What’s New in WordPress 5.9 Version Update

The soon-to-be-launched WordPress 5.9 version update is coming with another bunch of surprises for the WordPress community. Like always, WordPress developers didn’t fail to amaze us with a new list of features with the new version of the software.

As the initial launch date was set to January 25, we only have to wait a couple more days to get our hands on the complete version. Those who already used the beta WordPress 5.9 version know a lot of features beforehand.

In this article, we are going to make the full list of the coming updates in WordPress 5.9 version update. 

What's Coming in WordPress 5.9 Version Update

WordPress took to the WordPress Community World like wildfire, but there was always a fear that the customization options would be lost. 

Some developers found a workaround by creating plugins that allowed for some customization but it wasn’t going to last. The problem with these plugins is that they are cluttering up WordPress and putting pressure on the servers. 

So now the team has worked hard for two years on Gutenberg, especially with version 5.0 & 5.1 to smooth things out as many of these plugin pages were developed badly making users edit their whole website through them.

This time, WordPress made sure to take Gutenberg to the next level as a full-site development engine. Basically, it’s going to kill the page builder business as long as the WordPress team fulfills the promise.

Here’s a list of the features expected to be included in WordPress 5.9 version update.

Let's Explore The Upcoming Features

Edit The Whole Website

wordpress 5.9 version update

To put it simply; The WordPress team has already provided a full site editor with the feature having been released earlier this year and is in the testing phase. 

The option gives users the ability to fully customize their whole site by directly manipulating theme layout using the same drag-n-drop modules, without any code to be exact. 

This will soon replace page builders and theme customizers, according to the WordPress team.

You can download the beta version to test it out.

Advanced Block Modules

The new WordPress editor system is just another upgrade to the old editor. Most developers don’t find the old system appealing and there are users who’ve been complaining about its inefficiency for a lot of time now.

Page builders were introduced as an alternative to Gutenberg page builders due to the lack of multiple block types available in Gutenberg. But, that changes now!

The new block system has been upgraded and users can create, customize and combine blocks unlike before, for example by creating a menu box at 20 px width only leaving the site content area at 100%. 

Such functionality does not exist in quantity on other page builder plugins. All this will make all the trouble with compatibility dissolve (at least).

These are the new block modules coming in WordPress 5.9 version update-

  • Navigation
  • Templates
  • Header/footer
  • Author
  • Previous/Next post
  • Comments
  • Description
  • Archive

Block Style Customizations

Using the overall style editor feature, you can now change the colors of individual elements across your site. 

Simply click on the “Styles” button from your Style Editor and you’ll be shown a listing of all of your blocks. 

Select any individual block for editing to select its color(s), font size and various other properties.

New Graphics Patterns

As we know, WordPress always fell behind when it came to templates and patterns for their Gutenberg block editor system.

They’ve been lacking in ideas and it’s a huge pain to begin developing in the Gutenberg system on your own every time you want a unique design or some fresh ideas to draw inspiration from.

As of version 5.9 of WordPress, they have already started the project to develop new templates and patterns that are friendly with Gutenberg.

You can check them out here to see them yourself!

It’s great news for the community, especially the newest users who still lack experience and aren’t able to think creatively about how best to approach their development on a new platform like Gutenberg.

New theme.json Integration

One new feature that comes with WordPress 5.9 version is the global settings ability in the blocks menu, which will allow you to change the theme.json file and customize every aspect of your site-wide configuration – including colors, fonts, and even header images!

Twenty Twenty-Two Theme

WordPress has released another update and upgraded the default theme with a new design. The new Twenty Twenty-Two theme takes WordPress’ well-regarded layout and incorporates some of the best details in recent redesigns.

With a default dark mode look to make designs pop, this update helps further the goal for more full-featured themes.

Not only does it include a wide array of color improvements and other polish advances, but it also provides an easy way for users to change their site designs without much trouble or code knowledge required.

In fact, it’s so new, it’s also the most flexible theme of all time!

To those who don’t know, there are various themes available, but the ones from the Twenty family have a lot of advantages over competing products

Advanced Site Navigation Menu

A new menu system is being added to the Appearance tab on the WordPress dashboard, which was previously known as Menus. 

This new menu system is totally off-the-chart as it works independently and needs no third-party integration (from themes). 

What we learned is, the latest menu option allows users to design and create navigation menus customize colors as well as add links. 

There are some parameters like spacing, alignment, etc., that can also be used for these navigation menus.

Editor & Editor Navigator Improvements

We received a lot of feedback from customers who frequently complained that the Gutenberg navigator was too difficult to use.

Because they kept accidentally clicking on the wrong parts of it and subsequently it caused them a lot of confusion, it made it more challenging for them to work with blocks.

WordPress 5.9 version update will bring a major improvement in the block editor navigator menu.

The new drop-down menu will allow users to drag and drop sections or blocks wherever they want on a page.

As for the block navigation, the new WordPress editor is going to be more flexible and easy to use.

Now, you’ll be able customize your links to match pattern formats that best suit your content, and move them around freely in a way that makes sense for your site visitors.

In this update, you can either use the block navigation inside posts or landing pages on your website to create navigation menus or even tables of contents.

And speaking of maps and tables of contents, another change will see the Rich URL snippet preview adding a more detailed view about a link target that gives WordPress users better context when adding and editing content links.

This means a few improvements for user experience including value from how these links are displayed on-screen.

New Social Share

Previously, it was difficult to use the social buttons and icons within blocks.

However, in the latest WordPress 5.9, you can now use the same toolbar on both parent and child blocks which makes everything simpler!

In this way, your website can more easily accommodate your social channels overnight!

Choose Language On Log In

WordPress 5.9 version update introduced a new feature which allows users to change the language setting on their website’s admin panel directly from the login page.

In order to activate this function, you will need a WordPress website that is multi-lingual and has multiple language support installed on it.

More Improvements

In addition to all of the changes and fixes listed above, WordPress 5.9 also includes many new and exciting under-the-hood updates that will help make you and your users happy.

The folks at WordPress have taken great strides in making sure the experience for both website owners and end users are as seamless as possible!

See these links below-


Every time a new WordPreess update rolls around, most people seem to get very agitated about one thing or another.

The WordPress community is highly opinionated but not all of the features being added are what everyone wants, or can even make use of properly.

Only time will tell with this update whether the rumors are true or not, and until that point we won’t really be able to say much else beyond speculation.

Thanks for reading this article.

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