How to Installing Quick Start Package 2 0

If you want your site demo like look then need to install the quick start package, it so much easy but you must need to understand how it’s work? just follow some easy step so you can install it easily (video tutorial here).  

1.1 Step 1

Go to Quick start package folder. Quick start package folder, look there have 2 files (look at Figure 1) the main zip file which contain full demo files, (2) Installer.php file which need for run setup quick start package in your server. Now you need to copy those file where you want to setup the quick start package. For example: if you want to install the quick start package in your localhost (in your PC) so copy those file in your htdocs/www > your target folder.

Now go to your target url via any browser (for example http://localhost/generous). Run the installer.php file so your installing process will be run (if you did not find the installer.php after go to targer folder then directly write http://localhost/target folder/installer.php so it’s run perfectly). Look there show your First Step of Installing Quick start package quick-start-step1 (Figure 2). Just Fill The Database information (you need to fill Host, Database User, Database Password and Database Name)

 Click Test Connection so you confirm database successfully connected or not. Then Checked the I have read all warnings notices. And finally click the “Run Deployment” button You get a confirm message just click Ok (Figure 3)

Figure 1


1.2 Step 2:

Now you are in Step 2 quick-start-step2: Just Fill your Website Title and user access details (user name, password, email address for wp admin access) then click Run Update (Figure 4)

Figure 4


1.3 Step 3:

  Now you are in quick-start-step3 that means you are done :) Click on Test Site to test your site (Figure 5)

Figure 5


1.4 Installing the child theme

This theme comes with a pre-installed child theme. Why use a child theme? If you modify our theme files and it is updated, your changes made to the theme files will be lost. With a child theme, you can update the parent theme (which might be important for security or functionality) and still keep your changes. Therefore, if you are a WordPress savvy and wish to modify stuff to our theme, please use the child theme to do so.

To install the child theme, repeat the steps you made with the main theme, but this time using the bdt_generous-child folder from the download package. It is important to leave this name unchanged. After installing the child theme, activate it instead of the main theme.  

For further reference about the child themes, please read the WordPress documentation located at  

Please note that some things may “disappear” after installing the child theme. For example, the main menu. There is nothing to be worry about this. In order to resolve this, just go to Appearance > Menus menu and re-asign your menus.

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone