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17+ Best WordPress Security Plugin

best security plugin for wordpress

Table ofContents

Securing your WordPress website is crucial in today’s online world.

With so many options out there, finding the best WordPress security plugin can be overwhelming.

This guide simplifies the process, offering clear insights into the top WordPress security plugins.

Whether you run a blog or a business site, this resource will help you choose the right tool.

Protect your website from hackers and spam with this guideline.

Let’s dive in!

What Is WordPress Security Plugin?

A WordPress security plugin is like having a trustworthy online bodyguard for your website.

It’s a helpful tool that keeps an eye out for hackers and viruses. It protects your website from future threats.

With this type of plugin, you’re adding an extra layer of protection to your website.

Why Do You Need A WordPress Security Plugin?

Having a WordPress security plugin is like having a guard for your website. Here’s why you need one:

  • Protect Against Hackers: Hackers are always trying to break into websites. A security plugin acts as a shield, preventing unauthorized access and keeping your site safe.
  • Defend Against Malware: Malware can infect your website, causing all sorts of problems. A good security plugin scans your site, detects malware, and removes it before it can harm your site or your visitors.
  • Block Brute Force Attacks: Some bad guys try to guess your password repeatedly until they get it right. A security plugin can limit login attempts, making it much harder for them to break in.
  • Monitor Suspicious Activities: A security plugin keeps an eye on your website 24/7. If it notices anything weird or suspicious, it alerts you. This way, you can take action before any damage is done.
  • Update Your Security: WordPress and its plugins are regularly updated to fix security flaws. A security plugin ensures everything is up-to-date, so you’re protected against the latest threats.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your website is protected gives you peace of mind. You can focus on creating content and growing your site without worrying about security issues.

How To Choose A Security Plugin?

Choosing a security plugin for your website might seem tricky. However, it’s crucial to keep your site safe from hackers and malware. The right plugin will make your website much safer.

Here’s how to do it in simple words:

  • Know What You Need: Figure out what kind of protection your website requires. Do you need to block hackers, scan for viruses, or something else?
  • Keep It Simple: Choose a plugin with an easy setup. Complicated ones can be confusing. Look for something simple to understand and use.
  • Check Compatibility: Make sure the plugin works with your WordPress version. It should also play well with other plugins you have.
  • Read Reviews: See what other people say. Good reviews mean the plugin probably works well. Look for high ratings and positive comments.
  • Updates Matter: Pick a plugin that’s updated regularly. This shows the developers are keeping it safe and secure.
  • Support Helps: Good customer support is essential. If you get stuck, you want to know there’s help available.
  • Free vs. Paid: Some plugins are free, while others need payment. Free ones can be great, but if you need extra features, consider a paid option.
  • Speed and Performance: Consider how the plugin affects your site’s speed. Choose one that doesn’t slow down your website too much.

17+ Best WordPress Security Plugin

Discover unparalleled website protection with our curated list of the 17+ best WordPress security plugins. Safeguard your site from malware, block spam, and enhance user privacy effortlessly.

Here are the details of more than 17 best WordPress security plugins:

best WordPress security plugin - wordfence price

01. Wordfence Security

Wordfence takes WordPress security seriously. The plugin offers top-notch security features based on the latest research.

Wordfence is known for its dedicated global team that responds quickly to any security issues.

This ensures the websites stay protected around the clock. 

Key Features:

  • Guards your site from bad visitors and malicious traffic.
  • Premium users get instant protection updates, while free users get updates after 30 days.
  • The premium version blocks requests from the worst IPs, enhancing security and site speed.
  • Integrates deeply with WordPress, ensuring encryption, and preventing data leaks.
  • Checks core files, themes, and plugins for hidden malicious content.
  • Compares your files with safe versions, alerting you to any changes.
  • Fixes altered files, replacing them with clean versions for security.
  • Identifies weak points in your site’s security and warns you.
  • Scans website content, comments, and URLs to ensure safety.
  • Premium users can check if their site is blacklisted for malicious activity.

Company Name: Wordfence.

Start Date: 2011

Total Active Installations: 4+ million.

Review Number: 3,545 people reviewed 5 stars.

Pricing Plan: They have both free and paid plans. You can check the free plan from here. For the paid plan, click here.

02. All-In-One Security (AIOS)

All-in-One Security (AIOS) is like a super-guard for your WordPress website.

It helps to stop bad robots from messing with your site and trying to guess your password.

It also puts up a strong wall to protect your website automatically from online threats.

Key Features:

  • Customizes the login URL, making it difficult for bots to locate and attack.
    Increases security by changing basic codes hackers usually target.
  • Locks out users after multiple failed login attempts, enhancing security against brute force attacks.
  • Provides detailed user activity information, including logins, IPs, and failed login attempts.
  • Implements tools like reCAPTCHA to prevent spam registrations and enhance security.
  • Supports additional verification steps for user login, enhancing authentication security.
  • Evaluate password strength, encouraging users to choose strong, hard-to-crack passwords.
  • Puts the site in ‘maintenance mode,’ restricting access during critical tasks or security investigations.
  • Adds complexity to security codes, making it challenging for hackers to decipher user passwords.

Company Name: All In One WP Security & Firewall Team.

Start Date: 2013

Total Active Installations: 1+ million.

Review Number: 1,335 people reviewed 5 stars.

Pricing Plan: They have both free and paid plans. You can check from here. For the paid plan, visit their website.

03. Jetpack

Jetpack Security does many important things like automatically backing up your site in real-time so you never lose your work.

It also checks for nasty stuff like viruses and stops spam. Plus, it protects your site from hackers trying to guess your password.

It has some significant features, like keeping your site safe from hackers and knowing if your site is down, and it is totally free!

Key Features: 

  • 10GB cloud storage with more available if needed.
  • Helps in migrating to a new host.
  • Helpful for coordination, debugging, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
  • Automatically scans for malware and other threats.
  • Blocks spam comments and form responses using Akismet’s anti-spam features.
  • Enhances login security, including optional two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Offers unlimited, high-speed, ad-free video hosting to keep the focus on your content.
  • Optimizes your site for search engines like Google, Bing, Facebook, and WordPress.com.
  • Integrates with PayPal and Stripe for easy payment processing, product sales, and donations.
  • Jetpack CRM plugin for building relationships with customers and leads

Company Name: Automattic

Start Date: 2009

Total Active Installations: 5+ million

Review Number: 1,218 people reviewed 5 stars.

Pricing Plan: Get the free plan from the WordPress site. You can check from here. And for the paid plan, look into their website.

04. Solid Security

Solid Security keeps your website safe from online attacks. It stops bad people from trying to break in.

It uses a big network to identify these bad folks and also looks at your own list of blocked users.

Most importantly, it protects the part of your website where people log in, which is often the main target for hackers.

Key Features: 

  • Biometric login compatible.
  • Stops unauthorized users, like hackers based on our security network and your own list of banned users.
  • Two-factor authentication is available.
  • Ensure strong user passwords.
  • reCAPTCHA (Pro) available.
  • Automated vulnerability patching i.e., fixes issues before they impact your site.

Company Name: SolidWP

Start Date: 2008

Total Active Installations: 900,000+

Review Number: 3,368 people reviewed 5 stars.

Pricing Plan: It has both free and paid plans. Check here for the free plan. The paid plan comes in a combo box of $99/year per site. Click here for details.

05. Security & Malware Scan

Security Firewall by CleanTalk is a free plugin that teams up with the premium Cloud security service cleantalk.org.

It puts a cap on the number of requests to your website (usually 1000 per hour, but you can adjust this).

If any IP address goes over this limit, it’s blocked from accessing your site for 24 hours.

This helps stop certain cyber-attacks, making your website safer.

Key Features: 

  • Block access from specific places like countries or networks.
  • Find and delete harmful software to keep your site clean.
  • Prevent multiple attempts to crack passwords.
  • Ensure unauthorized access is impossible.
  • See who’s visiting your site instantly.
  • Ensure links lead to safe places.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Avoid penalties to maintain search visibility.
  • Get alerts for significant actions on your site.

Company Name: CleanTalk Security

Start Date: 2022

Total Active Installations: 20,000+

Review Number: 246 people reviewed 5 stars.

Pricing Plan: You can download a free plan from here. For a paid plan, visit their site.

06. MalCare WordPress Security Plugin

A WordPress security plugin, like MalCare Security Plugin, keeps your website safe all the time.

It’s made to help website owners relax about security, so they can concentrate on growing their business or website without worries.

Key Features: 

  • Cloud-based malware scanner.
  • Finds every type, even new and complex ones.
  • Notifies you about security risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Provides info about breached files.
  • Security rules update every 5 minutes.
  • Geo-blocking is available for restricting access from specific locations.
  • Website hardening is available.
  • Blocks risky PHP execution, disables file editing, and prevents new plugin/theme installations.

Company Name: MalCare Security

Start Date: 2013

Total Active Installations: 400,000+

Review Number: 223 people reviewed 5 stars.

Pricing Plan: The plugin offers a free plan and paid plans. Get the free plan from here. For any paid plan check the website.

07. Security Optimizer

Guard against attacks, malware, and bots with a simple setup.

Detect suspicious activities and act fast to keep your site safe from harm.

Bulletproof your website in just a few clicks!

Key Features: 

  • Enable two-factor authentication present.
  • Prevent repeated login tries.
  • Creates a unique login web address.
  • Activate XSS protection against tricky attacks.
  • Locks system folders.
  • Keep your software version private.
  • Monitor site activities.
  • Post-hack actions act fast.

Company Name: SiteGround

Start Date: 2004

Total Active Installations: 1+ million

Review Number: 107 people reviewed 5 stars.

Pricing Plan: This plugin is completely free. Get it from here.

08. Defender Security

Defender plugin guards against brute force attacks, malware, and other hacks.

It scans for viruses, blocks suspicious IPs, and offers features like a firewall and two-factor authentication.

Key Features: 

  • Extra verification for secure logins, including app codes and backup options.
  • Hide the default login area to deter hackers from finding it easily.
  • Block users after multiple failed login attempts, preventing unauthorized access.
  • Detect and remove unauthorized changes in core files, indicating malware presence.
  • Add layers of protection against common attacks like XSS and code injections.
  • Detects 404 pages and blocks suspicious bot IPs generating “Page Not Found” errors.
  • Customize security settings and apply them to multiple sites for consistency.
  • Block users based on their location or country using IP blocking.
  • Control allowed IP addresses and blocked unwanted ones for enhanced security.

Company Name: WPMU DEV

Start Date: 2010

Total Active Installations: 90,000+

Review Number: 244 people reviewed 5 stars.

Pricing Plan: Get the free plan from here and any paid plan from here.

09. Sucuri Security

The Sucuri Security WordPress plugin is free for all WordPress users.

It enhances your website’s security and is now owned by GoDaddy.

It provides various security features designed to improve your website’s safety.

Key Features: 

  • Monitors website actions for suspicious behavior.
  • Checks important files for unauthorized changes.
  • Scans website for harmful software from a distance.
  • Ensures your site isn’t on harmful website lists.
  • Strengthens website defenses against hackers.
  • Guides actions to secure the site after a hack.
  • Sends alerts about security issues.
  • Blocks harmful content from entering the site.

Company Name: Sucuri Inc.

Start Date: 2009

Total Active Installations: 900,000+

Review Number: 283 people reviewed 5 stars.

Pricing Plan: The plugin is free. But for premium features, you can choose the pro plan. Check the details from here.

10. Shield Security

Bad bots pose a significant threat to WordPress security, causing 99% of issues.

Shield’s security plugin offers proactive protection by detecting and blocking these bots.

It provides comprehensive activity logging, invisible bot detection for login forms, two-factor authentication options, and exclusive security admin protection.

Key Features: 

  • Shield offers a simple way to block bad bots without using complicated tools like reCAPTCHA.
  • Automatically identifies and stops harmful bots, ensuring your website’s safety.
  • With CrowdSec integration, Shield quickly blocks malicious bots to prevent any damage.
  • For ShieldPRO users, there’s AI-based detection to find and remove harmful PHP malware.
  • Shield safeguards essential user forms, keeping login and other forms protected from potential threats.
  • Two-factor authentication for added login protection.
  • Block XML-RPC, stopping potential threats and unwanted notifications.

Company Name: Shield Security

Start Date: 2021

Total Active Installations: 50,000+

Review Number: 952 people reviewed 5 stars.

Pricing Plan: They have both free and paid plans. You can check the free plan from here. For any paid plan, click this link.

11. WP Hide & Security Enhancer

WP-Hide offers a simple and effective solution to enhance WordPress website security.

By using URL rewrite techniques and WordPress filters, it completely hides your WordPress core files, login page, theme, and plugin paths from the front end of your site.

Key Features: 

  • Hides WordPress core files, login pages, and plugin paths.
  • Works with detector services and allows testing with different inner URLs for immediate results.
  • Guards against various hacking techniques, including brute force and SQL injections.
  • Shields your site from newly discovered vulnerabilities and automated malware attacks.
  • Compatible with custom WordPress directory structures.
  • Simple configuration with cache clearing for implementation.

Company Name: NSP Code

Start Date: 2010

Total Active Installations: 80,000+

Review Number: 207 people reviewed 5 stars.

Pricing Plan: Get the free plan from here.

12. Hide My WP Ghost

Hide My WP Ghost enhances website security without altering any files or directories.

It works seamlessly with popular security plugins like Wordfence and Sucuri, providing an added layer of protection against hacker bots.

Compatible with all servers and hosting services, including WP Multisite.

Key Features: 

  • Block unauthorized access, preventing common threats.
  • HMWP Ghost hides paths, making it hard for hacker bots.
  • Prevent attacks using multiple password attempts.
  • Filters and layers thwart SQL attacks and more.
  • Disable xmlrpc.php to stop brute-force login attempts.
  • Add security headers to thwart Cross-Site Scripting.
  • Alter URLs showing plugin names for added security.
  • Detects 35+ vulnerabilities and gets actionable fixes.
  • Monitor site actions for enhanced overall security.

Company Name: WPPlugins – WordPress Security Plugins.

Start Date: 2015.

Total Active Installations: 200,000+

Review Number: 260 people reviewed 5 stars.

Pricing Plan: You can check the free plan from here. Get any paid plan from here.

13. BulletProof Security

WordPress Security Plugin for reliable protection. It offers malware scanning, firewall, login security, database backup, and anti-spam features. It’s easy to use, ensuring your website stays safe without hassle. 

Key Features: 

  • Automatic whitelist setup and cleanup for seamless protection.
  • Detect and remove harmful code with MScan.
  • .htaccess security for robust website protection.
  • Conceal plugin files for enhanced security.
  • Monitor login attempts for added safety.
  • Limited version of BPS Pro JTC for spam and hacker prevention.
  • Full or partial backups, manual or scheduled, with email zip backups.
  • Change database table prefixes for added security.
  • Keep track of security and HTTP errors for site protection.

Company Name: AITpro Website Security.

Start Date: 2010.

Total Active Installations: 40,000+

Review Number: 584 people reviewed 5 stars.

Pricing Plan: They have both free and paid plans. You can check from here. For a pro plan, check here.

14. NinjaFirewall

NinjaFirewall (WP Edition) is a robust Web Application Firewall that stands in front of WordPress, intercepting and filtering all incoming HTTP/HTTPS requests before they reach your site.

It scans and protects not only WordPress scripts but also encoded PHP scripts, hackers’ shell scripts, and other potential threats, ensuring comprehensive website security.

Key Features: 

  • Blocks major threats including XSS, LFI, RFI, SQLi, RCE, XXE, and more.
  • Targets vulnerabilities listed in OWASP Top 10 for robust security.
  • Offers 50+ firewall policies and 300+ security rules for tailored protection.
  • Implements access control, syslog logging, Fail2Ban, geolocation, and rate-limiting features.
  • Sanitizes, transforms, normalizes, decodes, and deobfuscates data for enhanced security.
  • Operates with low CPU/RAM usage, maintaining website speed and efficiency.

Company Name: The Ninja Technologies Network

Start Date: 2013

Total Active Installations: 100,000+

Review Number: 192 people reviewed 5 stars.

Pricing Plan: Check the details of free plans from here. For pro plan, check out their website.

15. Security Ninja

Ninja’s security tool runs 50+ tests instantly, uncovering hidden issues and warning about known vulnerabilities.

With its user-friendly design, it helps you stay ahead of threats by blocking bad actors before they reach your site, utilizing collective knowledge from attacked sites.

Key Features: 

  • Blocks dangerous visitors automatically.
  • Checks for malicious code on your site.
  • Fixes 30+ issues with one click.
  • Restrict access from specific countries.
  • Blocks unauthorized login attempts.
  • Identifies modified plugins.
  • Alerts about vulnerable plugins.
  • Monitors 50+ site events in detail.
  • Ensures core file integrity.
  • Saves time in configuring multiple sites.
  • Control licenses remotely, and hide information.

Company Name: WP Security Ninja

Start Date: 2011

Total Active Installations: 10,000+

Review Number: 87 people reviewed 5 stars.

Pricing Plan: Download the free plan from here. There are two pro plans. $6.99/month and $39.99/year for 1 site. Get the details from here.

16. BBQ Firewall

BBQ Firewall is a quick and lightweight plugin that defends your website by blocking harmful requests.

It protects against threats like malicious code and excessively long strings.

It’s a simple but powerful solution for sites without a strong Apache/.htaccess firewall.

Key Features: 

  • Super easy to use, no need to set up anything.
  • It’s all about keeping your website safe and running fast.
  • Stops many harmful web addresses from causing trouble.
  • The quickest guard for your WordPress site.
  • Built upon the 6G/7G Firewall for extra protection.
  • Looks at all the visitors and stops bad ones from entering.
  • Checks all sorts of visitor requests like viewing, posting, or deleting.
  • Shields your site from known troublemaking robots and websites.

Company Name: Plugin Planet

Start Date: 2014

Total Active Installations: 100,000+

Review Number: 122 people reviewed 5 stars.

Pricing Plan: They have both free and paid plans. You can check the free plan from here. Get the pro version from here.

17. Anti-Malware Security

The plugin automatically downloads updated definitions once registered.

Without registration, the plugin scans for “Potential Threats,” leaving the identification and removal of malicious content to the user. 

Key Features: 

  • Regularly update your security software to protect against new threats.
  • Run thorough scans to automatically remove harmful files and scripts.
  • Use a firewall to block malware exploiting plugin vulnerabilities.
  • Upgrade older timthumb scripts to prevent potential exploits.
  • Apply patches to block Brute-Force and DDoS attacks on login pages.
  • Verify essential WordPress files to ensure they haven’t been tampered with.
  • Enable automatic download of definition updates for effective scans.

Company Name: Super Secure Hosting

Start Date: 2014

Total Active Installations: 200,000+

Review Number: 716 people reviewed 5 stars.

Pricing Plan: Download the plugin from here.

18. Titan Anti-spam & Security

Titan offers all-in-one security for WordPress websites.

It has anti-spam, firewall, malware scanning, and site accessibility checks.

It provides the latest firewall rules, malware signatures, and malicious IP databases, ensuring comprehensive website security.

Key Features: 

  • Blocks spam without inconveniencing users.
  • Detailed logs for requests, aiding in spam filter analysis and pattern recognition.
  • Spam comments are swiftly hidden.
  • The Pro version checks old comments and user accounts for spam.
  • 100% bot protection.
  • Detailed statistics for comments and logins ensure error-free performance.
  • Safeguarding registration forms from spam attacks.

Company Name: CreativeMotion

Start Date: 2019

Total Active Installations: 100,000+

Review Number: 307 people reviewed 5 stars.

Pricing Plan: Download the free plan from here. If you want to go for a pro plan, check this link.

19. SecuPress Free

SecuPress is a unique plugin that scans your website for problems and fixes them automatically.

If it needs your input, it will ask for your decision first.

You can check 35 security points in just 5 minutes, and the plugin handles the rest for you.

Key Features: 

  • Prevents harmful requests to WordPress Endpoints and APIs.
  • Stops malicious bots with the Robots Blackhole feature.
  • Preserves bandwidth by preventing hotlinking.
  • Seven modules safeguard PHP and WordPress.
  • Secures Profile and Settings pages with passwords.
  • Acts as a robust WordPress bouncer.
  • Blocks bad User Agents, request methods, harmful URLs, SQL injection attempts, and brute force attacks.
  • Offers control by blocking traffic from specific countries.

Company Name: SecuPress

Start Date: 2013

Total Active Installations: 40,000+

Review Number: 72 people reviewed 5 stars.

Pricing Plan: Download the free plugin from here. For the Pro plan, check here.

20. Patchstack

Patchstack is a free WordPress plugin available in the official repository.

It detects vulnerabilities in plugins, themes, and the WordPress core.

Powered by a community of ethical hackers, it’s trusted by leading experts like Pagely, Cloudways, and Plesk.

Key Features: 

  • Find problems with extra features you add to your website.
  • Look for issues in the design and layout of your website.
  • Check the basic structure of your website for any problems.
  • Put temporary fixes on issues in the extra features you added.
  • Provides temporary solutions for basic issues in your website’s structure.
  • Identifies if your website’s settings are not safe and could be exploited.
  • Domain name and SSL certificate expiration detection.
  • HTTP security headers detection.
  • Set up as many special rules as you need to protect your site.
  • Sends you regular reports in an easy-to-read PDF format.

Company Name: Patchstack

Start Date: 2021

Total Active Installations: 10,000+

Review Number: 36 people reviewed 5 stars.

Pricing Plan: Get a free plan from here. Check here for a paid plan.

21. Stop Spammers Security

Stop Spammers is a powerful plugin that stops spam emails, comments, registrations, and bots on your website.

It offers diagnostic tests, activity monitoring, and over 50 customizable features, providing tailored solutions to combat spam effectively.

Key Features: 

  • Prevent unusual activities indicating threats.
  • Filter spam, disposable emails, and suspicious links.
  • Connect third-party spam defense.
  • Manual IP, email, and username controls.
  • Keep your interface clutter-free.
  • Allow user requests and get notified via email.
  • Prevent bots from interacting with essential forms.
  • Quickly handle multiple users and comments.
  • Disable WordPress automated emails.

Company Name: Stop spammers

Start Date: 2021

Total Active Installations: 50,000+

Review Number: 195 people reviewed 5 stars.

Pricing Plan: They have both free and paid plans. You can check from here. For pro version, click here.

Final Thought

Your website’s safety is paramount. Choosing the best WordPress security plugin is a step towards ensuring peace of mind.

With the right plugin, you’re not just protecting your site from threats; you’re also creating a secure space for your visitors.

Don’t hesitate to invest in one of these top-notch solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which One Is Better - Sucuri Vs Wordfence?

The choice between Sucuri and Wordfence depends on your specific needs.

Sucuri offers robust website monitoring and cleanup services, while Wordfence specializes in firewall protection and malware scanning.

Consider your requirements and preferences before making a decision.

What Are WordPress Security Vulnerabilities?

WordPress security vulnerabilities refer to weaknesses or flaws in the WordPress software that can be exploited by hackers.

These vulnerabilities can lead to unauthorized access, data breaches, and other malicious activities.

Regular updates and security measures are essential to mitigate these risks.

How To Secure WordPress Website From Hackers?

Securing a WordPress website involves practices like keeping WordPress and plugins updated, using strong passwords, implementing a reliable security plugin, enabling a firewall, and regularly backing up your site.

It’s also crucial to limit login attempts, use SSL encryption, and be cautious about themes and plugins sourced from untrusted providers.

Which One Is Better - Wordfence Vs Sitelock?

Wordfence and Sitelock serve different purposes. Wordfence is a WordPress-specific security plugin focusing on firewall protection and malware scanning.

Sitelock is a broader website security service covering various platforms. The choice depends on your platform, budget, and specific security needs

Can Using Multiple Security Plugins In WordPress Harm My Site?

Yes, using multiple security plugins in WordPress can lead to conflicts and performance issues.

Different plugins might have overlapping features that conflict with one another, causing site errors.

It’s advisable to choose a comprehensive security plugin that meets your needs instead of using multiple plugins.

Do I Really Need A Security Plugin For WordPress?

Yes, having a security plugin for WordPress is essential. WordPress websites are popular targets for hackers due to their widespread use.

A security plugin provides necessary features like firewall protection, malware scanning, and login attempt monitoring, ensuring your site is safeguarded against various online threats.

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