How to change color in Quick WordPress Theme 0 0

Last updated on 12-Mar-2019 12:33:47 PM in WordPress » Themes » Quick
Posted ByAshikur Rahman

Want to change your theme color? It’s so much easy just you need to go appearance >> customize >> Colors menu. Here you can change some essential colors from here.

  • You can change global background color from here. For effect on your page global background color, page must be box layout.
  • Primary color effect on link, button color. You can easily change this color from here.
  • Primary hover color effect on link or button hovered with cursor, you can change this color from here.
  • Secondary color effect on section, content and text background.
  • You can change muted text color form here.
  • You can change muted background color form here.
  • Browser header color you can change from here. This color works only mobile view.

  • Menu under main menu called sub menu or dropdown menu background color you can change from here.
  • Dropdown link color or menu color you can change from here.
  • This is the same as step-2 when you hover the mouse on menu.
  • ** The time is base on America/New_York timezone