comes with 30+ image hover effects ranging from zoom and blur to fade and push. This easily customizable plugin brings your users a highly interactive space.

You can add a smooth effect to your image by setting a background color, you can go with a transparent background with good effect also. Alignment of the title and description of your image is easy with the horizontal and vertical alignment options.

If your images have any sharp edges, you can trim them off using the border radius feature. Image Hover Effects helps you set the color of your title to one that complements that of your background.

Font details including their case, style, font type, and size can be selected also. You can choose the color and typography of the description as well. It allows you to set the icon color, size, and also the space between it and the title.

You can get this plugin here: Image Hover Effects

11 WPB Elementor Addons - BdThemes

Among the free plugin that has the potential to take your website to the next level by bringing many top-quality addons having numerous customization options, we can name WPB Elementor Addons. It certainly is one of the best free plugins for Elementor.

You can get the Post Grid/Slider addon with this plugin that displays all types of posts in grid or slider, either you prefer. You can drive your visitors to make the decision to buy your product faster by viewing the prices of your products, and choosing what they like with the support of the Pricing Table.

This plugin provides the Testimonials Grid/Slider addon that helps get feedback from your clients. You can perfectly display your featured logos with the Logo Slider.

You can showcase your CTA by utilizing the Video Popup addon. You can scroll or slide content in a unique way using The News Ticker addon. 

You can get this plugin here: WPB Elementor Addons

12 Exclusive Addons for Elementor - BdThemes

If you want to experience modern and trendy page building, you can select Exclusive Addons for Elementor by closing your eyes. It is one of the best free plugins for Elementor, for sure.

You can display every bin of information on-dress with numerous styles and options by the 30+ free widgets of this plugin. The Image Magnifier Demo, an handy widget, allows you to zoom in on photographs with three styles.

Before customizing, you can choose your favourite CTA (Call-to-Action) widgets offered by it. The Image Comparison widget offers three variations and lets you choose how you want to compare your images.

You can make your visitors view all kinds of information nicely with many styles to choose from with the InfoBox widget. The Animated Text widget gives you all the options for animation effects to make your content appear greatly.

The Progress Bar widget helps to show the progress of your tasks and other ongoing information attractively.  You can use a popup and catch the eye of your visitor using images, videos, gallery, iframe, and other content provided by the Modal Popup.

You can get this plugin here: Exclusive Addons for Elementor


The free plugins enlisted above are considered by vast users for the best performance in their field. You can doubtlessly choose a plugin suitable for you from them.

Have a good day. See you again.

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