How to migrate Element Pack 2.x to 3.x 1 0

  • Hi, At first we are apologies for some migration issue. But i hope you will overcome them so much easily.

Some widget style not working after migrate. what should i do now?

  • Make sure you clear your browser cache
  • Go to Elementor > Tools > Regenerate Files
  • Now go to editor your that page change something and save the page
  • Now check your page i hope your widgets now style back again. If not any style not back some edge case so please re-style that portion (I am apologies for it)

  • Modal completely disappear. How to get back?

  • If your modal disappear DO NOT UPDATE THE PAGE IN EDIT MODE
  • Save as template and Export that page
  • Open in any text/code editor. Find the "widgetType":"modal"  and change the "modal" to "bdt-modal"
  • That means you need to add bdt- prefix in your modal widget, that was missing previous widget (there a possibility to conflict with others 3rd party addon so we changed it)
  • Save the .json file and import it again in your page after delete your page all contents, so modal will work again.

  • Timeline widget show wrong, how i fix it?

    • At first follow the number 1. procedure.
    • If not work so make sure you select correct skin and layout from settings.

    My problem is something else


    • Ok if you have any others problem so you can discuss with us directly @ live chat or email us: [email protected]

    ** The time is base on America/New_York timezone