How to add google map API key in shortcode plugin settings 0 0

Google recently stop service without api key method for google map, so you must need google map api key to show your google map. Here we show you how to add google map API key but make sure you installed the latest version (minimum 3.2.0) of shortcode ultimate plugin in your site.

Step 01

First go to your plugins > find the shortcode ultimate plugin

Step 02

Now go to advanced tab of shortcode ultimate plugin. You get all of shortcode API Key Settings for some shortcode. Which need any api key, token, user name etc.

Step 03 Google Map API Key Setting

Look at bottom here you get google map settings. Just enter your google map api key here and save the plugin settings.

Now go to shortcode generator and generate your google map it's will show correctly without any error. Here the whole process to create your google map api key: example shortcode of google map:

[gmap_advanced style="Flat Pale" width="600" height="400" border="1px solid #ccc" lat="24.8248746" lng="89.3826299" zoom_control_style="SMALL" zoom_control="yes" zoom="16" street_view_control="no" location_marker="yes" address="Bdthemes Ltd, Bangladesh" ]

  If you still confuse how to do this process so don't be hesitate to contact with our support team. You can write a post in forum support team, so they will help you to done this process easily.

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone