Top 10 elementor addons every website should try

Elementor Addons became a widespread term known by web developers all around the world in 2021. Unlike the past, where we had to create websites with hand-written codes, developing a website now is a piece of cake!

Dealing with websites in WordPress has never been so easy before. With the Elementor Page Builder platform, we became free from the huge burden of sinking our minds in the pile of codes. Now, we have experts grew in every corner of the world who can build your dream website within a day!

Elementor addons have replaced the need to code. Thousands of available addons will let you add features to build layouts of your website easily. As elementor is a free-to-use tool, many developers have contributed to making addons to suit this platform.

With that being said, our target is to inform you about the most useful addons that cover all the necessary things you desire on your website. So, we made a list of the Top 10 elementor addons that every website should try once. Let’s get to it!

Top 10 elementor addons every website should try

1. Elementor Pro

Elementor addons

Have you tried Elementor Pro?

Most people use the free version of Elementor simultaneously a page builder and an addon with 29 free widgets. Most of the widgets provided by Elemetor comes in handy in a lot of ways. Despite all that, the premium version has many more widgets, including tools for woocommerce, social media, forms etc.

Elementor Pro offers more flexibility in customizing themes and pages, unlike the free version. You can enjoy their template library that is considered a vault of diamonds for templates. Also, there are other features like header/footer editor, dynamic page setup, and more.

2. Element Pack

Element Pack

Element Pack is your new web development partner with a collection of 190+ widgets for elementor. This is an addon that is worth buying if you are looking for an ALL-in-ONE product. It has the highest number of widgets all over the world.

Element Pack is among the extraordinary elementor addons that have very high compatibility with WordPress. It works as your toolshed to shape your website and a platform to boost your site speed. All the assets here are cleanly coded, reducing the total time of execution & filters out unnecessary steps in the path.

This addon is relatively cheap despite its huge Template Library loaded with 2200+ ready-to-use blocks & pages. It offers a free version (details) with a limited number of widgets & features. Also, there is a giveaway program in it to win a copy totally free of cost.

3. Crocoblock

3 3 - BdThemes

Crocoblock is a massive addon for the elementor page builder that houses more than 150 widgets + 18 unique plugins. It is a one-of-a-kind plugin that gives the users a diverse pricing list to acquire the necessary set of widgets.

Crocoblock divides its widgets into several categories for ease of use. Users can choose the plugins for themselves and only pay for them. You can also buy the whole setup for a lifetime using their One-time purchase button. This addon gets a bit costly for beginners but a relatively good price for enterprises.

4. Mighty Addons

4 3 - BdThemes

Mighty Addons is one of the cheapest addons to be used with elementor. Unlike the ones above, this plugin has fewer widgets compared but offers great compatibility with WordPress, Mailchimp, Contact Form 7, and many more.

Instead of stacking widgets in bulk, Mighty Addons gives you the most important ones that play vital roles in designing your website. There are multiple payment gateways that come with this plugin (including PayPal). Also, you can enjoy their template builder kit to develop your own kinds of templates easily.

One more thing, Mighty Addons gives white label branding with any of their packages!

5. The Plus Addon

1 4 - BdThemes

Looking for the best addon within minimum budget? The Plus Addon is a one-of-a-kind plugin that offers a bucket full of features at a minimum cost. For those who like to spend less and have more, this plugin may seem like a blessing.

The Plus Addon has more than 100 widgets available for elementor. It provides custom skin option, dynamic product listing options, and mega menu features. The price? Don’t ask, go see yourself.

6. Droit Addons

1 5 - BdThemes

Droit Addons is a new face among all the brilliant plugins created for elementor. As it’s still on the trail, you can get a free copy that has more than 23 useful widgets. You can bet your money on how amazing this addon is for developing your website.

The best thing about Droit is that the brain behind this plugin is a very creative one. Each of the widgets here is picked based on popularity and matches the taste of the users. Combined, you can create a perfect blogging site or an eCommerce website without the need for a 3rd hand. See, it’s so amazing!

7. Essential Addons

1 6 - BdThemes

Let’s talk about the Essential Addons for elementor. It is one of the most popular addons that comes within the top 5 positions in the world ranking. Though we listed it at the 7, it’s not based on its performance.

There are a bunch of things to know about this addon. First, the number of widgets are over 70. Second, most of the widgets are made for multitasking. Meaning that you can create a number of different interfaces using just one of their widget. The template library consists of more than 1000 unique ready blocks.

Essential Addons will cost you a little more than usual. Considering the number of widgets and their applications, the pricing does seem light. Also, you will get 6 extra plugins with the cost of an agency pack of Essential addons.

8. Ultimate Addons

1 7 - BdThemes

Another popular name among the elementor plugins is the Ultimate Addons. With 50+ widgets and 65+ free starter templates, this is the perfect plugin for beginners.

Ultimate Addon is designed for agencies and priced mainly as agency bundles. It comes with a bunch of different plugins such as Convert Pro, Schema Pro, SkillJet membership, and a lot more. All in all, it is a good addon to start your website with.

9. Happy Addons

1 8 - BdThemes

Happy Addons is the perfect partner of the elementor page builder plugin. With this tool in hand, you can design and develop all kinds of websites easily. Be it a blogging site or eCommerce, Happy makes it possible for you to build what you want.

You may want this plugin because of the features like Unlimited Section Nesting, Image masking, Live Copy, and more. Other than these, you will get display condition, preset, & background overlay options. In a word, Happy Addons is a balanced package of widgets & features for elementor.

10. Envato Elements – Templates

1 9 - BdThemes

Last but not least, the Envato Elements – Photos & Elementor Templates. This plugin here is a loadout of hundreds of elementor resources, both free & premium. Just by having it installed on your WordPress dashboard, you can gain access to thousands of free templates to choose from.

Although Envato Elements doesn’t provide any widgets or features, the vast template library is all you need right now, and for free.


Elementor is expanding every day and so does the addons related to it. Elementor Addons these days are far advanced than that two years ago. Also, new plugins don’t come with any shortcomings. That’s why it is becoming tougher to pick names for the top list.

Hence, this blog aims to give you the best support in choosing the right tools to nurture your website. Have fun building websites with the worlds’ best tools in hand.

Thanks for your attention.

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